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Encircle and delegitimize the Zionist state


israel flagBy Fadwa Nassar - Edit and translation from French to English by Hiyam Noir

The creation of the Zionist entity “ Israel”, was a rough decision made by United Nations , that did not have the requirement to a legal statute. In consequence, still today after more than sixty years Israel have no eligibility to assert legitimacy of its existence. Imperialist and colonial states which assured its formation in 1947, by a vote was not only illegal, but also corrupt. Corrupt, because some of the voices have been persuaded by bribes of money. Illegal, because no power in the world has the right to snatch the land from a people, to be used as a one-stop center of mental behavioral health treatment for a population of European Jewry, on the pretext that those people were victims of a murder.

And it is true that these colonial states, was pursuing a strategically goal, the creation of the Zionist entity in the lands of Palestine. In other words, to ensure their domination over the Arab nations, including Palestine, the heart of Arab countries - with the deliberate intention to dismantle the Arab nation of Palestine, before its indigenous people would have a chance to enjoy their unity in liberty and manifest themselves, as a sovereign nation.

The Zionist colony was thus created in part by an imperialist system. On the other hand, by the Zionist movement, a colonial and racist system. The establishment of an economic and political hegemony ruling over other nations, with European Jews in the frontline ravaging Arab lands. Western countries, but also the Soviet Union and its satellites at the time, had found the occurrence of this Zionist colony in the heart of the Arab world, a perfect opportunity to keep the Arab nation subservient at all levels.

The Arabs, following their successive defeats against the Zionist colony and in the face of colonial states as well, and due to foreign presence on their soil, their general acculturation, had developed an inferiority complex and a feeling of helplessness in the face of the colonizers, whom steadily increased its arrival. Since 1882 European Jewish settlers swarmed into a continent of an overwhelmingly Arab majority.

On the contrary,the Arab majority,not only the Palestinians, became the subject, of military assaults, but also economically and ideologically, of a doctrine holding that the colonizers geographic, economic and political needs justified the invasion and seizure of other peoples land and possessions.

Only the will to resist among the Palestinian people, to which were added the Arab forces shattered across many countries, enabled the culture of resistance to stand up, preventing a total collapse of the Palestinian society, and remaining firm in denial of legitimacy to the most extreme “operation hoax “of the twentieth century: The erection of a shallow Jewish state on Arab land. Despite uncountable Zionist crimes, the resistance of the Palestinian people aimed at ending the expulsion and fend off the occupation of Palestine lands, has always kept the flame alive. Arrogantly, acting as if they are above the law, the racist Zionist entity has managed remaining in force, continuing to expose its crimes and massacres.

Meanwhile deprived of shelter and protection; the Palestinian people have prolonged its bitter struggle for survival. Nonetheless the visual evidence of the candour, the vigorous and persistent character of the Palestinian resistance has become the guiding device towards freedom for the Arab people, whom always declined to grant a presence of a Zionist entity in the center region of the Arabian continent.

The Madrid Conference in 1992 and the Oslo accords in 1993 embodied imperialist and Zionists efforts and justified its colonial presence. But even in this dark period, the political organized opposition continued revealing that the only way to withstand colonial presence and re-conquer freedom and find dignity is resistance. The resent conflicts (uprising) in the Arab world will eventually lead to the collapse of Israel.

The Zionist enterprise “Israel” will not be able to survive, considering the facto, which all the countries involved in the conflict, are against the occupation of Palestine. Even in this dark period, the resistance continued, believing it is the only way able to find dignity and freedom; In Lebanon, the Hezbollah's resistance, born in 1982, and the Palestinian Islamic resistance movement of Hamas, born in 1987, the Islamic Jihad movement, born in 1982, is fighting for the Arab nation of Palestine, supported by the Islamic Republic of Iran. Audacious military operations in Lebanon and Palestine are shaking the stability of the Zionist enemy, an indication that the collapse is that of Arab oppressive regimes, not the will of the Arab people. The liberation of southern Lebanon in May 2000 triggered a few months later, the al - Aqsa Intifada proclaiming the arrival of a new epoch: The Zionist state is now on the slip-slope, bowing down its head. For the Arab and Muslim people, the Zionist entity must disappear, and it can be destroyed.

For the people of the world, the Zionist entity has lost all credibility, and while it’s countless crimes and massacres continues, even within the colonial society the questions about its so-called legitimacy, calls for a reply. The discovery of the true story of the birth of this colonial enterprise, are capsizing the people of the West, large sections of their societies who earlier believed in the future of a “radiant Israeli socialism" and participated in the colonial enterprise between the 1950 and 1970 ties. These societies are now the progressive whom are de-legitimizing the Zionist enterprise which still, more than six decades later is moving towards its goal and so continues to this very day.

The progressive movement of de-legitimization of the colonial and racist Israel has spread throughout the world. International conferences, a Durban (2), international forums, some commissions of the United Nations itself have also contributed to the change. People around the world claim more and more solidarity with the resistance and has organized to block the roads in their own countries, boycott of Israeli made goods and sanctions against representatives of the Zionist entity, including arrest warrants of its war criminals. And the proliferation of the Zionist entity in media bypasses the media subject to Zionist lobbies and disseminates information and anti-Zionist analysis.

After the 2006 Zionist war against the resistance in Lebanon and the war on Gaza in 2008-2009 against the Palestinian resistance, which resulted in the deaths of thousands of civilians and the destruction of the Gaza infrastructure, the international Palestinian movement have de-legitimized “ Israel” and have decided to move on to the encirclement. Intelligent “Assaults “, such as the AID-Flotillas of freedom, airport demonstrations, and peaceful activities during this year’s memorials of the NAKBA, when thousands of Palestinian refugees and their sympathizers moved along the borders, surrounding the Zionist entity.

This equivalent development of international protests began after the wars of 2006 and 2008-2009. Today, it is the Zionist entity of “Israel” that is surrounded behind it’s illegally erected “security” wall -not the Palestinians in Gaza Strip (GS). The Zionist entity, which surrounds the Gaza Strip (GS) and is choking al-Quds and the West Bank (WB) colonies, is now encircled: The region of al-Nagab is no longer an internal “Israeli” matter, but has become what it always should have been, a Palestinian, and a Palestinian international solidarity matter. In addition, Zionist leaders in fear of prosecution of its war criminals has prohibited their media to publish photos of military staff, so they would not be so easy recognized abroad by the law enforcement in foreign countries, to where they may intend to escape one day.

For every day that passes by, the Zionist enterprise “Israel” is losing international legitimacy; it is a fallacy, based on a myth. Facing the facts and the history, myths evaporates and people around the world are awakening from their slumber, when retrieving knowledge of the dark past. And on the battle grounds the ratio of military strategic powers are changing. When Arab and Muslim nations one day will realize that the Zionist entity, colonial and racist, was defeated by the Palestinian resistance, whose determination and faith in the justice of the Palestinian cause, has become the main instrument in combat and defense, the path to dignity and liberty will be possible.

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