Friday, April 19, 2019
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Who Really Used Chemical Weapons?

iraq-syria-wmdThe pro-Zionist US officials, the likes of Jewish Vice President Joe Biden, Senator John McCain, Senator Lindsey Graham, and Secretary of Defense Chuck Hagel, have been launching for some time a political terror campaign threatening to hit Syria, a UN country member, in violation of the international law, accusing it of slaughtering its own citizens and using chemical weapons without any definite evidence. This is an international crime since their threats are disrupting world peace and world economy.

Obama’s claim that “the US presented a powerful case that the Syrian government was responsible for this attack (chemical weapons attack of August 21st) on its own people” does not stand any ground since it lacks any credible evidence. Speaking to PBS NewsHour Wednesday night (8/28) Obama stressed that the US has definitively “concluded” the Assad regime used chemical weapons. Yet he did not present any evidence to substantiate this conclusion. The trove of evidence, including blood, tissue, and soil samples, the US, Britain and France had supplied to the UN as a prove that the Syrian troops used nerve agent sarin, was unverifiable and criticized by independent European experts, who questioned the nature of the physical evidence due to the secrecy of how it was collected and analyzed (Washington Post)

It was revealed by the Guardian that “the bulk of evidence proving the Assad regime’s deployment of chemical weapons … has been provided by Israeli military intelligence…” According to the Guardian “Senior Israeli security officials arrived in Washington on Monday (8/26) to share the latest results of intelligence-gathering, and to review the Syrian crisis with national security adviser Susan Rice.”  

In its August 27th edition the Jewish-owned The Times of Israel has confirmed that Israeli intelligence has been behind the reports of Syria’s alleged chemical attack. It also revealed that “Israeli intelligence seen as central to US case against Syria”, and confirmed the Guardian’s report that “a large delegation of senior Israeli security officials is currently in Washington holding talks with top administration officials led by US National Security Adviser Susan Rice.” This senior Israeli military team is reported to consist of Israeli national security adviser Yaakov Amidror, senior Israeli defense minister Major General Amos Gilad, the head of military planning directorate Nimrod Sheffer, and the head of Israeli military intelligence research branch General Itai Brun.

This so-called evidence incriminating Syrian government has been supplied by proven Israeli liars, who had submitted in the past the fabricated evidence of Niger uranium for Iraq’s nuclear weapons and of Iraqi weapons of mass destruction that led to Iraq’s invasion and devastation.

There are many evidences and proofs that the American/Israeli/British/French/Turkish/Qatari/Saudi financed, trained and armed anti-Syrian terrorists have used chemical weapons against Syrian troops as well as against civilians in an attempt to frame the Syrian government and to give the UNSC justification to authorize attacks on Syria.

It was reported by the Lebanese al-Akhbar newspaper that the chemical materials used by anti-Syrian terrorist in Khan al-Assal area in Aleppo last march was transferred by two Qatari officers; Major Fahd Saeed al-Hajiri and Captain Faleh Bin Khalid al-Tamimi, across Turkey with the knowledge of Ankara. The two Qatari officials were reported killed by a suicide bombing in Mogadishu, Somalia, while recruiting terrorist fighters to send to Syria.

The BBC World News had reported that “Just like Iraq: US arms butchers who use chemical weapons on civilians, and then tries to frame someone else”. In its video report the UN human rights investigator Carla del Ponte confirmed that Syrian militants had used the deadly nerve agent sarin.  In another interview with Swiss radio del Ponte reiterated that “According to the testimonies we have gathered, the rebels have used chemical weapons, making use of sarin gas” Sarin is a powerful neurotoxin developed by Nazi scientists in the 1930s. It was sold to Iraq’s Saddam Hussein by Donald Rumsfeld to be used against Iranian troops and Kurdish residents of the village of Halabja in 1988.

Even Israeli newspapers, such as Haaretz, had reported that “Jihadists, not Assad, apparently behind reported chemical attack in Syria” according to intelligence reports. The analysis states that “The rebels in Syria that the US has been arming and otherwise supporting are Al-Qaeda and Muslim Brotherhood.  Unfortunately, history is repeating.  Specifically, the American government gave chemical weapons to Saddam Hussein … which he then used on Iran and on his own Kurdish population.  The American government attempted to blame Iran for the chemical weapons attack on Iraq’s Kurds … just as the US is trying to blame the Syrian government for the attacks in Syrian.”

When the Turkish-based anti-Syrian terrorists suffered a lot of casualties last May and were not satisfied with the level of support they were receiving from Turkey and from Western countries, they resorted to false flag terrorist bombing against Turkish citizens like the twin car bombing in Reyhanli and the sarin chemical gas attack on Adana attempting to incite more anti-Syrian sentiment and to provide justification for the US/NATO military intervention against Syria. While investigating the two bombings Turkish security forces found a 2kg cylinder with sarin gas in the homes of suspected anti-Syrian terrorists from the Al-Qaeda linked Al-Nusra Front, ready to be deployed to Syria.

The US accused Syrian regime of using chemical weapons against Ghouta area, a suburb in Damascus, in August 21st.  Veteranstoday reported that Syrian rebels as well as residents of the area, who were interviewed by the humanitarian agency Doctors Without Borders, indicated that Saudi Prince Bandar bin Sultan had provided Chemical weapons to an al-Qaeda-linked armed group, who were responsible for carrying out the chemical attack.

The Syrian government had many times exposed the fact, with evidence, that the anti-Syrian terrorists had used chemical weapons several times against Syrian troops as well as against civilians. Last July the Syrian Ambassador to the UN, Bashar Ja’afari, had reported to the UN and to reporters that a cache of 280 containers filled with toxic chemicals such as ethylene glycol, ethanolaminem diethanolamine and triethanolamine, enough to destroy a city was discovered in northwestern Syrian left by the terrorists in their tunnels. Syrian officials had accused the terrorists of using these chemicals against Syrian troops in Khan el-Assal in a March attack outside of the northern city of Aleppo causing the death of 25 and injuring 86 victims.

In August, Syrian state TV broadcast footage of soldiers finding chemical agents in rebel tunnels in the Damascus suburb of Jobar. Containers of these chemical weapons were stamped with “Made in Saudi Arabia” and others were manufactured by German company for Qatar. The Syrian state TV had reported that the troops had also discovered similar chemical lab in the city of Banyas in July 7th.

The Syrian government was the first to call on the UN to investigate the use of chemical weapons. It requested to include Russian inspectors within the team for fear of western bias similar to what had happened in Iraq. But the US had sabotaged this effort and kept postponing it until chemical evidence is lost. The US and its allies were afraid of the revelation that they are supporting and arming terrorist groups who used chemical weapons. After five months of the attack and on the insistence of the Syrian government the inspectors were sent to investigate.

On the second day of the arrival of the inspecting team the terrorists used chemical weapons again trying to frame it on the Syrian government. The western countries hastened to accuse the Syrian government without waiting for the analysis reports of the investigation team. The Syrian regime is not that stupid to commit such a suicide by using chemical weapons on the next day of the inspectors’ arrival, knowing very well that the anti-Syrian western/Gulf states alliance is waiting for such an excuse to attack Syria. Besides Syrian troops were gaining ground on the terrorist and therefore had no reason to use chemical weapons.

In his testimony to the Senate Foreign Relations committee on Tuesday (9/3) the Zionist Jewish American Secretary of State John Kerry (original family name is Kohn) demanded the US to strike Syria and not to be “spectators of the slaughter” taking place on the ground. His assertions that the US has definite evidence that Syria had used chemical weapons against its people remind me of Colin Powell’s assertions in the UN of Iraq’s weapons of mass destruction.

The slaughter he is talking about is not perpetrated by the Syrian regime, which is fighting terrorism in its own country, rather slaughter is perpetrated by the al-Qaeda linked terrorist groups armed and financed by the American administration itself. The massacres and war crimes of these terrorists had been very well documented by many organizations and third parties. They include mass execution of helpless citizens and captured soldiers, the rape of women and young boys and girls, the destruction of mosques and churches, the ethnic cleansing of sectarian groups, the burning alive of prisoners, the flesh-eating of corpses, the enlisting of children as soldiers, and many other war crimes, the latest, this Monday September 2nd, was the mass beheading of 24 Kurdish bus passengers in Ras al-Ain including an infant before setting the bus on fire. These massacres were taking place during the last two years. Why didn’t Kerry (Kohn) remember them then? Why Now? What had suddenly awakened his sleeping conscious?

The use of chemical weapons is a heinous crime that deserves punishment as Zionist Vise President Biden has stated. The US has the worst documented record of using chemical and nuclear weapons that are considered the ugliest war crimes against humans and against mother earth. White phosphorous, another chemical weapon, and depleted uranium are more devastating weapons than sarin gas. Sarin gas kills individuals within few minutes or hours, while white phosphorous burns people through the flesh to the bare bones inflicting severe pain, and the DU deforms whole generations of people who would suffer for the rest of their lives. 

Since the beginning of WWI the US has used the Puerto Rican island Vieques as a testing field for biological, chemical and nuclear weapons causing devastation to the inhabitants and to the environment. It was also reported that American troops were used as test subjects similar to what happened in nuclear testing in New Mexico in 1945.

The US had extensively used the chemical weapon of Agent Orange in its war in Vietnam devastating people as well as the environment. Generations of Vietnamese are still suffering from the effects of this weapon.

The US is the only country who used nuclear weapons causing a holocaust in Japan, whose ill effects are still suffered by Japanese new generations. Nuclear weapons in the form of depleted uranium were also extensively used in Iraq causing severe deformation and suffering to generations to come. The US had also used chemical weapons against civilians in Iraq in 2004 as can be evidenced herehereherehere, here, and here. The documentary “Fallujah: the hidden massacre” specifically examines the American use of white phosphorous chemical weapon against civilian residents of Fallujah in November 2004.

The US has financed trained and armed anti-Syrian terrorists and eventually backed a plan to launch chemical weapons attacks on Syrian civilians in order to frame Syrian in chemical weapons attack to spur international military action against the country. A leaked email exchange between two senior officials at the British-based military contractor Britam Defense; Britam’s Business Development Director David Goulding and company founder Philip Doughty, exposes a Qatari proposed deal, “approved by Washington”, for the company to deliver chemical weapons to anti-Syrian terrorist.

Israel, too, has a long record, since its inception, of using biological, chemical and nuclear weapons against Palestinians and against its Arab neighbors. According to the memoir of Moshe Dayan’s son, Assi, published in Yediot, Israel has ordered the use of chemical and biological weapons, namely typhus against Palestinians in 1948. In 1967 I, myself, witnessed the Israeli fighter planes dropping napalm bombs on Jordanian troops on the outskirt of Jerusalem a couple of miles away from my own home.

Israel used chemical and biological weapons against Palestinians most prominently in March 2001, October 2003, and June 2004 as investigated by these reports. Israel also used poison gas attacks against unarmed Palestinian civilians in Gaza in February 12, 2001. Israel had also used white phosphorous shells during Operation Cast Lead in 2008/2009 against densely populated areas in Gaza as reported by Human Rights Watch. Israel had also used DU in its attack against Lebanon in 2006, and in its latest raids against Syrian military installation last July.

Israel maintains one of the most advanced biological and chemical weapons facility in the world at Ness Ziona. In September 1997 Israeli Mossad agents attempted to assassinate Hamas leader Khaled Meshal by spraying chemical agents in his ears. In January 2011 Mossad agents, again, assassinated in Qatar the Palestinian activist Mahmoud al-Mabhouh by injecting him with chemical weapon before choking him. Israel is highly suspected of using nuclear poison in assassinating Yasser Arafat.

In March 2003 the BBC television presented the documentary Israel’s Secret Weapon investigating Israel’s development of biological, chemical and nuclear weapons.

We should also mention here that Turkey had also used chemical weapons against its Kurdish citizens. In 1999 when head of Turkish Armed Forces, Necdet Ozel, was still the General Commander of the Gendarmerie, he was not only responsible for the death, torture and violence in the Kurdish region of Turkey, but he also ordered the use of chemical weapons against Kurdish fighters near the Ballikaya Village in Silopi, according to Turkish Radical newspaper.

When Ozel was appointed the head of Turkish Armed Forces in 2011 five members of parliament from Germany’s Die Linke party held a press conference in August of same year to condemn his appointment. Yet two months after Ozel’s appointment, 37 Kurdistan Workers’ Party (PKK) fighters were killed in Kazan Valley of the Hakkari province during an operation by the Turkish Armed Forces. PressTV reported that accusations of use of chemical weapons during the operation prompted a European delegation to visit the area to investigate.

The Zionist-occupied American administration did not demand to bomb Israel or Turkey (or any other country that we did not mention here) as punishment for their use of chemical weapons. The overall picture, that we have to keep in mind, is that the US main goal is to protect the Zionist project of Greater Israel in the Middle East to become the center of the new world order by destroying every Arab resistance to this project, even if this requires the destruction of every Middle Eastern country in the process.

This Zionized American administration, with its Peace Prize winner President; Barak Hussein Obama, does not have the morality neither the legality to bomb Syria.

The realities of the American humanitarian hypocrisy, political terrorism and warmongering have been clearly demonstrated in Obama’s August 31st speech about his decision to punish the Syrian government for its alleged and unsubstantiated use of chemical weapons calling it the worst chemical weapons attack of the 21st century. Obama is ignoring the fact that the US has the worst documented record of chemical, biological and nuclear weapons attacks throughout the whole human history.

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