Friday, April 19, 2019
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Satyen’s Bos(e)on of Higgs or God’s Particle

Higgs BoseonThe 'boson' in the Higgs boson particle, whose investigation and ultimate detection still being celebrated around the world, and rightly so, has been one of the longest and most expensive research projects in the history of science.

Boson owes its name to Bengali Professor Satyendra Nath Bose who in 1924, unable to get his paper published on the subject sent it  to Albert Einstein for publication .Einstein liked the paper, translated it into German and got it published in Zeitschrift für Physik along with his own related paper. Bose had earlier translated Einstein’s Theory of relativity into Bengali .

Prof Bose ‘s paper described a statistical model that led to the discovery of the Bose-Einstein condensate phenomenon and laid the basis for describing the two classes of subatomic particles - bosons, named after Bose, and fermions, after Italian physicist Enrico Fermi.

The discovery will help understand as to what happened just after the Big Bang aka creation of the Universe? Why did matter dominate over anti-matter, when, in laboratory settings, they are created in equal amounts? This is a fascinating world of speculation, hypothesis and theory lubricated mostly by intuitive imagination and higher mathematics and then confirmed by experiments. Further research and work will increase understanding not only about our minor planet earth in our vast galaxy but will also be another step to understand zillions of galaxies some millions of light years away and human matter and perhaps human mind itself. Just see how puny vain human being is.

But our fragile planet earth is now threatened by the US led west determined to hang on to their power of destruction, domination and exploitation of the rest of the world .In India there are many specially English knowing ignorant and educated in their schools and universities, who accept and have internalized the superiority of the uncivilized West, who themselves derived their powers of destruction from the knowledge discovered and developed in the East led by the many civilizations in Mesopotamia, which now lies destroyed, debased and contaminated by nuclear poisons. How would have civilizations been advanced through new technologies without Zero and the Arabic Numerals, which the Arabs call Hindsa i.e. from Hind i.e. India!

The coverage of the results of this successful experiment at the European Laboratory of Particle Physics (CERN) by ignorant Indian corporate media, which obediently repeated western wire news stories, showed it obsession with trivialities and celebrities and parroting the west. Little background was given about Bose and his life. West as usual overlooked Bose and flaunted and gushed over the messenger Professor Peter Higgs of the Edinburgh University.

And perhaps this was the reason in 1920s when in spite of this path breaking epic formulation by Bose, not only was he denied a Nobel prize but not even conferred a doctorate, although since then a few Nobel prizes have gone to those who worked on Bose’ theory .The fault is not entirely of the ruling British , who wanted to keep the natives down as they still regularly endeavor against India’s strategic and vital interests, but infects most info-challenged and white color inferiority complexed Indians ( original sin by fairer colored Brahmins, which the British accentuated and still persists ) Indians continue to exhibit this in obnoxious ads for creams for crass nouvo riche by Bollywood witless jokers.

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