Friday, April 19, 2019
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Polish Elections - A Scene of Tragic Farce in a Divine Comedy

komorowskiSo, the Polish election is over - Bronislav Komorovski defeats Yarolav Kachinski with 53% of the vote to 47%.

Aside from all the other same-old-same-olds of "democratic elections" - drama by polls and soundbites - I particularly noticed one that really stood out on this occasion.

I don't speak Polish, but watching Komorovski's victory speech I heard that word "Demokracia" some four or five times in the first minute.

I thought "Demokracia" was about the third word of the first sentence and I asked my wife to translate; she told me that Bronislav had said "This is a victory for Democracy".
Hmmm - I see!

Where have I heard that phrase before? How many times?

I suppose it's not unreasonable of our sponsors (The people who own western capitalism) to expect a word about their product, given they have paid the bill for this gaudy entertainment.

But of course, this has become the rule now, in the US, Australia, the UK and I see now, also Eastern European converts to the EU, that the winning candidate must first make a speech singing the praises of democracy, as if to reassure us that a choice between two insipid political flavours from the "centre" of politics in an ill-informed and poorly debated election is our satisfactory part in the broad spectrum of national decision making process for the coming three or four years.
But it seems to do the trick. The vast majority of voters (that is, those who actually do vote) seem to be satisfied, if "their" party has won, to relax into the assumption that all is now well for four more years, or if their party has lost, to resign themselves to whatever comes until the next election. They don't seem to notice that whatever the candidates' declared policies before the election it will have absolutely no bearing on what they actually do during their term. In fact, much of what they do will never be debated in public forums, unless it runs contrary to the interests of capital, such as introducing new taxes on mining exports.
Here in Poland there seems to have been little need for politicians of either side to make any promises other than to fix up the roads and do something about flooding, which of course, both the politicians and the public at large and probably including also the victims of recent floods will have long forgotten before the coming of the next floods. Most of the contest has been about who has made the most sacrifice for Poland, who most thinks that Poland is important and which candidate is the most ardent patriot.
The key issue most affecting Poland was not mentioned at all. Poles don't seem to notice the incongruity of seeking, on the one hand to achieve genuine reconciliation with the Russians over Katyn and working towards improved relations while, on the other hand, and at the same time, deploying American Patriot missiles along the Polish border pointing at their Russian bretheren.

However, the duplicity and double-dealing of Polish politicians who find themselves dependent on gas from Russia, funding from the EU and military protection from the US seems somehow reminiscant of the Polish leaders prior to WW2 conducting superficial negotiations with Hitler and becoming increasingly flippant and arrogant with increasing assurance of military protection from Britain and France, which come to the crunch, failed to materialise.
The Polish election was precipitated by the demise of the previous President, the twin brother of Yarolav Kachinski, in a plane crash along with 92 other dignitaries and staff - heads of government, military, church and industry - at Smolensk, travelling to attend a ceremony at Katyn (with classic and tragic but unnoticed irony), intended to contribute to the reconciliation with the Russians.

The plane crashed in fog on a fourth attempt to land despite Air Trafic Control advice to the contrary and not having given permission to land, the pilots apparently unable to confront power with a practical reality standing in the way of an absolute imperative. One commentary depicted the plane in its fatal descent with the comment from the pilots' cabin that "We are awaiting a decision". Dozens of funerals were broadcast on national television in the following weeks with an endless variety of photo opportunities for politicians and clergy and the intertwining of state and church in solemn sharing the nation's grief. The intended ceremony at Katyn appears to have been forgotten.
Voter turnout for the Polish election was 55%, exceptionally high due to the circumstances, somewhat lower than the recent UK election, also 4% up on the usual. In US elections voter turnout has been as low as 32%. In Australia, voter turnout is high because voting is compulsory but the informal vote is also high. Typically dubbed the "donkey vote", a derogatory accolade intended to imply stupid errors by incompetent voters, which despite the absence of a "none of the above candidates" option that is actively canvassed in the UK, ignores the possibility that these voters, forced to participate, may be actively expressing discontent with the political system. Visibility of expression of this sort of dissent from the managed political status quo is actively suppressed by state violence and media complicity to silence and ridicule participants. Widespread use of internet and private video footage is beginning to reveal how police in plain clothes incite and actively contribute to violence that discredits political demonstrations of dissent, in concert with the efforts of a compliant news media.
Through these machinations and pretensions of "democracy" acted out to create a plastic appearance of moral legitimacy all considerations of morality, justice, the common good, reason, wisdom, and even common sense are excluded by an established and accepted structure that relies entirely on deception, suppression of information, criminal corruption, force and violence motivated entirely by greed and self interest that is often ruthless in its determination. At its pinacle are the people who own western capitalism. The record of their ascent to ownership and control and the structure they have established to sustain it is one of criminal fraud.

The use of war, past and present, with increasingly lethal, destructive and sinister violence is testimony to the fact that these people are psychopathic. Through the willing support of corrupt and immoral servants, bought and paid for at all levels of all of our social institutions they are engaged in systematic, violent theft of resources on an international scale that involves the infliction of pain suffering, injury and death upon the peoples of target states, or even those who would resist at home, without empathy, compassion or remorse.
The Polish "democracy", no different to that of the US, UK, Australia and others, is a critical, integral part of this degrading state of affairs because it establishes the complicity or compliance  of the majority of these populations under a banner of legitimacy that is an obvious fraud. The sooner that people generally examine the reality of this fraudulent institution the sooner we will be rid of a disease that threatens not only our general social well-being but also the survival of humanity and indeed, the living planet itself.
The final collective voice of humanity may echo those of the pilots of Smolensk - Kulva, Kulva, Kulva!
Fitting final words for a stupid end to a potentially grand destiny.

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