Friday, July 03, 2015
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The Second Battle of Trafalgar

Israel naval commandos

A mighty naval battle took place this week on the waves of the Mediterranean. It will go down in history as the equal of Salamis or Trafalgar.

In a daring move, the navy of the State of Israel intercepted the enemy, consisting of the trawler Marianne and the 18 people aboard. Israel naval commandos captured the ship and towed it to the harbor of Ashdod.

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Pitfalls of Turkish-Chinese relations in a microcosm

Source: Sabah

by James M. Dorsey

Turkish soccer player Alpaslan Ozturk's decision to risk fame and wealth by expressing support for the embattled Turkic Uighur minority in Xinjiang reflects pressures in China's ties to Turkey, its most complex relationship in the Muslim world and a key node on the Silk Road that Beijing hopes to revive with massive investment in infrastructure across the Eurasian land mass.

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Scalia’s Anti-Enlightenment Anti-Individualism

Justice Antonin Scalia

Conservatives warn that the so-called liberals on the Supreme Court endanger our liberties. This is certainly true, although not exactly as the conservatives mean it. Now it’s time for them to acknowledge that the court’s conservatives do the same.

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Reading Claudia Rankine On Race

Claudia Rankine

We the white people have lots to learn about racism in America no matter how progressive our attitudes toward race. I realized this some years ago when I found Toni Morrison’s Beloved so grimly illuminating in depicting the cruelty experienced after the abolition of slavery by our African American fellow citizens left in a malicious shadow land of unknowing, a reflection of white indifference.

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Religious war in Central African Republic

Central African Republic

History is littered with the corpses of those who lost their lives as a consequence of fanaticism and intolerance. Nero ordered Rome to be set on fire and blamed the Christians for its destruction, many of whom ended up being severely persecuted and executed.

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Israeli-Palestinian Conflict

Israeli settlements


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