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Recognition of a Palestinian state - yes


fayyadBut what are the significant objectives ?
By Fadwa Nassar and Hiyam Noir

Many are the voices in the Palestinian society whom are righteously questioning, the significance of the diplomatic battle which has engaged the Palestinian Authority, ahead of the approaching Palestinian bid in the United Nations to recognize a sovereign Palestinian Statehood. The diplomatic battle is about the Palestinian territories which was occupied by the Zionist entity in its 1967 war -  i.e. Gaza Strip, and the West Bank, including the Arab parts of Al-Quds.

Large scale media operation is launched to stop the UN recognition of a Palestinian Statehood.

Members  of the Zionist Organization of America (ZOA), with active chapters throughout the United States held Internet conference calls aimed at killing the vote for a Palestinian state - (a two state solution, 2SS). Some supporters of the Zionist entity (ZE-“I”) in a few member states of the European Union, and some other "special friendship - relationship":- countries- associates of the ZE-“I”, are acting in an outward appearance as if they are fearing the thought only, of a possible UN recognition. These associated of the ZE-"I" have during a few months organized and prepared a political and diplomatic massive media campaign, against this said recognition.

Seemingly freaked out Zionists and imperialist of all colors and backgrounds have launched large scale attacks against  a diplomatic recognition of a sovereign Palestinian state. It even looked like the ministries were closed, in particular that of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, and civil servants in several ministries were on vacation – hence, in order to be able to carry out this massive mystifying counter-offensive.

Acting fearfully, diplomats are on the alert, expecting that the end of the Zionist entity is to be announced very soon, tales of an unfolding disaster, is well maintained by aiding journalists, analysts and politicians. To leaders of the Zionist entity, such recognition would mean the death of their enterprise "Israel”.

Can we presuppose that all these operations undertaken, in reality is a veritable crusade against the Palestinians, aimed at killing a majority vote in United Nations, or is it anxiety caused by the imminence of danger, or perhaps the hiding of other fears, unreasoned or reasoned, for the uncertain future of  the Zionist enterprise

To begin with, any diplomatic recognition of borders protecting and securing a Palestinian state and the Palestinian people, is certainly a hard blow delivered to the Zionist entity, which wrongly existed and profited, until the year 2000 on a policy of territorial and economic expansion partly based on a mythical idea, that of a " Jewish kingdom:)))" extending its territories from the river of Nile to the river of Euphrates. After the resistance liberated southern Lebanon in 2000, the Jewish unrestrained fancy of colonial expansionism has ended, except from the ongoing and continued theft of Palestine land and property in the West bank including the holy city of Al-Quds. ( Jerusalem)

The Zionist enterprise must be stopped, it cannot continue to occupy and “ metastasize” into other territories. It has waged wars, used violent force when attacking other countries, it has committed genocides. The Zionist Mossad, its  agents and assassins trespass viet armis into foreign countries, killing Palestinians on their “wanted lists.” One recent example is the gruesome murder in a Dubai hotel room of Mahmoud Mabhouh, a beloved and respected Palestinian envoy and military commander, which was carried out by a Mossad hit squad.

At last the time of repatriation of war refugees has come. Regarding the proposed Palestinian international status, the Zionist entity is threatened in its meager existence and illegal since it from the beginning has refused to recognize the presence of the Palestinian people - and the land of Palestine, even so within the borders of ’67.The Jews/Israelis do not belong there, the Palestinian society is entirely different, not only by religion, but culturally, and in apparent attribute, in the principles of right conduct  - Palestine is antithetical to the racist enterprise of Israel.

After an extended period of time and incomparable Palestinian struggle, the occupation is coming to an end - at least on a trivial, 22% scrap of land, 22 % of the 43.53% that was left to the indigenous Palestinian people after the UN Partition 1947.

In September 2011, after more than six decades of territorial acquisition by genocide, invasion and annexation, a state of Palestine will be defined through preference of the body of the international community (UN). In a sense, it can be felt, according to Israeli journalists and Jewish owned media, as a “holocaust".

A Palestinian sovereign state will be endorsed by UN, the same international organization although a slightly different constituent assembly which in 1947 created the Partition plan, which proposed a Jewish State on 56.47% of Arab land (excluding Al-Quds).

Not many days after the UN proposal, armed Zionists squatters seized vast areas beyond the proposed Jewish State, and did not respect or recognize the International Zone. Using armed force and terrorism months before May 1948,  Jews seized land beyond the UN proposed borders.The UN Plan was used as a pretense for taking over most of Palestine. With a stroke of a pen the Palestinian exodus, Nakba, the ( disaster) was created. More than 725.000 Palestinians expelled from their homes, fled in fear from armed Jewish terrorist gangs.

The shamelessness, to even proclaim “unilaterally” an independent Palestinian State, which is not regarded by the Zionist entity and its allies as a hostile encounter. Affront with the so-called superiority of the Zionist entity, the so-called “right to watch ” Zionists and imperialist powers in the process of paying bribes to keep the conflict a-float. Affront to the arrogance of the imperialist powers and the Zionist entity, which has the audacity in obstructing the law considering that the international body of United Nations does not have the legal instruments of jurisdiction to pass the legislation of a sovereign state of Palestine.

If the imperialist powers and the Zionist entity does not join the voters of more than 100 other member states affront with Western arrogance, and Ban Ki Moon. With Kathleen Ashton and all the servile ones, in support of the Zionists, demand that the Palestinians must return to negotiations to settle the question of the recognition of the Palestinian State by negotiations? Not by the proclamation “unilateral”, of the independence of a State, because such a proclamation, if it were made, the international community will call into question, the legitimate rights of the imperialist colonial powers to commandeer the future fate of the rest of the world.

The independent Palestinian State: Where is the genuine strategic prospect?

We have to say it out loud: Following the eighteen years of failure to negotiate, the recourse of the Palestinian Authority towards the “unilateral” proclamation of an independent state of Palestine, in the authorities of UN, may be an imminent peril. This failure is of the Palestinian leaders who had adopted this way, is apparently not the mistake of the imperialist powers which supervised these so called negotiations, since they claim and overpower by persuasion so that the so called negotiations can begin again. On what basis?

None really seems to bother to know about it, but from these imperialist powers we should not expect their interest is to support the Palestinian peoples will to make their own decisions. No, “we must hold their hands and lead them” - fearing they would not be misguided – because left alone, to decide over their own destiny, they may adopt the way of the resistance. History has proven that resistance is the only way that will ensure liberation, a methodical process based on the rights and the justice.

Finally, having noted the failure of the negotiations, whereas the colonization continues in the West Bank, and in particular in the towns and neighborhoods of Al-Quds - and having observed how the Zionists with its military capacity, paid for with US taxpayers money, only seeks to set forth into practice its preparation of cleansing out the endogenous Palestinians meanwhile the Palestinian Authority decided to pass in the direction towards the offensive.

It makes however what it takes -  again the American proposal for a solution to the conflict, since the preceding US president, and even the current one has supported a proclamation of a Palestinian Statehood, which if given an honest proposal, for sure a Palestinian statehood would have been a reality before the end of this year. However, the US president promise, is lacking substance without due reverence in order to tear off other concessions with the Palestinian Authority.

Therefore, the idea of a proclamation of the independent Palestinian State was already in prospect, but for the imperialist’s colonial powers, not in this manner, nor on these borders. The "offered" prospect of a Palestinian State as perceived by the Zionists is certainly not the same ones as declared by the Palestinian Authority, nor by the Palestinian people.

If a cogent argumentation of the diplomatic battle is disputed by a large number of Palestinians, it will certainly not emerge from considerations of the Zionists, nor from the imperialist’s colonial powers. In order to liberate Palestine, it is all about genuine strategic matters; it’s about priorities and about the preference of a political program.

Indeed, on the internal plan, the Palestinian Authority of Mahmoud Abbas has enhances his advantage to the “termination of September” to stop another process, other negotiations, internal this time, and more important in a different way, those who touch the innermost essential part the existence of unity among the Palestinian people.

Following the political changes in Egypt which swept away one of the last Zionist pawns in the area, the Palestinian president had finally been obliged to engage in a dialogue with the government of Hamas in Gaza, in order to unify the political life, the social and geographical Palestine. Although a discussion continued between Hamas and Fateh. during the talks, Mahmoud Abbas acted as a chairperson, again by making the decision that there is only one thinkable aspirant to head a Palestinian unified government, that of Mr. Salam Fayyad, who is discarded as defective in his behavior, by many Palestinian personalities and political pugilists, that also include  people within the Fateh movement.

With “the termination of September”, the process of unification was abruptly brought to an end, this at the time when the sedentary forces of the Authority of Ramallah continue to make their “dirty job” of the Palestinian tyrant and occupant, the Zionist entity, preventing  activities of resistance  in the West Bank. For the majority of the Palestinian resistance it is logically inevitable to unify the Palestinian tough rows before advancing into the UN security council, yet Mahmoud Abbas never listened to the people he is holding as hostage, he decided differently. To proceed with a government controlled by Salam Fayyad, and to regain the dialogue, armed or not, with one “victory” in sight – the one victory in the United Nations.

This political calculation however prove a lack of consideration, let’s take into account that the worst will happen, since it would make a dead end in the long run, of the contemplation :  Do we need a Palestinian State? The Palestinian cause today is more complete, as its being changed and has matured over time, developed and ready for a bid and a vote  in the United Nations. The PA is launching a local media campaign for a “peaceful intifada in the West Bank” to support the vote in the United Nations, with the beginning in September.

Yet the Ramallah media campaign did not carry any contemplation, nor a powerful strategy to liberate the West Bank and the Al-Quds, nether the organizers of the campaign had a clue how to break the blockade against Gaza, or how to reorganize a PLO, which authority should represent the will of the Palestinian people. The important and vital question is lingering; the liberation of Palestine, and how to ensure the return of Palestinian refugees, which is not of secondary significance, to the Palestinian people.

To carry out his diplomatic battle, the president of the Palestinian Authority, Mahmoud Abbas, is not holding  his chair on the credit of international popularity, but acquired from the blood of uncountable martyrs fallen in Gaza, and not by underhand schemes of his sedentary local services. His reality is based on the isolation by the Zionist entity’s increased delegitimation of the Palestinian resistance - its martyrs, its many casualties and its prisoners. Ensured since the first Al-Aqsa intifada , whereas its repeated defections ( for example the Goldstone business )which finale outcome  sought “to save” the Zionist entity from being classified a terrorist entity of war criminals in the International court.

If the true of the diplomatic battles is, as expressed by the writers of this essay, the crowning of the struggle and resistance of the Palestinian people, and not as we may suspect, an obvious ugly reality, a result of a failure in negotiations with the Zionists, under the aegis of the imperialist powers. As long as Mahmoud Abbas does not take into account true factors which would enable him to lead this battle in the United Nations , the recognition of  a Palestinian sovereign state on a trivial 22% of the occupied Palestine, will remain nothing more than a recognition on paper, not constitute a lever towards the liberation of Palestine and the return of the refugees.

Now or never – It is all about the question of strategy. Recognition, yes; but what are the significant objectives? An international recognition of a Palestinian state involves many complex policy and legal issues.

Edited - and translated from French to English By Hiyam Noir

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