Saturday, April 20, 2019
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Osama Is Dead; Long Live His Myth...

Osama bin LadenListening to and watching the reports of the murder of Osama bin Laden tonight, I have come to a new realization of just how far Amerika has retreated from any idea of truth, or any understanding of history and just how far we are from any possible redemption as a people or a government. I have not seen such misguided, inept hysteria since the drumming up of support for the Iraqi invasion.

I wept tears of despair when I saw footage of all the young, jubilant kids outside the White house proclaiming how glad they were that bin Laden was dead and how much they loved Amerika. The famous line from Shakespeare came to mind “What fools these mortals be.” I must now admit that the Neocon strategy to frame the overreaching paradigm that will finally define our brutal empire and our ultimate demise is a fait accompli.

Of course anyone who has studied the history of terrorism will understand that Osama bin Laden had almost as little to do with organizing the attacks on 9/11 as did Saddam Hussein. The only connection bin Laden and sidekick Ayman Zawahiri had to the 9/11 plot was to help recruit volunteers and provide seed money for the author and organizer of “The Planes Operation,” Khalid Sheik Mohammed.  He is currently being illegally detained in Guantanamo prison. 

I say illegally because, in a just country, a suspect of a crime whose young children (six years and eight years old) had been tortured in order to divulge his whereabouts and elicit information from their father, and a man who had been subjected to torture for the purposes of deriving information and as punitive behavior on the part of the justice system, would not only not only have his charges dismissed but would have to be immediately released.  Khalid Sheik Mohammed was admittedly waterboarded as many as 183 times!  I would invite any asshole who would insist on vengeance for Khalid Sheik Mohammed to please allow me to waterboard him only one time and then have him tell me how just it is to keep the good Sheik incarcerated. 

Our justice system routinely releases child fuckers, mass murderers, rapists and sociopaths if it can be proven that even minor rights have been violated. Why then is the true mastermind behind the 9/11 murders not subject to the same justice? Well he will not receive justice because we have some time ago officially ceased to be a nation of laws not men. Actually we have hardly ever been a nation that really believed in justice for all. The difference is that back in the day such a stance was unofficial. A country whose laws no longer exist has no right to exist.

The reason these poor brainless students screaming and yelling in front of the White House are so excited about the death of bin Laden is because they have swallowed the Neocon lie that somehow prior to 9/11 bin Laden was the powerful organizer of this fictional organization called al Qaeda that assembled a series of training camps in Afghanistan and planned to have members trained to attack the U.S.

I hope many of these none-too-brights are just there to get laid—but sadly not all. I shouldn’t come down too hard on these youngsters as all their elders from Christiane Amanpour to Lara Logan to George Stephanopoulos to Russ Mitchel seem to have swallowed the same line.

Osama became the inflated figurehead behind an even more overinflated organization called el Qaeda. This is not to say that bin Laden and Zawahiri were not eager to take great credit for the actions of Khalid Sheik Mohammed. The widely distributed tape of them gloating over the success of the operation after it occurred is hardly evidence that they planned and organized it. Of course they were still fully briefed as to the expectations and the details of the attacks.

Also the so-called 9/11 training camps in Afghanistan were hardly intent on attacking the United States. The camps were organized by and for rebels who had nothing to do with international terrorism. These fighters were only interested in overthrowing regimes in their own countries, such as Uzbekistan, Kashmir, and Chechnia. The goal was the establishment of Islamist societies and they were downright skeptical of Zawahiri’s and Khalid Sheik Mohammed’s plans to attack

Amerika. Nevertheless, they allowed them to look for volunteers among their own ranks in exchange for bin Laden’s financial support. A number of senior Islamists actually opposed the Planes Operation including leaders of Zawahiri’s own group, Islamic Jihad.

I do not subscribe to many of the assertions of the 9/11 Truth movement except that I am in agreement with them that the whole sequence of events prior to and including 9/11 needs to be reopened. George W. Bush and Dick Cheney need above all to be deposed under oath (separately) as they and key members of their administration almost certainly had foreknowledge of the details and times of the attacks. Would anyone care to give me another explanation for Bush/Cheney’s adamant refusal to testify or provide any substantial evidence to the committee investigating the attacks?

Of course tragic as 9/11 was for the 3,000 who perished on that day, it is far more tragic the uses to which this event has been put. The ground had not settled before the Patriot Act was on the desk of Congress. (tell me it was not on the presses even before the attacks.)  Almost as quickly our leaders began the elaborate set up of bin Laden as the leader of a vast international terrorist network. 

Of course bin Laden was himself eager to advance the illusion. In one swell foop the Neocons made an instant hero for the Muslim world and an instant boogieman for the West. Our rulers now had a new club over which they could demand compliance, loyalty and above all, fear in the governed. Of course there have been isolated acts of terror as long as we have had imperialist civilization. It’s just that now we are told we have a nearly ubiquitous network of terrorist cells in every city and hamlet in the “Christian” world.

No one questions this fabrication, not the kids in front of the White House tonight, or the news anchors or least of all our hero, Obama. Bush’s Neocon fantasy has become Obama’s reality. I must tell you that you are a fool if you believe that the goal of all this terrorism fear mongering has anything to do with peace, freedom or security. This once imaginary foe was invented for only one purpose and that is for those in power to tighten their grip on us all and to circumvent any attempt at political democracy at home or in governments abroad.

Finally, all I ask is that you not be fooled by all the hysteria over a dead Islamist who was created from a lie, nourished by the Amerikan power structure, blamed for an attack that our government was complicit in and now can only serve as a resurrected and renewed martyr to many who wish to see this corrupt nation brought to its knees even faster than we seem to be doing all by ourselves.

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