Sunday, November 29, 2015
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Putin orders sanctions against #Turkey over jet downing Russia's move comes hours after Turkey's president voiced "sadness" over incident, saying he wishes it had not happened.
Prominent pro-Kurdish lawyer shot dead in #Turkey Tahir Elci was killed after clashes between rebels and security forces broke out in a southeastern city.
#Kenya arrests two men 'linked to Iranian spy network' Police detain two people they say were planning to carry out a "terror attack" in the capital, Nairobi.
Thousands rally in UK and #Spain against bombing #Syria Protesters call on their respective countries not to get involved in Syria, as Paris attacks fuel political momentum.

Israel Divides the Jews

Rabbi Rick JacobsSomething significant recently happened in the ongoing political-ethical drama that grips Israel and, by extension, Jewish communities worldwide. As reported by the Jewish Daily Forward on on 6 November 2015, Rabbi Rick Jacobs, the president of the Union for Reform Judaism (a position that makes him the leader of largest Jewish denomination in the United States), publicly broke with Israel’s political and religious leadership.



Saddam Hussein’s Revenge: The Islamic State (ISIS/ISIL)

Saddam HusseinWhen will America’s half-witted elite running the Pentagon and the State Department see the light and acknowledge that perhaps the US lacks the qualifications, or resources, to run, or strongly influence, geopolitics throughout Planet Earth?  That might’ve been feasible for two-three decades following World War II, but the late 1970’s are long past and US’ dominance of the world’s economic output has shrunk, now just 18 percent vs. 28 percent in 1950 (re: Maddison Project).  And so has our military dominance.




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Pre-Paris Betrayal People’s Climate Marches

We are badly running out of time to tackle climate change. It is now effectively too late to avoid a catastrophic plus 2 degrees C temperature rise but we are nevertheless obliged to do everything we can to make the future “less bad” for our children, grandchildren and future generations.

The Reign of Absurdity

There is no such thing as "international terrorism". To declare war on "international terrorism" is nonsense. Politicians who do so are either fools or cynics, and probably both.

So what is to be done?

by Adam Keller

"This is the fight of Civilization against Barbarism!" declared Prime Minister Netanyahu to his distinguished guest, US Secretary of State John Kerry. "The whole world is under attack by radical Islamists and the forces of terror. Israel is ever at war with these terrorists. The entire international community should support our efforts - it's not just...

Foreign Policy Comes Back to Haunt Us

From the start, opponents of the American empire warned that the government could not violate the rights of foreigners without eventually violating the rights of Americans. An excellent example is William Graham Sumner's post-Spanish-American War classic "The Conquest of the United States by Spain." The anti-imperialists were spot-on,...

'Scotland and Palestine: Building Friendship and Solidarity'

Committee room 9 Houses of Parliament

Organised by the Palestinian Return Centre (PRC) and  the Council of European Palestinian Relations (CEPR) this vital seminar, which was held on the 17 November 2015, took on a more poignant atmosphere. Especially in light of the acts of violence perpetrated just days earlier where ‘seven coordinated attacks’ apparently from...

The Karma of Terror

Terrible terrorists are killing our soldiers in their countries and killing us here at home. How can we stop them?

The answer is simple: Stop terrorizing them. We started this war. What we do to others comes back on us.



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Laquan the Palestinian

by Amer Zahr

He was brash. Reckless. Audacious. Walking right in front of police officers like he had nothing to fear. It was lunacy. His chest out, invincible. It was a defiance of the highest order. Utterly insane. How could he have cared about his own life, his own future, doing such things?

How Many Turkeys Died For Your Dinner

We’ve spent such a large portion of the past year cringing at the prospect of potential disasters crouching behind every bush: ISIS, Putin, Trump, Belicheck, lion- killing dentists, that a national holiday right about now is a blessed respite. For one 24- hour period, the whole country can focus on something benign. Unless, you’re a Black Friday shopper. But those are self-...

Academic Workers for a Democratic Union at The New School

“Education should be free. The United States is the richest country in the world, yet students have to take on crippling debt in order to get a college education."

This is only one among innumerable comments on social network media by the frustrated students in the US these days. Recently, students across the US  walked out of classrooms to protest ballooning student...

Fear Is the Name of the Game

President Obama announced, “We do not succumb to fear.” What did he mean with his use of the pronoun “we”?

Guardian admits its cowardice over Paris

by Jonathan Cook

From the horse’s mouth: For fear of upsetting readers, the paper silenced any commentary in the first days after the Paris attacks that might have suggested there was a causal relationship between western foreign policy in the Middle East and those events.

The Pollard case: US-Israel relations in a nutshell

by Rachel Shabi

It's a story of betrayal or loyalty, seen as a display of a "love for Zion" or personal greed; it has gripped Israel for decades, and now, it is finally reaching its conclusion.



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