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AIPAC, Netanyahu and Obama

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AIPAC, Netanyahu and Obama
2-Ugly Agenda
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AIPAC1- Netanyahu and Obama Spurn Peace

As a belligerent modern-day Sparta, Israel is a pariah state. Netanyahu exceeds the worst of Ariel Sharon.

His government is Israel's worst ever. His majority Knesset allies are rogue, racist criminals, operating outside international law.

His weak-kneed opposition goes along to get along. As a result, Palestinians suffer grievously. No relief whatever is in sight for them. Netanyahu's peace overtures hide his duplicitous intent to continue status quo injustice.

America is a lawless global bully. The business of America is war. America wages permanent wars on humanity. Together, Obama and Netanyahu contemptuously intend to deny Palestinians statehood and justice, using peace talks as a ploy to subvert both.

Abbas and his number two Salam Fayyad are longtime Israeli collaborators. Both speak with forked tongues. Expect neither one to fulfill promises. They didn't before and won't now.

Abbas didn't come to New York to deliver. His statehood petition falls short of what Palestinians want and deserve. His General Assembly address was hollow rhetoric. It was political, not a genuine proposal for long denied justice.

He mainly wants peace talks reopened. They never worked before and won't now. He didn't challenge a Netanyahu/Obama conspiracy to continue settlement construction and deny Palestinians statehood within 1967 borders (22% of historic Palestine) with East Jerusalem its capital.

Duplicity defines his agenda, not leadership with honor to do the right thing. Doing so would be totally out of character. He's not about to change his spots now.

Addressing the General Assembly on September 23, he said Israeli unilateralism and settler violence threaten PA authority and peace. No matter that Oslo he negotiated established the PA as Israel's enforcer, subverting his rhetorical call for peace.

Urging Israel to "come to peace," he said:

"We extend our hands to the Israeli government and the Israeli people for peacemaking. Our people will continue their popular, peaceful resistance. (Israeli settlement) policy will destroy the chances of achieving a two-state solution and threatens to undermine the structure of the (PA) and even end its existence."

On September 22, Netanyahu thanked Obama for "standing with Israeli and supporting peace through direct negotiations. We both agree that Palestinians and the Israelis should sit down together and negotiate an agreement of mutual recognition and security. I think this is the only way to get a stable and durable peace."

Netayahu asked other leaders to endorse his position. In his General Assembly address, he said:

"Israel is prepared to have a Palestinian state in the West Bank, but we're not prepared to have another Gaza there. The Palestinians must first make peace with Israel, and only then get their state....The truth is the Palestinians want a state without peace and you should not let that happen."

He also lashed out at the the UN, calling its actions "a theater of the absurd." At the same time, he challenged Abbas saying Palestinians were armed "only with their hopes and dreams," saying:

"Hopes, dreams - and 10,000 missiles and Grad rockets supplied by Iran" threaten Israeli security. In fact, Palestinians never threatened Israel and don't know.

When repeatedly attacked, they respond lawfully in self-defense with small arms, homemade and other modest weapons compared to Israel's F-16s, attack helicopters, tanks, and other destructive weapons used against Palestinians.

Netanyahu also appealed to Abbas for direct talks, beginning in New York before both leaders head home.

His UN comments showed characteristic contempt for Palestinian rights. Not only does he spurn peace, he won't tolerate Palestinian independence.

Saying "Let's meet here today in the United Nation" is a thinly veiled demand for unconditional surrender. No responsible leader would agree. Abbas, however, appears willing if he's able to make it appear he's doing the right thing.

Hamas Prime Minister Ismail Haniyeh accused him of acting unilaterally without consulting other leaders, adding:

"The Palestinian people do not beg the world for a state, and the state can't be created through decisions and initiatives. States liberate their land first and then the political body can be established."

"We repeat today that we are with the establishment of a Palestinian state on any liberated part of Palestinian land that is agreed upon by the Palestinian people, without recognizing Israel or conceding any inch of historical Palestine."

Haniyeh stressed that there can be "no mandate for any Palestinian leadership to infringe on Palestinian national rights, nor is there a mandate for any Palestinian actor to make historic concessions on Palestinian land or the rights of the Palestinians, foremost among them the right of return."

Israeli Belligerence Belies Efforts for Peace

Throughout the week leading up to Friday, thousands of Palestinians rallied for statehood. On September 23, outdoor screens let them watch his General Assembly address.

On the same day, Israeli security forces fired tear gas, concussion grenades, rubber coated bullets, and sound bombs at N'ilin and Bil'in villagers. Marching nonviolently for statehood, they were attacked for demanding their rights.

As a result, dozens were either wounded or suffered gas inhalation. Bil'in olive trees were set ablaze, but quickly put out. Israeli security forces tacitly allow settler violence. Palestinian victims are blamed.

Israeli forces also shot and injured five Palestinians with rubber coated bullets in reported clashes at the Qalandia checkpoint near Ramallah. At issue was preventing Palestinians from crossing a checkpoint for Friday Jerusalem prayers.

On September 23, Israel deployed 22,000 security forces across the West Bank and East Jerusalem, as well as along the Green Line separation from Israel.

In Jerusalem, police barred entry to the Al-Aqsa mosque compound to men under 50 and anyone without a blue East Jerusalem ID card. An extra 1,500 reservists were called up to enforce it.

A military spokesman said troops would show "restraint using riot dispersal means." However, when Palestinians rally or march peacefully, they're often attacked with tear gas, concussion grenades, rubber coated bullets and other violent means.

The above examples bear witness to what Palestinians regularly endure under occupation. It's why they want it ended under statehood.

Pro-Israeli New York Times Writers Comment

On September 23, New York Times writers Neil MacFarquhar and Steven Myers headlined, "Palestinians Request UN Status; Powers Press for Talks," saying:

Following Abbas' General Assembly address, Quartet "powers reached an agreement on terms to restart talks between Israel and Palestinians, Obama" officials said.

Officials hope for "a new round of negotiations....after many months of stalemate."

More on them below.

On September 23, Times writer Ethan Bronner (a man accepting fees for pro-Israeli speeches) headlined, "Amid Statehood Bid, Tensions Simmer in West Bank," saying:

"....Jewish settlers worry that Palestinian militants buoyed by international support of their statehood will step up attacks....(T)ensions lie just below the surface."

Settlers "fear for their communities....So the risk (that) Palestinians....might try to march on (them) is quite real."

"If they march, I'm sure they will come with knives and rocks, not with candies," said one settler. "This government lets the Arabs do whatever they want. But when a man feels unprotected, he takes the law into his own hands."

Bonner is a longtime Israeli apologist, blaming Palestinians for Israeli crimes and settler violence allowed to continue with impunity.

On matters relating to Israel and US imperialism, blame victims is standard Times policy.

Elements of the Quartet's Proposal

Quartet members established a timeline for "realistic and serious" negotiations to begin in a month. They hope for comprehensive proposals within three months, substantial progress in six, and a firm deal by end of 2012.

As a result, expect Abbas' Security Council petition to be tabled, effectively consigning it to memory hole oblivion.

Abbas said he's willing to meet Netanyahu and other Israeli officials provided settlement construction stops. Netanyahu refuses. Though it remains to be seen what's next, early comments and body language suggest continuing status quo futility.

An unnamed Israeli official said his side was "currently studying the" Quartet proposal, adding "(w)e are ready to resume the negotiations."

Chief PA negotiator Saeb Erakat (another longtime Israeli collaborator) urged Israel to "seize" the Quartet plan, saying Palestinians are "ready to assume our responsibilities. But Israel needs to assume its own and end settlement activity."

Notably, the Quartet's proposal excludes key issues, including settlements, 1967 borders, East Jerusalem as Palestine's capital, diaspora Palestinians right of return, and Gaza's siege among others.

In other words, it's little more than same old, same old dead-end failure offered Palestinians for decades instead of long denied justice.

Yet Erakat, representing Abbas and Fayyad, accepted what has no chance of succeeding or assuring Palestinian statehood within Gaza, the West Bank and East Jerusalem.

In other words, they're comfortable with status quo failure and betrayal, their rhetoric notwithstanding.

A Final Comment

Palestinians must challenge collaborationist leaders working against, not for, their interests. Otherwise they'll remain occupied without statehood indefinitely.

Obama and Congress want it. So does Netanyahu and other Israeli leaders. Abbas, Fayyad, Erakat, and close collaborationist PA allies go along. Hamas and other Palestinian factions are entirely shut out.

Gaza remains isolated under siege. Repressive military occupation continues. Institutionalized injustice won't end.

A previous article said neither will constant fear, economic strangulation, collective punishment, mass arrests, torture, neighborhood incursions, Israel's expanding Separation Wall, curfews, roadblocks, checkpoints, barriers, by-pass roads, barbed wire, electric fences, isolation in bantustans, daily humiliation, and naked aggression whenever Israel chooses to wage it against defenseless civilians.

Changing what's no longer tolerable requires Palestinians react for what they'll only achieve by themselves.

With growing millions of supporters, why not, and what better time to start than now!

2- AIPAC's Ugly Agenda

AIPAC is an unregistered foreign agent representing Israel. Edward Said once called it "the most powerful and feared lobby in Washington."

Calling itself "America's Pro-Israel Lobby," it's represented Israeli interests since founded in 1953. In 1963, it was incorporated as a division of the American Zionist Council (AZC), its precursor.

For decades, it's been very successful subverting opposition to Israel's agenda. Virtually no one in Congress confronts it. Doing so would be a career-ender.

Notably, it's had virtual veto power over war and peace, trade and investment, multi-billion dollar arms sales, enormous handouts to Israel, and all Middle East policies affecting the Jewish state under Democrat and Republican administrations alike.

Deferentially, politicians, presidents, their hangers-on, media scoundrels and others pay it due homage and the government it represents. As a result, everyone pays dearly.

On September 15, AIPAC published an anti-Palestinian broadside headlined, "PA's UN Statehood Bid Threatens Peace Efforts, Israel," saying:

"The Palestinian effort to secure recognition of statehood at the United Nations is a direct challenge to US interests and could have severe implications for the peace process."

Fact check

America represents Israeli interests. Israel wants Palestinians deprived of all rights under permanent occupation. There's no legitimate peace process because Israel and Washington won't tolerate it.

Yet AIPAC claims upgrading Palestine's status "could have serious implications for" Israel.

Fact check

Indeed so. Independent Palestine could ratify and have access to international conventions. As a result, it could sue Israeli war criminals in the International Criminal Court. AIPAC calls it "politicizing the court."

In addition, Israel's occupation would be threatened though not easily ended. The fate of settlers would be up for grabs. Notably, half are fed up and want to leave but can't for financial reasons.

Others would have a choice. Either become ex-pats in a foreign country under its laws, or leave. Moreover, settlement communities no longer could exclude non-Jews, besides other beneficial changes.

Israelis would have to learn to love or at least tolerate their new neighbors. Many, in fact, do now and would welcome them.

A century ago, Jews and Palestinians got along fine. Why not now. The problem isn't Judaism and Islam. It's repressive Israel and its Washington paymaster partner.

AIPAC rails against full Palestinian participation in UN agencies, including UNESCO, ECOSOC (Economic and Social Council), UNICEF (International Children's Emergency Fund), and others.

"The Palestinians would use these committees to isolate and delegitimize Israel for 'occupying' a recognized state."

Fact check

Israel illegally occupies Palestine. Moreover, Israel, not UN agencies, is very adept at isolating and delegitimizing itself. Balking at Palestinian statehood is its latest affront.

As a result and for other reasons, anti-Israeli sentiment is visceral in Cairo, Amman and elsewhere. Moreover, growing numbers of Jews are fed up and no longer support its repressive agenda with good reason.

Unilateral "Palestinian actions at the United Nations could increase the potential for violence by raising unrealistic expectations."

Fact check

Israel alone threatens violence. Palestinians demand the same rightful "expectations" Israeli Jews enjoy - no less.

"Successful efforts by the Palestinians at the United Nations also would embolden Israel's detractors and legitimize those who seek to isolate and question the legitimacy of the Jewish state. Boycotts of Israel could increase and be adopted more widely."

Fact check

Anti-Israeli sentiment is fueled by its contempt for non-Jews, its repressive occupation, its aggressive wars, its territorial ambitions, its desire to be the region's sole hegemon, and willingness to go to any extremes for it.

Israeli policies do more to "embolden" detractors than they alone or collectively could do on their own without ammunition Israel provides.

Abbas' "statehood....plan....and refusal to talk to Israel are severely undermining US peace efforts."

Fact check

It bears repeating. Neither Israel or Washington want peace. They need conflict to further their regional agenda and to claim Palestinians aren't ready for independence.

How many more than 63 years of trying are enough to be ready for it. AIPAC didn't say. Instead it claims Abbas won't meet with Netanhayu.

In fact, they do often. Moreover, Abbas said resuming peace talks depends on Israel halting settlement expansions, stealing Palestinian land, and dispossessing lawful residents in the process.

In addition, all Palestinian leaders will negotiate with a legitimate peace partner on an equal status basis - not master/slave.

Israel was never willing and isn't now - especially under a Netanyahu/Lieberman government, Israel's most extremist ever.

AIPAC accuses Abbas of "setting unrealistic conditions" and failing to follow Oslo mandates. Seeking statehood also "serves to undermine Israel's confidence in the PA as a legitimate partner for peace and could cause a breakdown in relations between the parties, making" future negotiation harder.

Fact check

AIPAC's extremist, racist agenda comes out in comments like these.

You can't make this stuff up. But there it is in direct quotes.

Only those ignorant of basic facts buy it. Others aware of what Palestinians endure condemn Israel and its supporters.

A previous article said Oslo promised final status talks in five years. It didn't happen and won't in 50 or 500 if left up to Israel. As a result, Palestinians and their supporters long ago lost confidence in Israel because of its contempt for doing the right thing.

AIPAC claims upgrading Palestine above its present status "may set back talks for years." It will also make it harder for Israel "to enter talks when unacceptable results are the baseline."

Fact check

The "baseline" is justice!

"The United States must continue to oppose Palestinian efforts at the United Nations and urge the Palestinians to return to the negotiation table."

Fact check

That's a direct order. Congress and Obama officials salute and obey, knowing what unacceptable alternative awaits objectors.

"The Palestinians should face consequences if they continue to defy the United States and press forward with their UN statehood bid."

Fact check

AIPAC calls asking for legitimate rights "Palestinian incitement."

No matter. If Palestinians pursue theirs, AIPAC wants them to "face consequences," including all aid cut off, their PLO Washington office closed, and maybe perhaps Cast Lead II against all Palestine, claiming self-defense against dangerous Palestinians only wanting trouble.

In fact, AIPAC will say anything, fabricate any threat, pressure and lie to get what it wants at the expense of peace-loving people wanting and deserving the same rights as Jews.

That's a real extremist agenda!

A Final Comment

On September 16, The New York Times published Anti-Defamation League (ADL) national director Abraham Foxman's anti-Palestinian broadside headlined, "The UN Vote on a Palestinian State," regurgitating a litany of racist lies about Palestine.

Calling its statehood pursuit a "mistake," he accused it of "refus(ing) to negotiate with Israel....sign(ing) a coalition agreement with terrorist Hamas and now....bring(ing) this counterproductive initiative to the United Nations once again....rais(ing) serious questions about Palestinian intentions."

As Foxman knows, they're crystal clear. Palestinians want and deserve the same rights as Jews. He wants them denied.

So does Zionist Organization of America (ZOA) president Morton Klein in a disgraceful September 14 press release, thanking Obama for saying he'll veto a Palestinian statehood bid in New York.

Calling it "wrong and strategically dangerous if (Abbas) obtain(s) statehood by circumventing negotiations and peace-making with Israel," he concluded with hateful, reprehensible comments, saying:

"We dare not establish a racist, anti-Semitic terrorist beggar state that this would surely be. This is especially so at a time when the PA continues to engage in incitement to hatred and murder in its media, mosques, schools and youth camps and has signed a unity government agreement with the 'kill the Jews' Hamas terrorist organization."

Established in 1897, ZOA is America's oldest Zionist organization. Whatever its early agenda, it's now an embarrassment and national disgrace, given hatemongers like Klein as leaders.

Hopefully growing numbers of Jews and others will repudiate his abhorrent ideology, opting instead for peace, reconciliation and justice for all.

Klein, Foxman, AIPAC officials, and others like them haven't a clue what they mean.

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