Wednesday, November 25, 2015
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#NATO urges calm after #Turkey shoots down Russian jet NATO and UN urge a de-escalation in tensions between Ankara and Moscow after Turkish planes shot down Russian jet.
Deadly explosion hits presidential guard bus in Tunis State of emergency declared after attack on bus carrying security forces in downtown Tunis leaves 12 people dead.
#Israel to displace thousands of Palestinian Bedouins Plan allows for the construction of five new Jewish-only communities, two of which are on lands of Bedouin villages.
HRW: #Turkey pushing back Syrian refugees at border Rights group's claims, based on interviews with refugees, are rejected by Turkish officials who say borders are open.

Israel Divides the Jews

Rabbi Rick JacobsSomething significant recently happened in the ongoing political-ethical drama that grips Israel and, by extension, Jewish communities worldwide. As reported by the Jewish Daily Forward on on 6 November 2015, Rabbi Rick Jacobs, the president of the Union for Reform Judaism (a position that makes him the leader of largest Jewish denomination in the United States), publicly broke with Israel’s political and religious leadership.



Saddam Hussein’s Revenge: The Islamic State (ISIS/ISIL)

Saddam HusseinWhen will America’s half-witted elite running the Pentagon and the State Department see the light and acknowledge that perhaps the US lacks the qualifications, or resources, to run, or strongly influence, geopolitics throughout Planet Earth?  That might’ve been feasible for two-three decades following World War II, but the late 1970’s are long past and US’ dominance of the world’s economic output has shrunk, now just 18 percent vs. 28 percent in 1950 (re: Maddison Project).  And so has our military dominance.




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'Scotland and Palestine: Building Friendship and Solidarity'

Committee room 9 Houses of Parliament

Organised by the Palestinian Return Centre (PRC) and  the Council of European Palestinian Relations (CEPR) this vital seminar, which was held on the 17 November 2015, took on a more poignant atmosphere. Especially in light of the acts of violence perpetrated just days earlier where ‘seven coordinated attacks’ apparently from...

The Karma of Terror

Terrible terrorists are killing our soldiers in their countries and killing us here at home. How can we stop them?

The answer is simple: Stop terrorizing them. We started this war. What we do to others comes back on us.

Karl Marx on Religion

by Dr. Nasir Khan

Note: I am reproducing one section of Chapter 4 (pp. 146-153) from my book, Development of The Concept and Theory of Alienation in Marx’s Writings (1995). My aim is to present Marx’s ideas on religion in the context of his theory of alienation for a wider audience. For complete abbreviations and references, see the book (link provided at the end...

The Failure of U.S. Foreign Policy in the Middle East

While focusing on the ‘failure’ of American foreign policy in the Middle East it is relevant to acknowledge that given the circumstances of the region failure to some degree was probably unavoidable. The argument put forward here is that the degree and form of failure reflected avoidable choices that could and should have been corrected, or at least mitigated over time, but...

A Peep into Cheney’s Exceptional: Why the World Needs a Powerful America

How remarkable that the book that tops the New York Times best seller list is authored, if one were to see through the eyes of mid-Eastern victims of American/Israeli invasions since 9/11, by a war criminal.

Has the Zionist Lobby Hijacked the US Congress?

When US President Barack Obama and Israel's Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu met the other day in Washington they tried to get along fairly well. The fundamental conflict between the US superpower and its political client state was watered down and rhetorically whitewashed.



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Academic Workers for a Democratic Union at The New School

“Education should be free. The United States is the richest country in the world, yet students have to take on crippling debt in order to get a college education."

This is only one among innumerable comments on social network media by the frustrated students in the US these days. Recently, students across the US  walked out of classrooms to protest ballooning student...

Fear Is the Name of the Game

President Obama announced, “We do not succumb to fear.” What did he mean with his use of the pronoun “we”?

Guardian admits its cowardice over Paris

by Jonathan Cook

From the horse’s mouth: For fear of upsetting readers, the paper silenced any commentary in the first days after the Paris attacks that might have suggested there was a causal relationship between western foreign policy in the Middle East and those events.

The Pollard case: US-Israel relations in a nutshell

by Rachel Shabi

It's a story of betrayal or loyalty, seen as a display of a "love for Zion" or personal greed; it has gripped Israel for decades, and now, it is finally reaching its conclusion.

Let the Refugees In

Hysteria over the Islamic State is now focused on the refugees seeking to escape the violence in Syria and Iraq. Predictably, the Republican-controlled House yesterday voted to increase background checks on potential refugees, a demand for omniscience that would amount to exclusion. The bill faces trouble in the Senate, however, and President Obama, who wants to admit 10,000 refugees...

Here They Go Again

It’s all so predictable. In response to the terrorist attacks in Paris, the French government has declared a state of emergency and French President Francois Hollande is calling for a constitutional amendment to provide him with extraordinary powers to “eradicate” the threat posed by the Islamic State.



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