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Post Berlin Wall Fall

border-guardHow the US dream of world supremacy was buried in Crimea

It is quite obvious that a very large majority of inhabitants of Crimea, including Russians, Ukrainians and even Tatars voted for autonomy and joining mother Russia from which it was detached in 1954 and added to Ukraine by Ukrainian Nikita Khrushchev.

Unfortunately bankers, financiers, military industry and energy complex control USA and West European states. The so-called presidents, prime ministers and foreign ministers are nothing but the paid servants whom they install in position by financing the so-called election campaigns and then  looking after them well past into retirement. Look at Bushes, Clinton, Blair and others.
It is a sad spectacle that liars in Washington , London , Paris ,Brussels etc. who have been made presidents and prime ministers, all of them colonized, devastated the rest of the world and still refuse to see that their time is over .They should stop babbling and threatening people and countries. They have become a laughing stock by first threatening and then blinking.
It is quite obvious that US foreign policy is run by politicians and not diplomats. Even before the uprising of Arab masses against US supported puppets, Prof Paul Kennedy had said that US must withdraw from Afghanistan and Iraq and negotiate peace with Russia and China. However, the former colonial and imperialist brigands of the West, especially in USA with their DNA infected with genocide of Indians and barbaric treatment of blacks and other such evil deeds show little sign of negotiating for peace.
The stupid American leadership does not realize that it is no longer the sole superpower and must negotiate with other big powers like Russia and China.
Ukraine and Crimean Crisis
Worse, the western propaganda still tries to represent the issue as being one about the future of the Ukraine.  It is not.  The Ukraine is now gone, dead, finished, and forever relegated to the past.  The issue now is not the future of the Ukraine, but the future of the US Empire.

The tectonic face plant of the US Empire and its policies
This crisis shows that Obama did much more than just "blink first".  This shows that when push comes to shove, Russia has enough military power and political determination to deny the US Empire one of its most important strategic objectives: pretending to be the sole superpower. 
West tried to bluff its way to victory and instead only achieved a full-spectrum defeat.
If the collapse of the US policy on Syria was a painful embarrassment, what just took place in the Ukraine is something of an entirely different order of magnitude:  Russia slapped down the EU, NATO and the US and came on top of a confrontation in which down to the last minute the West tried to bluff its way to victory and instead only achieved a full-spectrum defeat.
Full spectrum dominance is a thing of the past, and everybody now knows it.
On the long term, it would be better for everybody that the Ukraine is allowed to split up into two or three different entities: one western, Latin and neo-Fascist one, one Russian one which would probably join the Eurasian Union or even become part of Russia, and possibly one independent one in the South.  But the dream of a large united Ukraine ruled by Russo-phobic nationalists will not happen - that option is gone forever
The myth of US omnipotence is now gone, forever.
Historians will probably look back at the month of February 2014 as the moment when Russia successfully beat back the combined power of the USA and Europe and prevailed.

Short and swift war on Georgia (August 2008)
The ugly attack by Washington's Georgian puppet on the Russian peacekeepers combined with the absolutely amazing hypocrisy of the Western media and politicians who all fully sided with the aggressor turned into something of a “last straw” for Russia. This seemingly marginal development, at least when assessed quantitatively (“what else is new?”) ended up making a huge qualitative difference: it brought up a new Russian resolve to deal with, to use a favorite Neocon expression, an existential threat represented by the Western Empire. It will take a long while for the West to realize what has really happened and the most obtuse of pundits and politicians will probably hang on to their usual self-righteous rhetoric forever, but historians will probably look back at the month of August 2008 as the moment when Russia decided to strike back at the Empire for the first time
What has happened this Winter is very much a continuation of the 08.08.08 war: yet again Russia did not want that to happen, but the West gave it no other option than to be willing to go to war if needed to protect itself (in 08.08.08 the Kremlin fully understood that there was a risk of US/NATO involvement on the Georgian side and it had conveyed in no unclear terms to US/NATO commanders that any US/NATO force sent to the theater of operation would be attacked). Still, the chances of a UN/NATO intervention in the 08.08.08 war were relatively small, and the Empire could always pretend that it did not care. 
Russian Bear Growls at the West -2007
Recovering from the aftermath of the collapse of the Soviet Union and its breakup and looting by the West, and putting up with patronizing and offensive behavior of the ugly Americans, finally in 2007, the Russian bear Vladimir Putin growled.
At the 43rd annual International Security Conference held in Munich on 10 February, 2007   Putin spoke on the importance of the role of United Nations , U.S. missile defense, NATO expansion, Iran's nuclear program and the Energy Charter. He accused Washington of provoking a new nuclear arms race by developing ballistic missile defenses, undermining international institutions, trying to divide modern Europe and making the Middle East more unstable through its clumsy handling of the Iraq war.
Ever since Soviet leader Mikhail Gorbachev ended the cold war in 1989, more out of naiveté than misplaced goodwill which after USSR's collapse the US ruling elite claimed as the victory of the capitalist West over Socialist Russia, this is the first blunt criticism of US unleashed rampant forces trying to coerce the whole world to its will for total domination while using brazen lies and illegal, brutal and inhuman means.
While calling a spade a spade Russian leader Putin was only articulating what a majority of peoples in the world think of US policies .A BBC poll covering more than 26,000 people in 25 countries, including the U.S., held in November - January, found that 49 % believe U.S. playing "mainly negative" role in the world, compared to 32% who said it was "mainly positive." In 18 countries asked the same question earlier, which had called U.S. influence positive, it fell from 40 % in 2005, to 36 % last year, to 29 % in 2007. In Germany and Indonesia, nearly 3 out of 4 respondents had a mainly negative opinion of U.S. influence while it was 69 % in France and Turkey.

Nearly 73 % disapproved of Washington's role in the Iraq war. In Egypt, France, and Lebanon where more than 3 out of 4 respondents "strongly disapproved”, while more than 68 % said the U.S. military presence in the Middle East provokes more conflict than it prevents."
Below is an interesting and incisive piece on the Ukraine/Crimea crisis.
Indian media barring reproduction of superficial west oriented rubbish remains clueless .No wonder throughout history the rulers of Delhi, Rajputs, Afghans or Moghul woke up to foreign danger only after the enemy forces reached Panipat .

How the US dream of world supremacy was buried in Crimea

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