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Abbas Speech Signals Capitulation

Abbas SpeechWithout saying it, he left little doubt how he'll petition the UN on September 23.

Speaking on television from Ramallah, he said:

"We are going to the United Nations to request our legitimate right, obtaining full membership for Palestine in this organization."

"We are going to the Security Council." He must. It's procedure, but a US veto is toothless as only the General Assembly admits new members. The Security Council only recommends.

"As for other options, we have not yet taken a decision on them."

In effect, he suggested he won't petition the General Assembly after a certain Security Council veto, or if he does it'll be for less than full rights. As a result, he'll capitulate when victory is within easy reach.

He also wants Palestine recognized within 1967 borders with East Jerusalem (Al-Quds) as its capital.

Most important, he said he can't guarantee success. As a result, he tipped his hand.

He revealed his collaborationist intentions, suggesting he'll accept less than what Palestinians waited decades for and deserve - statehood and full de jure UN membership they won't get as long as Abbas or collaborationists like him have power.

Since the late 1980s, PLO officials knew exactly how to petition properly for full rights. Abbas and those around him know.

On September 23, when the moment of truth arrives, he'll take the low road, not the high, effectively capitulating to Washington and Israel.

A previous article said the fix is in. Indeed so. What'll emerge will be called victory. In fact, it'll be defeat - a worthless half loaf, not what's within reach. Better he stay home instead of showing up for betrayal.

Yet disingenuous pieties claimed:

"What I will take to the UN will be the suffering and concerns of our people that have been taking place of 63 years living under the occupation."

Cooperation between Hamas and Fatah is a national duty, "even if we differ on some issues," adding that "there is nothing better than national unity between the West Bank and Gaza, and we will do everything we can to maintain this unity."

In fact, since January 2006, he collaborated with Israel and Washington to prevent it, leaving skeptics to wonder what he'll do now. They'll soon know it's not what Palestinians everywhere deserve.

Moreover, as president, he's worked against his own people, acting as Israel's enforcer. Expect no change after the UN session ends.

Rhetoric is hollow when not backed up with deeds. That, defines Abbas since Oslo, collaborating with Israel for his own self-interest. As long as he's president, nothing will change.

"After I speak to the UN General Assembly," he said, "I will submit our request to the Secretary-General, who will in turn submit it to the chairman of the Security Council."

Key, of course, is what's included or omitted, whether he'll also petition the General Assembly, and if so, for precisely what. He didn't explain beyond saying:

"We are going to the UN to demand our rights, and this does not undermine the PLO," the peace process, or Israeli interests.

Undermining Palestinian interests matter most.

On September 16, New York Times writer Rick Gladstone headlined, "Abbas Says He Will Seek Palestinian State at the Security Council," saying:

His Ramallah speech "was the first time he has formally committed (to) seek recognition of a Palestinian state at the Security Council" next week.

Abbas didn't say but "speculation" hints he may take his "statehood application to the (General Assembly) where the United States has no veto power. But that alternative, which would almost certainly be approved, would not give the Palestinians full statehood rights they would get through approval from the Security Council."

Fact check

In recent weeks, other Times articles repeated the same lie, ignoring the only route to statehood and full membership.

As explained above and in previous articles, only the General Assembly grants it. With more than enough support, statehood and full membership are there for the asking if proper procedures are followed.

The Security Council is irrelevant, even though it votes. Vetoes can't derail membership unless Abbas capitulates after Washington acts. Apparently he will to say he tried and failed.

On September, Haaretz said Netanyahu changed his earlier hardline position, saying he'll accept a PA upgrade short of statehood and full membership.

In his General Assembly address, he'll stress only direct Israeli - Palestinian negotiations can achieve peace despite of decades of failure trying.

He also said "as long as (Palestine) is less than a state, I'm ready to talk about it."

Washington and regional envoy Tony Blair, however, have pressured EU High Representative Catherine Ashton to reject a French-Spanish initiative, calling for all 27 EU nations to support PA upgrading short of full membership and statehood.

In exchange, PA officials will agree, and won't file criminal charges against Israeli officials in the International Criminal Court (ICC). In other words, they'll accept capitulation and failure.

Abbas signaled it in Ramallah, defying his people in the process who deserve better.

A Final Comment

On September 16, the pro-Israeli International Christian (Zionist) Embassy Jerusalem (ICEJ) issued an anti-Palestinian statehood press release, calling it a "reckless and ill-conceived unilateral move," adding:

It's "clear that the PA has chosen a dangerous path for resolving the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, and even more so given the volatile political climate in the region."

Claiming "Israel is fully prepared to discuss the very issues at stake good faith any time," it called PA actions "irresponsible."

Israeli, of course, discusses nothing in good faith ever. Nor does it negotiate. It demands.

ICEJ is an extremist evangelical organization committed to "giving comfort to Israel (and) be part of God's great purposes in bringing the Jews back to Israel," no matter the harm caused in the process and since they arrived.

As a result, it wants Palestinians to forego their rights and remain quiescent under occupation. After all, they're just Arabs.

Israel and Washington agree, threatening recrimination if they dare pursue their rights.

Sadly, Abbas was easily cowed to acquiesce. They didn't have to do much to remind him who's boss.

Abbas knows his role and plays it for special benefits in return.

It doesn't matter how much harm he's caused for years and will again in New York next week.

Palestinian hopes and dreams will have to wait for next time. It's been their legacy for 63 years.

This time is especially painful with victory within easy grasp. It's coming but who can say when.

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