Saturday, April 20, 2019
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The Painful Truth

spewingWhile the television sets in living rooms across the country tell us that “Freedom is not free” and the President of the United States tells us that we did not choose to engage our military to fight the war in Afghanistan as he picks up his Nobel “Peace” prize a little while back and when oil is gushing out of a hole miles deep in the Gulf of Mexico while a Federal court declares that there is no proof that drilling for oil on the sea floor is too dangerous to continue without  further study, you may sense that somehow, everything you are reading or seeing in today’s news media is just a little hard to comprehend.

Let’s take that moratorium on deep water oil drilling that the President tried to enact. The facts are that the accident that happened on that oil rig could have been prevented if everyone involved had been playing by the rules. Who was responsible for continuing to drill after the safety device for stopping the “blowback” was inoperable? Could this warrant an investigation to determine what went wrong so that it doesn’t happen again, or should we just continue to let oil companies’ drill without correcting any of the mistakes that led to crisis that was the Deepwater Horizon?  The politicians against the moratorium say that if the government stops the oil companies from drilling for the next 6 months, it will result in thousands of jobs being lost. Excuse me for being skeptical but haven’t thousands of jobs been lost already? If another well were to follow the circumstances of the BP well, the Gulf could become devoid of life (if it isn’t headed in that direction now).

I’ve read that there is a large bubble made up of methane in the cavity of the well. Some say that if the gas escapes and rises to the surface, every ship and oil platform within 50 miles would sink. The same people believe that if a huge bubble of methane escapes it would start a tsunami sixty stories high and travel at 400-600 mph. Florida would be inundated as well as Louisiana and the Alabama coast. Meanwhile, the government doesn’t mention this at all. If this information is true, why don’t they warn people and try to come up with some sort of a plan?”  Of course this may be just crazy speculation, but whether this information is valid or not, the President really needs to address this because this story is going viral.

Let’s put the situation in the Gulf back on the shelf for a moment. A few days ago the President accepted General McCrystal’s resignation. This was to be expected, after all, a military officer knows that it is against the Uniform Code of Military Justice to criticize the Commander-in-Chief.  The real problem that we have in Afghanistan is that most Americans, even the ones that are on the ground over there wearing combat boots, haven’t any clue as to what their objective is. We have all seen the recent report of natural gas, copper deposits, emerald and gold fields and even oil reserves all over the country. What most people don’t realize however is that this information is old news. The former Soviet Union had done geological surveys during their tours in that country. Just why is the United States re-releasing this information? Is the reason for re-releasing this old news because most Americans have no clue as to why we are losing our soldiers lives and billions of dollars in the people’s taxes in a barren, desolate area of the world whose principle export is opium and its greatest domestic product is misery?

Most of the news nowadays is grim. Not only is the news grim, but the news is mostly made up of lies and is used for propaganda. There are many people who will read this and will dismiss what I’m writing and they will go on with their lives believing that I’m just another person in the “I hate America” crowd. There are just as many (if not more) people that will read this and understand that I’m just scratching the surface, that almost everything people see and hear from the mainstream media is concocted, unadulterated bullshit. I’m going to present a list that will illustrate exactly what the people in Washington want you to believe

1. Iran is a rogue state that is trying to create nuclear weapons to use against the U.S. and Israel.
Iran is a signatory of the nuclear non-proliferation treaty that allows signatory nations to develop nuclear reactors and to enrich uranium up to 20% for reactor fuel. Iran has not violated the treaty. Nuclear nations such as India, Pakistan, North Korea and Israel have never signed the treaty. The United States has been planning to attack Iran since 2004.
2. The Department of “Homeland Defense” was established to protect Americans from terrorists.           

On the contrary, the Department of Homeland Defense is watching the people of the United States. Along with laws passed by an obedient Congress, Presidential signing statements have basically stripped Americans of their liberties that are the first ten amendments of the U.S. Constitution, commonly known as “The Bill of Rights”.    Our rights to privacy, Free Speech, gun ownership, peaceable assembly, habeas corpus along with other violations are the products of The U.S. Patriot Act, The revamped Insurrection Act (John Warner Defense Bill of 2006), The new FISA Laws and the Military Commissions Act.

3. The mainstream media is free from censorship and delivers unbiased news to the American people. 

Anyone who still believes that the news that emerges from any of the major networks or newspapers is living in a fantasyland. The truth is that all of the major networks censor themselves. This is a radically different posture than the media of the early 70’s. Then, the media was an all-important part of educating American citizens in regard to Southeast Asia and the U.S. role in those countries. The battlefield was bought into the living rooms of all Americans that could afford a TV set. The footage coming from Iraq and Afghanistan is heavily sanitized to remove the bloodier side of the war. Censorship of the media is not only done through the government, the pharmaceutical companies, the oil companies and the military industrial complex also have their role in keeping disturbing images away from the Joe six-pack and their families. War is profitable to these industries and anything done to influence the bottom line is acceptable to them. There is no free press in the United States anymore. Except from a handful of alternative news sites on the internet, American broadcast and print news has been co-opted by militarists.
4. Obama is a “Socialist”.
That claim is patently ridiculous. Anyone that looks at the track record of his first year in office can see that he is clearly a capitalist. The lion’s share of the bail-out money was given to banking institutions and the automobile industry. He had a perfect opportunity to nationalize many of these corporations and he did not. Does this meet the criteria of a socialist?
5. The wars in Iraq and Afghanistan are extensions of the “Global War on Terror”.
The GWOT is used as a pretext for wars that are really wars for resources. The claim that “We fight them over there so that we don’t have to fight them here” is ridiculous. The average Afghan family couldn’t point out the United States on a globe, let alone attempt to invade us. It is truly amazing that the “terrorists” have yet to duplicate the events of 9/11. The act of slipping past screeners of four different airlines on four different flights would have made Harry Houdini proud.
The GWOT has been used as a cover for almost all of the military involvement by the United States everywhere. It has also been the prime motivator in our support of Israel, a nation that is currently out of control, seizing land from the Palestinian people living in the West Bank and East Jerusalem. The United States currently spends 46% of the total expenditures for the military. Russia and China spend around 6%. Iran spends around 2%. This military spending by the United States is justified by the “Global War on Terror”. Not only does the U.S. employ its own soldiers in these two wars, but it is estimated that in both countries, there are currently 250,000 mercenaries contracted by the American government.
The “Global War on Terror” was renamed by the Obama administration and is now referred to as the “Overseas Contingency Operation (OCO)”. It is still the GWOT under a different name. Wars for resources and strategic purposes are still the primary reasons for military intervention around the globe, not fighting terror.

There are so many more lies from the government than those I have listed; I just don’t have the room in this article. The biggest lie we must contend with at the moment is the oil gushing out of a hole under the Gulf of Mexico. Some sources claim that over a million barrels a day is coming out over multiple sites, not just from one site. The methane gas bubbles are hardly mentioned. The acid rain that is caused by the methane rising to the surface and from the dispersing agents used by BP is making people sick. The threat of a tsunami is disturbing if true. This incident may be the beginning of a global catastrophe that could force over 20 million people that live along the Gulf Coast to leave their homes and move to higher ground.

Yet our government will not discuss any of these projections. Why? Are they afraid of causing a mass panic? Yet, wouldn’t it be better to tell the American people the true story of what is occurring, or will they wait until the very last moments? There are millions of lives at stake here.  We need to hear the truth, even if that truth is painful. The people that will be affected need to have time to prepare.

The truth here is that the people along the Gulf Coast can’t wait until the government decides to tell them the truth. That may never come. If the predictions turn out to be just more fear-mongering, we need to know that too.

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