Wednesday, April 24, 2019
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A Palestinian Statehood, yes - but, by what means?


Mahmoud Abbas at UNThis year's U.N. general assembly meetings was dominated by the Palestinian attempt to gain recognition of statehood from the international body. In late September, the acting Palestinian president Mahmoud Abbas submitted a formal application to the U.N. Security Council for recognition of a Palestinian statehood, ignoring the threat of countermeasure invented by United States to veto the Palestinian endeavor if a submission is to be proposed to the United Nations.

The Palestinians have denounced U.S. veto threat, saying it was/is a clear indication that Washington is not a genuine and "honest broker", and that U.N. is lacking diplomatic efforts to resolve a conflict that stretches throughout more than six decades.

Blackmailing the Palestinian people

Economic and humanitarian projects are vital for peace in the Middle East, yet the U.S. congress, opposed to a Palestinian bid for statehood are exceeding all bounds of legality and ethics, actually blackmailing the Palestinians, when they say that the U.S. aid on $ 200 million will be suspended if the Palestinians don’t obey. Following the U.S. threat, the Palestinian Authority (PA), issued a statement on Tuesday after its weekly meeting, saying that: "We have expressed our hope that the U.S. Congress would reconsider the suspension of aid."

Some public responses from the Palestinian camp regarding the fundamentally imperfection of the entire process underlying the UN bid:

The acting Ramallah minister of economy, Hassan Abu Libda, say that: " Certain parties in the U.S. Congress stood not only against the interests of the Palestinian people, but also against any possibility of achieving improvement and progress for a people under occupation. I must say, it is rather peculiar! - I expect that this decision will be viewed negatively in Palestinian public opinion, and at large, as a result, it will influence the credibility of the United States."

In contrast to the group of people in the U.S. congress which Abu Libda is referring to, the U.S. President, Barack Obama is lobbying to unblock financial support to the Palestinian people, notwithstanding, he also warned that seeking statehood via a U.N. vote, cannot be a substitute for a negotiated peace treaty with the Israelis !??

Abbas efforts are seemingly complicating the attempts made by the Quartet of M.E. mediators, the U.S, the E.U, U.N. and Russia, to make the Palestinians and the Israelis returning to negotiations, Abbas is saying that he will return to talks only; “If settlement building is stopped”.

Regarding financial aid to the Palestinian people, the envoy of the Quartet, Tony Blair said that; " The aid - money actually goes to economic support projects, social projects and ... to security," - as the U.S. president Barack Obama, Mr. Blair is trying to persuade the U.S. Congress to facilitate aid, as planned, this and the next year.

The Ramallah leadership has pushed forward ignoring an open democratic dialogue, expecting the Palestinian people to blindly support it.

Hamas movement and Gaza authority dismissed the Ramallah actions.

Hamas movement at an early stage dismissed the attempt made by the Ramallah authorities acting chairman Mahmoud Abbas, to secure a U.N. membership for a Palestinian state, as an action, ”without substance."

And Sami Abu Zuhri, a spokesperson for the Hamas movement, said last week that; "Abbas's speech to the U.N. was an emotional speech which managed to present the suffering of the Palestinians, but it failed to deal with how to confront the occupation” - linking Abbas U.N. bid to negotiations with the occupant, which made the approach immaterial and powerless.

Zuhris’ remarks were made shortly after that the Fatah leader, Mahmoud Abbas addressed the U.N. Assembly in an impassioned appeal of the cause, towards actions of the international community to accept a Palestinian statehood, becoming the 194 member of the United Nations.

Taher al-Nunu, spokesperson of Gaza authority, also denounced Abbas's speech for its attempt to return to some form of negotiation with the Israelis, Al – Nunu, said that:

“In Abbas speech one can sense, a contradiction between the reality - and the solutions he presented. While he (Abbas) analyzed the Palestinian reality, he also said that he was determined to return to negotiations - and recognition of the Israeli occupation. Abbas introduction of empty powerless solutions did not at all fulfill the expectations and demands of the Palestinian people.”

Hamas the Palestinian Islamic movement, has not publicly rejected a Palestinian bid for U.N. membership, however it was never consulted regarding the strategy. Hamas does not believe it is the right moment; it will not achieve a tangible result of a final termination of the Israeli occupation.

During more than six decades of Palestinian struggle, sacrifice, and suffering, how many times have negotiators, bargained and mediated to bring about a settlement of Palestinian rights, rather than how to secure them. The negotiations are by the Israelis expected - and considered to become a failure. The negotiations are deliberately used as a tool by the Israelis - to buy more time, to steal more Palestinian territorial possessions, displace the land owners, and continue the colonization of Palestine.

And once again, not learning from mistakes done in the past, the Palestinian leadership is expressing the same attitude of arrogance in front of its own people. The Israelis can continue to expand in all directions the borders of Al Quds, confining in as short time as possible, as much as possible of Arab inhabitants into the smallest parcel of land. Simultaneously stepping up demolitions of Arab homes, high-jacking residency rights of as many East Jerusalemites as possible, vacate Al Quds of its Arab residents, following a consecutive obliteration of its Arab-Muslim identity and heritage.

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