Tuesday, October 06, 2015
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#ISIL claims bombing of coalition base in Yemen's Aden Armed group says four suicide bombers took part in attack that left four Emirati soldiers and at least 11 others dead.
#NATO rejects Russian explanation of #Turkey incursion Alliance says Russia deliberately violated air space, as Kremlin invites Turkish officials to avoid 'misunderstandings'.
Palestine's Abbas wants to avoid violence with #Israel Palestinian president says he wants to avoid a violent escalation with Israel as harsh security measures are imposed.
Clashes resume in the embattled Afghan city of Kunduz Fighting erupts after Taliban attacked a police headquarters overnight.

A Lay Doctrine for Man’s Survival: Acceptance of Compromise

Pope FrancisHumble Francisco appears to have chosen, from the time he accepted his papal tasks, a narrow path with overgrown thorny brambles; also a major role as arbiter in the West between two ideologies which view very differently both the exercise of power and the distribution of wealth.



The Decline of the Western Ethnic State

germany-anti-immigrationIf you were transported back to Europe in 1900 and asked educated citizens to describe the ideal political arrangement, what they would outline to you is a homogeneous nation-state: France for the French, Germany for the Germans, Italy for the Italians, and the like. They would note exceptions, but describe them as unstable. For instance, at this time the Austro-Hungarian Empire was, ethnically, a very diverse place, but it was politically restless.




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Ending Gun Violence: Common Sense versus Magic

What passes for thinking about the prevention of gun violence is not thinking at all. Thinking (as problem-solving) is a search for means that can be reasonably expected to achieve a given end. By reasonably I mean that supporting arguments can be provided to demonstrate to the satisfaction of reasonable people the connection between the means and ends.

The finger on the grenade

by Adam Keller

Sometimes, on the battlefield, a soldier takes a hand grenade and pulls out the pin but does not yet toss it. It is possible. As long as a finger is kept on the spot, the grenade will not explode - but this is a dangerous expedient, which is very inadvisable to continue with for long. If the finger slips, or somebody jogs the soldier's hand and the grenade...

Avnery: Nasser and I

Forty-five years ago Gamal Abd-al-Nasser died at the early age of 52. It is not an event of the past. It continues to have a huge influence on the present, and probably will on the future.

Nonagon of Toxic Conflict: Notes on the Turkish Quagmire

The lethal complexity of politics in the Middle East has become overwhelming. The main political actors producing a continuous stream of swerves and turns that randomly juggle alignments and almost casually switch the identity of friends and enemies.

Can Bernie Sanders be labeled?

Whatever the fate of Bernie Sanders’ presidential bid, his current popularity provides an opportunity to clarify the various political labels attached to him: liberal, progressive, socialist, democratic socialist, social democratic, leftist, radical.

Edward Said Remembered

by Edward C. Corrigan

Edward Said was an amazing individual and an incredible speaker, writer and academic. He is gone but the power of his ideas lives on. I was fortunate to meet Edward Said on a few occasions.



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Pentagon Lies: Covering Up Its Latest War Crime

US warplanes deliberately and maliciously terror bombed Kunduz, Afghanistan’s hospital, the only one in the area - striking it multiple times for over an hour, despite knowing it was not involved in ongoing fighting in the city.

Freedom for Omid Kokabee

Omid Kokabee was arrested in 2011 at Teheran airport on his way back to the United States of America after having visited his family in Iran. At the time, Kokabee was working on his Ph.D. in physics at the University of Texas Austin. He is considered a gifted student.

Adolph Hitler vs. The Jewish Chronicle - Spot The Difference

Jews tend to complain that Hitler looked into their blood, dug into their family’s history, tracing Jewish genes sometimes even two or three generations back. I guess the Jewish Chronicle is no different, but it is far more thorough.

The Chaos of the 'War on Terrorism' Spreads to Syria

It had to happen. It was always inevitable that the U.S. government’s much-vaunted “war on terrorism” would devolve into absolute chaos, especially by attracting authoritarian and totalitarian regimes into the “war on terrorism” maelstrom.

Netanyahu’s UN Rant

Benjamin Netanyahu is an unindicted war criminal, an embarrassment to legitimate governance. Petitions circulated in Britain and America for his arrest. He remains unaccountable for the supreme high crime against peace. Instead he’s feted where he shows up, especially in America, Britain and Canada, three rogue states supporting another’s leader, partnering in each other’s...

Planned Parenthood, Social Peace, and the Libertarian Approach

The controversy raging over Planned Parenthood is one of the most acrimonious public discussions in recent memory. While the immediate issue concerns the disposition of fetal tissue after abortion (pregnant women can have tissue donated for medical research), the controversy taps into the more basic, and highly charged, conflict between defenders of women's reproductive rights...



Israeli-Palestinian Conflict

Israeli settlements


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