Saturday, August 02, 2014
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#Hamas denies taking missing Israeli soldier The al-Qasaam Brigades, the military wing of Hamas, has denied capturing a missing Israeli soldier after Barack Obama, the US president, called for his release as a precondition for further ceasefire talks after the latest Gaza truce fell apart after just a few hours.
#WHO: #Ebola out of control The World Health Organisation's chief Margaret Chan has warned that West Africa's Ebola outbreak, which killed more than 700 people since February, is spreading quicker than efforts to contain the disease.
#Ukraine troops ambushed by pro-Russian rebels At least 10 Ukrainian soldiers have been killed close to the wreckage site of Malaysia Airlines Flight 17 as their convoy was ambushed by pro-Russian separatists.
#Gaza truce collapses amid renewed shelling A three-day humanitarian ceasefire in Gaza collapsed only hours after it began amid a deadly new wave of violence and the apparent capture by Hamas of an Israeli soldier.

A Nail in Zionism’s Coffin

GazaThe 72-hour ceasefire was supposed to get under way on 8/1/14 starting at 8 a.m. local time—but no sooner had it begun than it appeared to collapse. According to the Gaza Health Ministry, more than 30 Palestinians were killed, and dozens more injured, in an Israeli attack near the southern town of Rafah.

Read more: A Nail in Zionism’s Coffin


Deconstructing the Zionist View of Gaza’s Horror

David HarrisDavid Harris and the American Jewish Congress

For reasons unknown I have ended up on the list-serve of the American Jewish Congress. This means I receive messages sent out by its executive director, David Harris. Sometimes I even read them. 

Read more: Deconstructing the Zionist View of Gaza’s Horror



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Meeting in a Tunnel

There was this village in England which took great pride in its archery. In every yard there stood a large target board showing the skills of its owner. On one of these boards every single arrow had hit a bull's eye.

A curious visitor asked the owner: how is this possible? The reply: "Simple. First I shoot the arrows, and then I draw the circles around them."

Harper blames victims for Israeli terrorism

As Israel’s ritual slaughter of thousands of innocents in Gaza and the West Bank continues full steam ahead, Canada’s neocon Prime Minister Stephen Harper has declared that the Zionist terrorist regime that has butchered more than 1400 Palestinians, injuring close to 7000 others, is the beleaguered victim and the prostrate, impoverished, nearly-defenceless Palestinians are...

Goals of the New Way

Unity in Diversity

Well-informed, well-read, and by nature compassionately optimistic, a dear friend recently expressed our collective concern: “I am more worried about the state of the world now than at any time in my lifetime.”

Australian MPs condemn Israeli war crimes

Israel’s Gaza Massacre continues against the 1.8 million of its 4.3 million Occupied Palestinian subjects who are highly abusively confined to the Gaza Concentration Camp. by Apartheid Israel and its Fascist Egyptian military dictatorship ally.

Palestine, Israel and the International Criminal Court

Will There Be Justice for Crimes Committed in Gaza? by Toby Cadman

On July 25, Palestinian officials filed a criminal complaint with the International Criminal Court (ICC) in The Hague. The complaint accuses Israel of war crimes as a result of its ongoing campaign in Gaza, which has now left more than 1,200 Palestinians and 53 Israeli soldiers dead. The filing alleges...

Cruelties of Ceasefire Diplomacy

Devastation and violence has continued in Gaza, with Palestinians deaths now numbering over 1000 (overwhelmingly civilians) and Israeli deaths latest reported at being 43 (almost all military personnel). Such casualty figures and disparities raise questions of state terrorism in a stark manner. Also, it should be appreciated that if Israel were to do what it is required by international...



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UN, Japan, Concealing Extent of Fukushima Catastrophe

Japanese and United Nations authorities have placed "a cone of silence" over medical information an endangered Japanese public is entitled to have about the Fukushima nuclear plant meltdown.

Physical and mental tunnels

by Adam Keller

On Wednesday afternoon I went into our neighborhood pizzeria and noticed that their TV was no longer tuned to the non­stop 24­hour war channel. Rather, there was a non­Israeli music channel featuring a Spanish guitar player. That evening came the news that the army had presented to the Inner Cabinet a detailed plan for the complete conquest of the...

CPUC Releases Secret Report on San Onofre's steam generator failure...

Robert J. Budnitz is a fraud -- or at least, for what we (the ratepayer) paid (almost $5,000 of a $150,000 contract), we (and the CPUC) got exactly nothing. According to Budnitz's report, Budnitz successfully figured out that the new RSG design was different from the old one, and also different from Diablo Canyon's steam generator design.  He therefore concluded the SanO design...

The Vulture: Chewing Argentina's Living Corpse

A call came in from New York to my bosses at BBC Television Centre, London. It was from one of the knuckle- draggers on the payroll of billionaire Paul Singer, Number One funder for the Republican Party in New York, million-dollar donor to the Mitt Romney super-PAC, and top money-giver to the GOP Senate campaign fund. But better known to us as Singer The Vulture.

Now it’s AIPAC's War

by M.J. Rosenberg

Writing in Ha'aretz today, Gideon Levy predicts that ultimately the Netanyahu government will pay a heavy price for the atrocities being inflicted on the people of Gaza.

The needed role of intellectuals in the resistance to stop the Israel genocide

All three are Western intellectuals (true intellectuals, not service intellectuals [1] who attack the Israel Lobby with the viciousness necessary to be effective. And all three have been subjected to significant establishment backlash for their dissidence, which is proof of their effectiveness.



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Palestinian youths 'executed' in Gaza town

Witnesses saysix youths were taken to a bathroom in a house in Khuzaa and executed by Israeli forces.


White House blames Hamas for 'ceasefire violation'

While it remains unclear exactly who has captured the Israeli soldier, White House spokesman Josh Earnest told CNN: "Apparently, Hamas individuals used...


Obama address the short-lived truce in Gaza

US President Barack Obama has addressed the short-lived truce in Gaza: "I have unequivocally condemned Hamas" and other armed groups for the breakdown...


Ceasefire in Gaza collapsed

A three-day humanitarian ceasefire in Gaza collapsed only hours after it began amid a deadly new wave of violence and the apparent capture by Hamas of...


62 Palestinians killed in Gaza

Reports say 62 Palestinians have been killed in Gaza on Friday after a short-lived truce between Israel and Hamas. Two Israeli soldiers were also killed...

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