Wednesday, July 23, 2014
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Massacre in Gaza

Massacre in Gaza

What has been happening in Gaza cannot usefully be described as "warfare". The daily reports of atrocities situate this latest Israeli assault on common humanity within the domain of what the great Catholic thinker and poet, Thomas Merton, caIled "the unspeakable". Its horror exceeds our capacity to render the events through language.

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Bangladesh's Contribution to International Criminal Justice


by Toby Cadman and Lennart Poulsen

It is important that the principles of international criminal justice be recognized and supported. The official 'Day of International Criminal Justice' is held annually on 17 July to mark the anniversary of the date of the adoption of the Rome Statute of the International Criminal Court and to recognize the emerging law and practice in this area. This is a day of remembrance of victims, their relatives and those who have suffered the impact of war and the loss of innocent life and human tragedy that inevitably follow in its destructive wake.

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Palestinian Recourse to ICC: The Time has Come

International Criminal Court

Ever since this latest Israeli major military operation against Gaza started on July 8, there have been frequent suggestions that Israel is guilty of war crimes, and that Palestine should do its best to activate the International Criminal Court (ICC) on its behalf. The evidence overwhelmingly supports basic Palestinian allegations—Israel is guilty either of aggression in violation of the UN Charter or is in flagrant violation of its obligations as the Occupying Power under the Geneva Convention to protect the civilian population of an Occupied People; Israel seems guilty of using excessive and disproportionate force against a defenseless society in the Gaza Strip; and Israel, among an array of other offenses, seems guilty of committing Crimes Against Humanity in the form of imposing an apartheid regime in the West Bank and through the transfer of population to an occupied territory as it has proceeded with its massive settlement project.

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Prosecuting Crimes of the Past or Persecuting The Political Opposition

International Crimes Tribunal, in Bangladesh

A Critical Review of the International Crimes Tribunal in Bangladesh
by Muhammad Molla

History is littered with examples of atrocity crimes committed during conflict. The community of nations has universally recognized that such ‘international crimes’, including war crimes, crimes against humanity and genocide, have quite rightly been universally condemned and it is quite right that those persons accused of having committed such atrocities should stand trial where there is compelling evidence to substantiates such charges.

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MH17 atrocity & Israeli Gaza Massacre

Gaza Massacre

The entire world has been utterly horrified by the destruction of Malaysia Airlines Flight MH17 (298 dead) on 17 July 2014 by a sophisticated surface-to-air missile launched either by Government Ukrainians, or Rebel Ukrainians (the latter less likely because it can only damage their cause, they have not been supplied with such missiles, and they lack the required skilled Buk system operators [1].

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