Wednesday, October 17, 2018
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Iran's Peaceful Nuclear Program

Iran Nuclear ProgramIran complies fully with NPT provisions. Nothing suggests otherwise. It's program is legal and non-military. Washington, other Western nations and Israel know it. They maliciously claim otherwise.

Iranian President-Elect Hassan Rouhani promises transparency and outreach. He prioritizes peace and reconciliation.

According to the Tehran Times, Foreign Ministry spokesman Abbas Araqchi said:

"The Islamic Republic of Iran’s principles and values of foreign policy are unchangeable, and what changes in practice is methods and styles, and as Mr. Rohani said, (the protection of) Iranian nation’s rights is the criterion, and any government in any situation is committed to defending them."

Iran's ready for further P5 + 1 talks. On August 3, Rohani's inaugurated. Resuming them after he takes office is normal diplomatic procedure.

Araqchi dismissed reports about Iran sending foreign fighters to Syria. "The Syrian government and army do not need such assistance and the sending of troops, and they are able to deal with terrorist groups," he said.

According to Fars News, Rohani "dismisses nuclear suspension as impossible." It'll continue legitimately on his watch. On June 17, he said:

"The era of suspension is gone, and now we are in such special conditions that I do believe we have abundant ways to build (each other's) confidence."

"In 2005, we came to a final agreement in talks with (French President) Mr. Jacque Chirac on how to build international confidence in Iran's enrichment activities and this agreement could be the final solution." 

"The Germans acquiesced in the agreement, but Britain, under the US pressure, refrained from cooperation and the job was left unfinished." 

The problem with Iran's nuclear program is America, not Tehran. Longstanding regime change policy remains unchanged. It's criminal, malicious and evil. It threatens world peace. Obama's more belligerent than Bush. Only their tone and body language differ.

Rohani said many ways exist to build international confidence. He hopes principles agreed to when he was Iran's chief nuclear negotiator can be reinstituted.

He'll make every effort to do so. He'll find no willing partner in Washington. Israel remains maliciously hardline. It wants regional rival Iran removed. It wants Middle East countries redrawn and weakened. So does America.

Tehran struggles under multiple rounds of lawless sanctions. Rohani wants them lifted. He has every right to insist. So do nearly 80 million Iranians. They're burdened by US viciousness.

According to Fars News, Iran won't discontinue what it's entitled to do. It's legal and won't end.

It "ruled out halting or limiting its nuclear work in exchange for trade and other incentives, saying that renouncing its rights under the NPT would encourage the world powers to put further pressure on the country and would not lead to a change in the West's hardline stance on Tehran."

On June 18, AP and Reuters published conflicting information. On the one hand, they said Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov says Iran's willing to halt 20% nuclear enrichment.

He called it an encouraging conflict resolution sign. He gave no details. It's unclear what he knows. He didn't say what he's been told or by whom. His comment differs from Fars News information.

He said P5 + 1 countries should make "substantial reciprocal steps." He means lifting sanctions. Given Washington's longstanding recalcitrance, expect nothing significant enough to matter.

Israel rejects Iranian uranium enrichment to any level. Netanyahu didn't surprise. On June 18, he said:

"We cannot accept anything less than the total cessation of all enrichment of nuclear materials at all levels, removal from Iran of all enriched nuclear material, closure of Iran's elicit nuclear facilities."

"Until Iran meets these demands, pressure must be stepped up and Iranian nuclear program must be stopped. Period."

Netanyahu responded to Rohani's election belligerently. It was typical hardline Netanyahu bluster.

"Iran must abide by the demands of the international community to stop its nuclear program and cease the dissemination of terror throughout the world."

Rohani's "the author of a document," he said. "You could call it talk and enrich. Talk and continue to enrich uranium. For nuclear weapons."

"He wrote this in the book. He said that by calming international community, Iran is able to steadily move forward in its nuclear weapons program. We cannot allow Iran to play this game. We cannot let Iran ride out the clock."

Defense Minister Moshe Ya'alon's replicates Netanyahu. They're a matched set. "In recent days," said Ya'alon, "the world has again turned is gaze to Tehran."

"We are examining the new developments in Iran in light of the elections results, but are also sober about the ambitions of the Iranian regime to obtain nuclear weapons."

He repeated the canard about Iran seeking Israel's destruction. It's nuclear program continues, adding:

World leaders aren't determined enough to stop it. He called for a "significant increase in pressure by Western countries to lead Iran to the dilemma of either having a bomb or surviving."

"For now, it's up to Israeli commanders to "prepare (their) subordinates for battle, which may occur at an unknown time, and in unclear circumstances."

"They say that war is the kingdom of uncertainty. At this time, the IDF is dealing, both at home and abroad, near and far, with a considerable number of fronts of uncertainty."

Israel's only enemies are ones it creates. It's worst one is itself.

Israeli Lobby pressure in America repeats the Big Lie. It gets Obama and Congress to buy it. Anti-Iranian policy persists. AIPAC maliciously calls Iran "the world's leading sponsor of terror."

America and Israel jointly hold that distinction. AIPAC adds that Tehran's "racing toward a nuclear weapons capability." It claims what it knows is false.

Virtually no one in Washington challenges its viciousness. Doing so risks ending political careers. Going along to get along is demanded.

It applies to IAEA head Yukiya Amano. He does what his Washington bosses say. They installed him. They demand anti-Iranian reports in return.

He claims Tehran's making "steady (nuclear expansion) progress." Sanctions haven't deterred it, he said.

He's committed to further dialogue. He salutes and follows Washington's diktats. He falsified past reports as ordered. He'll do it again when asked.

It bears repeating. Tehran's program is peaceful. No evidence whatever suggests otherwise. According to Haaretz, Iran's new leader "delays Israeli military option for at least another year."

It'll "have trouble mustering international support." It's gotten little so far. Obama's on board, but won't say so. War plans were readied years ago. They're updated as conditions change.

Perhaps further reassessing follows Rohani's election. Delay doesn't mean discontinuance. Regime change remains policy. Sanctions can't work. Iran's nuclear program will continue.

Washington and Israel intend using it as pretext for planned belligerence. When and how remains to be seen. A possible wild card is growing international opposition.

Rohani's outreach will enlist it. He's had years of political and diplomatic experience. He earned respect from numerous world officials. He's got trump cards to play.

Few countries want war on Iran. Washington and Israel may be alone on this one. Both nations make more enemies than friends. Expect Rohani to take full advantage.

Peacemakers are more than ever needed. Rohani's up to the challenge. Other thoughtful leaders prioritize it. It's time they take a stand. It's time they do so publicly. It's time they do it convincingly. It's time they denounce Washington and Israeli belligerence.

It's time to challenge imperial lawlessness. It's time to do so forthrightly. Equivocating won't work. Obama and Netanyahu can't defy strong opposition without enough support.

It's ebbing, not increasing. Rohani's in a position to exploit it. It won't be easy. He may fail. P 5 + 1 countries include America, Britain, France, Germany, Russia and China.

Moscow and Beijing alone support him. Washington pressures its European partners to bend. They do it when they prefer standing tall. Ending their subservience would be game-changing success. Expect Rohani's outreach to seek it.

A Final Comment

On June 19, Fars News quoted Vladimir Putin, saying:

"We know that Opposition Fighters were detained on Turkish territory with chemical weapons."

"We have information out of Iraq that a laboratory was discovered there for the production of chemical weapons by the opposition. All this evidence needs to be studied most seriously."

Putin and other Russian officials know claims about Assad using chemical weapons are false. Claiming otherwise doesn't wash.

Insurgents used them multiple times. Clear evidence proves it. On April 6, an "informed source" told Fars News:

"The chemical weapons used in the attack on Khan al-Assal area (weeks earlier) had been prepared by former Iraqi Military Industries Brigadier General Adnan al-Dulaimi and supplied to Ba'ath-affiliated terrorists of the Nusra Front in Aleppo through Turkey's cooperation and via the Turkish town of Antakya in Hatay Province."

The source remains anonymous for fear of his life. He was an Izzat Ibrahim aide. His boss was "the most senior member of Saddam Hussein's inner circle."

General Adnan al-Bulaimi was involved in Saddam's chemical weapons production.

"The 80mm mortar shells which landed in Khan al-Assal and killed dozens of people were armed with the latest product of Dulaimi's hidden laboratories sent to the Nusra members for testing," the source added.

"Also at his order, several former Iraqi military industries engineers trained the Syrian terrorists on how to use these chemical weapons."

They include sarin nerve gas. Insurgents used it. Assad was wrongfully blamed for their crimes. Iran's falsely accused of developing nuclear weapons. Big Lies keep repeating. Countering them matters most.

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