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'Western Persistence with Mid-East Bloodbath'

S-300 anti-aircraft weapons The risk of the regional bloodbath through Iraq, Syria, Afghanistan and throughout the Middle East turning into a global bloodbath is high and getting higher by the day. 

America's Middle East gambit has become considerably more dangerous since the Russians have defiantly announced that they will be sending S-300 anti-aircraft weapons to Syrian President Bashar Al-Assad. The conflict is already spilling into and influencing the region. Germany and the United States warned Russia not to send the weapons systems (1).

At a meeting in Sochi, Russia, between Russia's Vladimir Putin and Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, Netanyahu threatened to destroy the missiles before they would become operational. Earlier, Netanyahu warned Russia that the weapons delivery could “send the region deteriorating into war”. (2) 

Both the Israelis and the Americans consistently proclaim that they will raise the stakes when faced with disobedience and they threaten horrific responses if any third party lends support of any kind to the enemy du jour. At his point, they are playing with more than fire.

American Meddling in Syria

The United States have been coordinating the current ongoing bloodbath in Syria from the outset. On August 1, 2012 Reuters reported “the United States was collaborating with a secret command center operated by Turkey and its allies.” Further, “...along with Saudi Arabia and Qatar, Turkey had established a secret base near the Syrian border to help direct vital military and communications support to Assad's opponents.” (3) 

As we have seen in Libya and elsewhere, the United States, under President Obama, is operating an ongoing war machine through third party proxies. Britain and France appear to take the lead in Europe. Middle Eastern hitmen include Saudi Arabia and Turkey. They lead other's follow.       

Aside from the covert support to the 'extremists', the Obama has been providing millions in “non-lethal” or “humanitarian” assistance to Al Qaeda and other enemies of Assad's government.   

The Americans have bullied their European counterparts to end the European arms embargo against the rebel forces. “Britain and France had backed the proposal to send weapons to the militants, while other countries, such as Austria, Sweden, Finland, and the Czech Republic, opposed the move. “ (4)

This was followed by a visit to Syria by Senator John McCain who was spirited into Syria though Turkey. He used his foray to portray being 'on the ground' to voice with authority that the Syrian rebels need “heavy weapons”. (5) To maintain his domestic and disingenuous public image at home, Obama needs McCain and other hawks to pose as aggressors in the region in the same way he needs foreign nations such as France and the UK to posture themselves as the main players as they had done in Libya.  Americans are becoming weary of endless war and will not support yet one more round of sacrificing thousands of young men and women for nefarious goals that are unseen. The propaganda machine needs more time. “Sixty-eight percent of Americans say the United States should not use military action in Syria to attempt to end the civil war there if diplomatic and economic efforts fail, while 24% would favor U.S. military involvement.” (6)

Iraqi Bloodletting Continues

While most observers would contend that the American 'mission' in Iraq has been a colossal failure, another thesis would suggest that things are going according to plan. That thesis suggests that de-stabilization of the whole Middle East (with the exception of compliant dictatorships) is exactly what Washington's game plan is. “It may be that the United States had no intention of destroying the Taliban or Al Qaeda. If we look at outcomes, we may conclude; on the contrary. The pattern suggests that the Americans aim to empower the clerics throughout the Middle East and to destroy the more secular and rationally based governments.” (7)

The carnage in Iraq is ramping up due in part to the ongoing strife next door in Syria. As Jason Ditz reports, “The month of April had sparked major concerns about the rise of sectarian violence in Iraq, with a death toll the highest it had been since Summer 2008. In April, “The overall (death) toll was 460, for the entire month, meaning May is set to blow past it dramatically.” (8)

The upshot is, the United States has successfully ushered in an era of sectarian violence between Sunnis and Shias in Iraq and that tension not only serves the United States, it serves Israel. The situation in Iraq will likely deteriorate further into all out civil war. And as it does, Netanyahu, Washington, and their acolytes will stoke the fires. 

Danger on the Road Ahead

It may very well be that Vladimir Putin does not take orders from Israel. Netanyahu's demand to not sell anti-aircraft missiles to Assad may fall on deaf ears. And if history teaches us anything, it should teach us that Russia's sovereignty is not a plaything for the West or anyone else. Russia is not backing down from their lukewarm support of nations that stand in defiance of Washington's and Israel's dictates. 

In 2006 Israel was humiliated when they attacked Lebanon. Hezbollah sent them packing. Iran, a formidable force itself is not backing down from openly supporting Assad and with now with Russia also showing defiance to the West/Israel, anything can happen.

For its part, Russia appears to be acting rationally and opposing military adventurism outside rule of law and outside the Security Council. It is likely that Russia is increasingly uncomfortable with Washington's ongoing war/ regime change adventures through the Middle East. The Russian Ambassador to Lebanon, Alexander Zasypkin said, “Our experiences in the last few years in Iraq, Yugoslavia and Libya prove that any action undertaken outside the Security Council and the wrong implementation of its resolutions has very bad implications that we will not be able to solve.” (9)

Fractures in the international community are becoming apparent as players jockey for position for the upcoming Syrian peace talks, aimed, ostensibly, to promote peace. Western and rebel belligerence is in full view.  Opposition Rebels are demanding that Assad's government be excluded from the talks and France is demanding that Iran not be included. For its part, Syria, emboldened by recent gains against the rebels, will not bend to demands that Assad step down. "Our armed forces have regained the momentum," said Syrian Foreign Minister Walid al-Moallem. "From now until the next elections, President Bashar Assad is president of the Syrian Arab Republic.” (10) 

The Americans, as we have now come to expect, are unabashedly militaristic and aggressive as they fully intend to derail any chance for peace. White House spokesman, Jay Carney said in the buildup to the peace talks, "Every option remains on the table. That of course includes a no-fly zone. It is inaccurate to suggest that option was in development only now. (10)

Whether we agree that Russia is a rational player committed to rule of law on the world stage or not, the risks are not lessened if indeed they are. They are not lessened because we cannot reasonably make the argument that Washington is either rational on the world stage or committed to rule of law. They simply are not. The Americans, the Israelis and their underlings have other unseen agendas at play and they appear to be not only provocative and aggressive, but dangerous, not only to people that live in the Middle East but to the world at large. As abrasive as this statement seems to be, it is hardly controversial. The solipsistic nature of the American state is frequently displayed on the world stage for all to see. In a recent example, John Kerry chastised Hezbollah for aiding the Syrian government against Al Qaeda rebels saying, “There are several thousands of Hezbollah militia forces on the ground in Syria who are contributing to this violence and we condemn that.”  (11)  More disturbingly, “A senior State Department official told the Washington Post that Iranian forces are fighting in Syria, repeating totally unsubstantiated allegations by the “rebels” as fact. (11) As the Post pointed out, “The US official’s allegation was a tacit acknowledgment that the two-year Syrian conflict has become a regional war and a de facto US proxy fight with Iran.” (11)

The potential for this conflict to merge with conflicts in Iraq, to spread to Lebanon and Turkey and to be used as a staging area for aggression against Iran is high. In fact, these things are already occurring. The potential that an expanded regional conflict with Syria, Iran, Hezbollah and Russia on one side facing down Israel, the West, and Al Qaeda on the other is also high; and is already occurring.


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