Wednesday, April 24, 2019
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A Glimpse into Washington’s Barbaric Crimes in Iraq since 2003 Illegal Invasion

US Gen Taguba Since World War II and especially after the collapse of the Soviet Union in 1991, the new bully on the international arena, America with its poodle instigator and third-rate power UK and from time to time with support from other European nations is responsible for a trail of destruction around the world.

In West Asia, Israel in the background controls the U.S. Congress through Jews and their lobbyists who have the honorable lawmakers by their short hair. In this destruction, especially in West Asia, South West and South Asia, the corrupt and medieval Saudi Princes corporate body with its thousands of Princes has played a very pernicious and anti-Muslim role. Riyadh wants to keep Muslims backwards so that they can continue to rule over them from religious angle.

Since the creation of Pakistan by London and with support from USA, the weakling state was midwifed to keep India out of touch with Central Asia and West Asia, the latter with Western oil wells. Pakistan provides Jihadist as cannon fodder and has been beholden to the West for arms and armament. Islamabad was allowed to develop nuclear bombs, so that it could counter India's influence in the region .In the process Pakistan has become a failed state and poses a danger to south-west and south Asia, apart from itself. There are pressitutes and lobbies of American in Pakistan .There will always be Pakistanis in military and civilian life that will make a fast buck by cooperating with Washington even at the cost of their own country with their thus accrued wealth and second homes in Saudi Arabia, Dubai and London.

The shrieking and shouting brigade of anchors on India's celebrity and trivia obsessed TV channels , whenever there is a crisis with Pakistan, call in mostly uneducated who shout at Pakistan and; the Pakistanis who are paid handsomely shout back at India. None of these Indian anchors will invite somebody who will say that the India- Pakistan problem has been created and financed to damage and harm both Pakistan and India, for which America, England and Israel are responsible and to a maximum extent Saudi Arabia, which supplies petro funds to Pakistan which still continues to finance terrorists, builds mosques and madrasas everywhere to keep Muslims moored in7th century.

To those with eyes and ears open and with some conscience, there is a general disgust with the American behavior everywhere. There is now some awareness in India because of inhuman treatment of its diplomats not for the first time, but for the umpteenth time.

Just look at the barbaric and Mongol like invasion, destruction and loss of colossal human lives, Human rights and international law violations in Iraq. One Swapan Dasgupta had even suggested that India should join USA in the illegal invasion of Iraq. So much for our so-called popular media pressitutes who crowd the channels. The others are equally illiterate and uneducated.

I've watched right from mid-2002 the shameless lies and military preparations made by USA, UK, and others for their invasion and brutal occupation of Iraq for its oil and strategic location. This has been the tradition of Mother Britannia, wild son America and from the unholy litter, Canada, Australia and others .In July 2003 when Paul Bremer was appointed the Viceroy in Baghdad, I had predicted that his rule will end like that of Sir Percy Cox in early 20th-century in Mesopotamia .Foreign troops will have to withdraw which has happened but not completely. From the very beginning, the U.S.-led West ignited sectarian Shia Sunni violence in Iraq by providing addresses to Shia underground insurgents; of Sunni Bath party officers of Saddam Hussein, so that they could be killed. This igniting the sectarian war between the two communities which continues till today is taking a massive toll of human lives. It is like providing the blacks in America ammunition and other information to go after the white people.

I'd also written in January 2 004 that unlike the Western projection that Iraq would be transformed in to a Germany or Japan, there would be a resistance as it was in Turkey under Ataturk and Algeria under Ben Bella and Boumidienne

Even before the illegal invasion of Iraq in 2003 and brutal occupation of the land of Mesopotamian civilization, I've been warning of the consequences and destruction .Much against the prognostications of many I've also maintained that US forces will get caught in Iraqi quagmire and strengthen Iran influence in the region and would not attack it which will ignite WWIII. The crimes committed by US forces, under the leadership of George Bush, Dick Cheney ,Blair and others call for a trial of for the crimes against humanity, like at Nuremberg . They and others should remember Gen Pinochet caught in London.

The Indian leadership led by a Washington consensus members beholden to white people and its so-called English-speaking intelligentsia , media and think tanks refuse to see the reality. Mr. Obama is a creation of Chicago's Jewish political machine and is no different than earlier presidents. Only stupid Indians thought that he will be friendly to India because he has brown skin.

I've delivered lectures on US invasion of Iraq. Below is selection of 50 articles in URL from many more written since August, 2002.

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