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MH17 atrocity & Israeli Gaza Massacre

Gaza Massacre

The entire world has been utterly horrified by the destruction of Malaysia Airlines Flight MH17 (298 dead) on 17 July 2014 by a sophisticated surface-to-air missile launched either by Government Ukrainians, or Rebel Ukrainians (the latter less likely because it can only damage their cause, they have not been supplied with such missiles, and they lack the required skilled Buk system operators [1].

This appalling atrocity coincides with, and has diverted world attention from, the deadly escalation of the latest Israeli Gaza Massacre (about 300 Palestinians killed so far) involving actual ground invasion by the war criminal Israeli Defense Forces (IDF) [2].

Indeed providing a cover for Israeli escalation of the Israeli Gaza Massacre may have been a collateral purpose if the missile was launched by agents of the US-, Apartheid Israel-, EU- , Australia- and neo-Nazi-backed Ukrainian Government which is the only beneficiary from the MH17 atrocity and a key suspect from a Means Opportunity and Motive (MOM) perspective.

The war criminal Apartheid Israeli massacre of Occupied Palestinians in the Gaza Concentration Camp has so far killed about 300 Palestinians and wounded 2,000 as reprisals for Gaza rockets (zero Israeli deaths) and the murder of 3 Israeli teenagers who may well have been killed by Israeli state terrorists in a “false flag” operation to justify a further Gaza Massacre and other Apartheid Israeli excesses [2].

Yet the slavishly pro-Zionist US Government and the slavishly pro-Zionist US lackey Australian Government have backed Apartheid Israel actions in killing 300 Palestinians (so far) as “Israel’s right to defend itself from rockets from Hamas terrorists” while blaming Rebel Ukrainians for the MH17 atrocity. Noting that at least 189 of the 298 MH17 passengers were Dutch, the Netherlands Government maintains a proper position of not knowing and hence not alleging who was responsible [1].

Peace is the only way but silence kills and silence is complicity. While we do not yet know who did the MH17 atrocity (298 dead), the culpability of the US- and Australia-backed Israelis in the Gaza Massacre is clear and indeed admitted. It is not known how dreadful the ground invasion stage of the Israeli Gaza Massacre will be and it is accordingly useful to catalogue the carnage in the first 10 “pre-land invasion” days of the Israeli Gaza Massacre (8 July – 17 July 2014) prior to the actual ground invasion late on 17 July 2014.

To put this in context, on 12 June 2014, three Israeli teenagers were kidnapped and subsequently murdered on the Apartheid Israel-occupied West Bank, their bodies being found on 30 June 2014. Apartheid Israeli forces in response killed 5 West Bank Palestinians, destroyed homes, violently suppressed demonstrations, and arrested about 500 West Bank Palestinians including the West Bank representatives of Hamas, the most popular Occupied Palestinian party that is conveniently labeled a “terrorist” organization by Apartheid Israel and its US, UK, EU and Apartheid Australia backers. An East Jerusalem Palestinian was subsequently kidnapped by Jewish Israelis and burned alive, with his American cousin being bashed unconscious and imprisoned by Israeli state terrorists.

On 8 July 2014 Apartheid Israel launched Operation Protective Edge against Gaza, destroying scores of buildings, killing 230 Occupied Palestinians and wounding about 1,800 Occupied Palestinians (as of 17 July 2014) as reprisals for Gaza rocket attacks (that so far have killed no Israelis) and for the murder of the 3 Israeli teenagers (who may well have been killed by Israeli state terrorists to provide a caucus belli - excuse for war - for Apartheid Israel).

It is still not known whether the 3 Israeli teenagers were killed by Occupied Palestinians or by Israeli terrorists e.g. as a “false flag” operation to justify civilian -targeting Apartheid Israeli war crimes on the West Bank and in what the Catholic Church, many other commentators and indeed the Israelis themselves describe as the Gaza Concentration Camp [3].

One notes that the physical reality of the Gaza Concentration Camp - guarded on all sides, by air, land and sea by Apartheid Israeli or Fascist Egyptian forces – means that the only people in the former Mandated Palestine with an alibi for the murders of the 3 Israeli teenagers are the 1.8 million Occupied Palestinians highly abusively imprisoned in the Gaza Concentration Camp. Yet it is precisely this group of people, half of them children, who are subject to collective punishment for this crime that may well have actually been carried out by Israeli state terrorists in a “false flag” operation akin to the evidently US Government- complicit and possibly Israeli-complicit 9-11 atrocity [4] that green-lighted horrendous US Alliance violence across the Muslim world that has been associated, so far, with 10 million Muslim deaths from violence or war-imposed deprivation [5].

Indeed one notes that on 18 June 2014, less than 1 week after the disappearance of the 3 Israeli teenagers, 2 weeks before the discovery of the bodies, and 3 weeks before the massive Israeli bombing of the Gaza Concentration Camp, Apartheid Israeli PM and war criminal Netanyahu cancelled his trip to pro-war, pro-Zionist, US lackey, Apartheid Israel-supporting Apartheid Australia set for mid-July and the first such visit to Apartheid Australia by the PM of its sister Apartheid state, Apartheid Israel (noting that Apartheid states are countries that both support and practice Apartheid such as Apartheid Israel and Apartheid Australia). Netanyahu inexplicitly cited “recent developments” as his excuse for the cancellation.

Now heads of state don't cancel their important international trips over several kidnappings or even several murders of ordinary citizens but it takes time to organize and execute mass murder such as the current Israeli Gaza Massacre. Thus there are 0.4 murders per day for Apartheid Israel as compared to 1.8 (UK), 0.7 (Australia), 1.6 (Canada), 41.8 (US) and 0.9 (Occupied Palestine). Thus in the last 10 days 4 Israelis on average have been killed by Israelis. When Netanyahu cancelled his trip to Apartheid Australia on account of “recent developments” the Apartheid Israeli state would not have known that the 3 kidnapped teenagers had been killed unless the Apartheid Israeli state had actually killed them [2].

The UN has provided data on Occupied Palestinian mortality and the carnage in Gaza in the 10 “pre-land invasion” days of the Israeli Gaza Massacre [2, 6] that is summarized below.

  1. 230 Gaza Palestinians have been killed, 74 percent of these (171 people) are civilians, 48 are children, 31 are women.
  2. 1,764 Gaza Palestinians have been injured, this including 521 children and 372 women.
  3. 57,900 children who have experienced death, injury or loss of home over the past10 days require direct and specialized psychosocial support (PSS).
  4. 1,780 families have been displaced from damaged or destroyed homes.
  5. 22,900 persons hosted at UNRWA shelters are in need of emergency food assistance.
  6. 50 - 60 per cent of pumped water is being supplied to households due to damage to critical WASH facilities.
  7. 50% of sewage treatment has stopped through infrastructure destruction.
  8. 50 Gaza Palestinians are conservatively estimated to have died avoidably from deprivation in these 10 days in the Israeli- and Fascist Egypt-blockaded Gaza Concentration Camp (this estimate being based on UN infant death data indicating that 4,200 Occupied Palestinians die avoidably from deprivation annually).

One notes that 5 Palestinians were killed by Israeli security personnel on the West Bank after the kidnapping of the 3 Israelis and a Palestinian child was burned alive by Israelis prior to the start of the latest Israeli Gaza Massacre. Zero (0) Israelis were killed by Gaza rockets in this pre-ground offensive 10 day period (1 Israeli volunteer with the IDF was killed by a Gaza mortar at the Erez Crossing between Apartheid Israel and the Gaza Concentration Camp).

Of course the ongoing Israeli Gaza Massacre (about 300 killed so far) is the latest in a series of Israeli atrocities against the Palestinian people, half of whom are children and three quarters of whom are women and children e.g. (dates and violent deaths in parenthesis) the Deir Yassin Massacre (1948, 250 killed), the Sabra and Shatila Massacre (1982, 3,500 killed), the Operation Cast Lead Gaza Massacre (2008-2009, 1,400 killed) and the total of 100,000 Palestinians killed violently overall since 1936 in the ongoing Palestinian Genocide [7]. Indeed 2 million Palestinians have died since 1936 (half of them children) from violence (0.1 million) or violently-imposed deprivation (1.9 million) as compared to 3,745 Zionists or Israeli invaders killed by Palestinians or other “enemies” since 1920.


One hopes that independent international experts will quickly determine the cause of the MH17 atrocity (298 deaths), that the criminal perpetrators will be exposed and brought to justice, and that steps are urgently taken to prevent a repetition of this kind of atrocity. However about a century of Western and Zionist injustice to Palestinians is set to continue unless the world considers that the deliberate, sustained murder, so far, of circa 300 Palestinians (three quarters civilians) in the ongoing Israeli Gaza Massacre is just as wrong and utterly evil as the deliberate or unforgivably negligent killing of the circa 300 aeroplane passengers on Malaysia Airlines Flight MH17.

The racist Zionist and Apartheid Israeli Palestinian Genocide has been associated so far with the ethnic cleansing of 90% of the land of Palestine, the exclusion of 6 million Indigenous Palestinians from Palestine, the highly abusive confinement of 4.3 million Occupied Palestinians without human rights in the Gaza Concentration Camp (1.8 million) or West Bank mini-Bantustans (2.5 million), and 2 million Palestinian deaths since 1936 (half of them children) from racist Zionist violence or violently-imposed deprivation

Decent people informed by humanity and “we are all created equal” must (1) inform everyone they can about the horrendous human rights abuses and war crimes of Apartheid Israel in its ongoing Palestinian Genocide; (2) demand immediate cessation of murderous Israeli violence; (3) demand justice through the International Criminal Court or in the face of Apartheid Israeli contempt for International Law, through an International Tribunal of the most eminent humanitarians; and (4) urge and apply Boycotts, Divestment and Sanctions (BDS) against not just Apartheid Israel but also where practicable against all people, politicians, parties, collectives, companies, corporations and countries complicit in Apartheid Israeli state terrorism in Palestine, the Middle East and indeed throughout the world.


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