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9/11 In the Academic Community

9/11 In the Academic CommunityA new Documentary is currently in production by Adnan Zuberi and is expected to be ready for release in October this year. I have recently viewed a YouTube trailer for the documentary, which is available at 9/11 In the Academic Community and was highly impressed.

If this documentary even approaches delivering the promise of the preview it will be a major milestone for 9/11 Truth. An award Winner of the University of Toronto Film Festival it documents academia’s treatment of critical perspectives on 9/11 by exploring the taboo that shields the American government’s narrative from scholarly examination.

“Through a powerful reflection on intellectual courage and the purpose of academia, the film aims at changing intellectual discourse on 9/11 and the War on Terror”, says producer Adnan Zuberi. 

I truly believe that this “powerful reflection on intellectual courage and the purpose of academia” is desperately needed in the wider academic community if Western Civilisation is to survive the 21st Century and so I believe that this film is important in this broader sense. However, in the more specific matter of the pursuit of truth in regard to 9-11, based on the sample given in the trailer, I expect this documentary will rate with the marvellous achievements of Architects & Engineers for 9/11 Truth (for example Explosive Evidence - Experts Speak Out) who have delivered highly professional analysis and high quality presentation giving these analyses compelling credibility – where it matters. Others have also been impressed… Global Research Notification.

I personally believe that the cause for 9/11 Truth has already been won (Why 9-11 Truth Has Won). This turning point occurred with the irrefutable establishment of free-fall collapse and the presence of thermite in the dust, although there is of course, much, much more and also much more to do.

Timed for release shortly after the 12th anniversary of 9/11 it will arrive in the wake of an intense advertising campaign in major cities around the world by Architects and Engineers to Rethink 9/11 and raise awareness of Building Seven.

Getting this message out to “the masses” is an enormous challenge due to the impediment of a corrupt and corporate-owned mainstream media, which we all know and lament. However, this film promises great hope in that opens a direct new front; a vanguard assault on the entrenched resistance of the professional classes for all of whom the great temple is academia.

There has been of recent, perhaps not-so-recent times a stealthy and occasionally grotesque advance of the same corporate disease that has captured and degraded the mainstream media, coercing academic institutions into compliance by all manner of insidious manipulations, not least of which is politically-contrived financial dependence.

The wonderful promise of this film is two-fold in that it not only addresses the stark reality of truth about 9/11 and the childish state of denial and refusal to absorb the evidence but it also has the potential to shock-awaken the greater intellectual community to its broad complaisance among the insidious consequences of this advance.

I believe that it is the professional classes generally, not only academics (who really should have known better) but also the range of other professions from the courts, the executive and the legislature to science, commerce and industry and all other manner of community activity that depends on a level of intellectual development that drinks from the fountain of our universities and upon whom in turn, this whole system and the psychopaths who own and operate it depend utterly.

There is great unease among this class.

This unease is most evident in the overly-impassioned condemnation of the 9/11 “Conspiracy Theory” (even Noam Chomsky - 911-Truth, Chomsky and Assange), the collective blindness to the state of the world economy due to corporate corruption, gambling on obscure derivatives, bail-outs, corrupt manipulation of currencies and precious metals markets and rampant printing of money  that have brought uncertainty to that most sacred of all desirables – money. The very concepts of money and wealth have become ephemeral and surreal, while at the same time the creeping anxiety about the lawlessness of the world, the reckless destructiveness of governments and the erosion of basic freedoms and human rights to increasingly violent law enforcement that motivates for example, affluent people like Edward Snowden to break out and so many to empathise with him.

This film promises to break through the denial and childish resistance with the kind of direct, front-line assault that only shocking reality can deliver.

With a successful conversion of the professional classes the change we all hope for will come. The whole, criminal system depends entirely on the professional classes, not only to enable all that is happening but to protect the criminals from the courts and the light of day. In quest and anticipation of that time I will be doing everything I can to promote this documentary and I hope you will do the same.

To connect with the people producing the film try: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .
For the producer’s own information about it see

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