Thursday, April 25, 2019
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The Unmentionable Crisis of Public Confidence


There is a crisis pervading the Western World that no-one dares mention directly, yet looming like an inevitable and imminent tragedy in the unacknowledged but adamant refusal of the public to give its consent, or even unwillingly coalesce in another military adventure in Iraq. Despite the immense attention to all manner of artistic contrivance the media has applied to pull at our compassion and humanity we seem to be steadfast and there is something in the air that suggests this refusal is brooding and ominous.

Where governments once brazenly marched forward trampling over widespread protest, today, even Mr. ‘Kill List’, the master of slick, confident persuasion, drones on solemnly with not a hint of a surge to come despite being past the half-way mark of an unremarkable second term of weary, grey decline.

But why is the public so intransigent? Could it be that the public understands that the people behind those urging us on are the same people who were there calling it ‘Mission Accomplished’ and joyous with their ‘reconstruction’ bonanza of contracts when Iraq was destroyed, a million dead and four million more displaced in the aftermath of a shock and awe that left the wasteland vulnerable to just such an outcome as to be overrun by fanatics?

Or could it be that these same people appealing to our compassion have callously and irresponsibly looked the other way, even criminally supported their alibi, while the dysfunctional state of Israel, diseased with the affliction of media-managed hysteria, engaged in a prolonged and systematic rampage of psychotic violence and murder among their long-standing victims even yet under siege without remedy in sight; and the recidivist encouraged on by the global accommodation of their crimes?

Or could it be that as we witness the appalling sight of psychotic militants (of the other side) who have committed crimes even worse than ourselves and our friends, we do actually notice that the Tanks, Armoured Personnel Carriers, Artillery and other weaponry, all of it modern, gleaming new and hi-tech was manufactured by our side in the United States, Britain, France and of course, Israel at great profit to those same people urging our consent, largely funded by the taxpayer throughout the years of development and bounteous production under the egregiously deceptive banner of ‘Defence’ equipment?

Or could it actually be that as we witness a global circus of militarised confrontation, both domestic and international, of greed-driven, unrestrained immorality and irresponsibility in every aspect of our social order – government, political, financial, media, corporate… - of ineptitude and out-of-control chaos in every forum and every institution while urgent problems of global magnitude in relation to environment, health, economy, resources, pollution, law and commerce go unaddressed all bleeding and threatening our collective future until we find ourselves reaching the point where enough is enough?

Not properly addressed – which means looking backward, because we will not go forward any longer without addressing the causes of the impasse – this crisis will soon deliver collapse. We need a rational way out or unreason and disaster will prevail.

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