Sunday, May 01, 2016
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Muqtada al-Sadr's supporters storm Iraq's parliament Emergency declared in Baghdad after thousands break into fortified Green Zone against backdrop of continued violence.
Syria civil war: Opposition condemns assault on Aleppo Syrian National Coalition group says governments attacks on Aleppo amount to war crimes and crimes against humanity.
Iran elections: Rouhani allies win parliament poll Conservative MPs lose majority in parliament for first time since 2004, as reformist and moderates score landslide win.
Germany: 400 arrested at protest against AfD congress Left-wing protesters clash with AfD party members and police at anti-immigration party's meeting in Stuttgart.

Requiem for American Foreign Policy Change

Donald TrumpIt was expected to happen and, true to course, it did. On Tuesday, April 26, presidential primaries in five northeastern states hermetically, and silently, sealed the fate of/in how the US will be dealing with the rest of the world on all issues, geopolitical or economic, for another four, perhaps eight years.



American Tax Money

American Tax MoneyDuring the end of the tax season in the U.S. it behooves us to re-examine our American taxation system and how our tax money is spent. In general, governments collect tax money to spend it on the improvement of their nation’s living conditions; economy, infrastructures, education, health coverage, disasters recovery, and self-defense among others.




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'Us' and 'Them'

No. It's not "us" and "them".

Not "us" – the good ones, the moral ones, the righteous ones. Or, to put it bluntly, the magnificent ones. The Jews.

And not "them" – the bad ones, the evil ones. To put it bluntly again: the despicable ones. Yes, the Arabs.

Hungry and Frightened: Famine in Ethiopia 2016

Millions of the poorest, most vulnerable people in Ethiopia are once again at risk of starvation. Elderly men and women, weak and desperate, wait for food and water; malnourished children lie dying; livestock, bones protruding, perish.

Understanding Money and the Economy

A review of
The Rocket Scientist's Guide to Money and the Economy By Michael Sharp- Lightning Path Press

Most books about economics are turgid and abstruse, so most people are intimidated and mystified by this crucial topic. Now sociologist Dr. Michael Sosteric (pen name Michael Sharp) has written a helpful guide to it. He has a gift for explaining complex, abstract...

Beelzebub: An Unfairly Demonized Deity?

The story of Beelzebub, initially known as Baal, a pre-biblical god worshipped in the Middle East, furnishes illuminating insights into how gods may reign, fall, and be resurrected.

If Obama Visits Hiroshima

There are mounting hopes that Barack Obama will use the occasion of the Group of 7 meeting in Japan next month to visit Hiroshima, and become the first American president to do so.

The Return of the Desert God

by Adam Keller

"We are commanded to recount the Exodus from Egypt." "The more you recount the Exodus, the better." "In every generation, every person must see himself as if he came out of Egypt." So does Jewish tradition tell us.



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Women: A Benchmark of Saudi and Iranian Reform

by James M. Dorsey

With Saudi Arabia announcing plans for a major restructuring of the kingdom’s economy and Iran gearing up to become a regional hegemon, women’s sports is emerging as a benchmark of reform, and one that so far is less than promising.

Man For All Reasons

As evidenced by his hair, Donald J. Trump is pretty much wrong all the time. Every time. About everything. Except when he isn’t. One example is, should he become president, Mexico indeed will build a wall. To control our immigration. “Get me the hell out of here. Por favor?” Hell, Canada might have to build one as well. “Hey, let me in dere, ya hoser. S’il vous plait,...

The Drug War Is Teetering -and That’s Good!-

The drug war is teetering. Support for ending this federal fiasco continues to grow all across the political spectrum. The latest instance is the United Nations — if you can believe that, where officials from all over the world have been discussing the possibility of ending this failed, deadly, destructive, and corrupt government program.

Why Obama Opposes Brexit

During his UK visit, Obama’s London Telegraph op-ed was duplicitous like all his remarks. The headline alone gave it away this time, saying “(a)s your friend, let me say that the EU makes Britain even greater.”

'Temple Entry' for women -- and untouchables

Trupti Desai of Bhumata Brigade was beaten up the other day simply for entering the sanctum of Mahalaxmi Temple at Kolhapur in Maharashtra in a dress that is generally used by women in Punjab. Once used only by the Punjabis, the dress is now common all over India, including remote places of the North-East and South India, presumably because it offers ease in carrying out regular...

New York voting fiasco just the warm-up for the November game

Buckle up, America. The voting demolition derby that was the New York primary on Tuesday was merely the crash test for the coming voting wreckage in November: a carefully planned pile up.



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