Thursday, April 25, 2019
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First Palestine, and You are Next

Palestinian children

The Zionist colonial project of creating Greater Israel; a Jewish-only Israel in the heart of the Arab World, was started by ruthless terrorist Zionist Jews. For the duration of the last 66 years and under the shameful complicit silence of the international community, these Zionist terrorists had broken all international laws, violated all human rights, violated hundreds of UN resolutions, and had perpetrated, and still perpetrate, numerous most brutal ever massacres against Palestinians to force them out of Palestine; the most strategic part on earth.

The 50 days of the Israeli onslaught against Gaza Strip that started July 7th was another elevated genocidal sequel of this colonial project; a total destruction of everything Palestinian. During this Israeli third major onslaught, after the 2008/09 and 2012 military operations, terrorist Israeli government had stepped up its Palestinian extermination strategy and committed its most yet barbaric egregious war crimes against the seven-year old illegally and immorally besieged and starved population of the Gaza Strip. All divisions of the Israeli Terrorist Forces (ITF); air, naval and ground forces, had targeted virtually everything in Gaza; civilians, homes, businesses, hospitals, schools, mosques and churches, and had leveled to the ground complete civilian neighborhoods.

Complete assessment of the number of victims and the total destruction may take months. According to preliminary conservative assessments a total of 2130 Palestinians were killed including 1462 civilians, 577 children, 253 women, and 102 elderly. (1 & 2). Another total of 11,066 Palestinians were injured including 3,374 children; some permanently and severely crippled. At least 59 extended Palestinian families have been totally wiped out. These numbers are expected to increase due to more victims being pulled from under the rubble of the many destroyed homes. Not counted yet as victims are those, who will die in the next few weeks and months due to injuries, lack of medicine, lack of food, shortage of clean drinking water, contamination and victims of yet unexploded Israeli bombs.

Knowing very well how Palestinians value the lives of their children, the ITF has the strategy of deliberately targeting Palestinian children in an attempt to pressure Palestinian families to evacuate the land for fear for the lives of their children. Besides murdering about 500 Palestinian children the terrorist Israeli soldiers had used Palestinian children as human shields; a common practice the Israeli soldiers use during their terrorist raids against Palestinians in the West Bank. YouTube is full of videos documenting this practice. The Israeli soldiers target Palestinian children for fun target practice even during quiet times as this video shows. The Israeli soldier shooter bragged about his “skill” and requested his picture be taken by the photographer. Israeli soldiers are proud of, and brag about targeting Palestinian children because they just follow the religious teachings of their prophets such as Moses, Zacharia, Zephaniah, Micah, Deuteronomy and many others, who taught the Jews that killing non-Jewish women and children, even their animals, is a religious act. (Read the Old Testament).

Israeli deliberate demolition of homes has created an estimated 290,000 displaced people. The ITF had demolished 10,604 residential structures, 300 mosques and two churches. They have also bombed 22 centers for social services, 19 financial associations, 55 fishing boats, 14 medical ambulances, 10 emergency medical clinics, 58 hospitals, 51% of all major hospitals and clinics in Gaza were damaged; some were completely leveled to the ground such as Al Wafa Medical Rehabilitation Hospital in Shejaiiyah. They had also targeted 141 public schools, 94 UNRWA schools, 19 electric generating facilities, 9 water treatment stations, and 321 industrial and commercial businesses, ( in Arabic).

The Israeli onslaught did not target only civilians and infrastructure; it had also targeted Gaza’s agricultural sector. Israel wanted to destroy all resources Palestinians use to sustain their livelihood. Israeli air raids and artillery shells targeted farms and farm animals. Israeli bulldozers turned the land upside down to a point where farmers could not recognize their farms any longer. It was estimated that 60% of Palestinian 70,000 donoms of agricultural land have been destroyed.

The Israeli destruction of the Gaza Strip has been so devastated that Shelter Cluster, a UN backed international construction organization involved in assessing Gaza’s post-war reconstruction, estimated that rebuilding process will take at least 20 years. This estimate was also reported by Associated Press.

The Israeli army had used up even all its reserve stockpile of artillery shells to create a 3 kilometer wide military buffer zone strip comprising 44% of Gaza along the north and the east borders through the total destruction of suburban neighborhoods demolishing one home after the other compacting Palestinians into even smaller area. The unethically biased, Zionist-controlled, and unconditionally and continuously Israeli-terror-supporting American administration hastened to replenish Israel’s ammunition so that its terrorist army can continue its exterminating war-crimes against Palestinians.

All this Israeli killings and destruction was blessed and justified by Zionist bought and controlled American administration, President Obama and other officials, and main media outlets. Avoiding the fact that Israel has been raining one-ton bombs, phosphorous bombs and other illegal weapons, and artillery shells on Gaza Strip, President Obama claimed that Israel could not stand idle while Palestinian rockets are raining on its cities killing its children. He justified Israeli onslaught as “Israel’s right to defend itself” while denying the Palestinians the right of self-defense when Israeli air forces are raining one-ton bombs on their cities killing their children. What contorted logic or laws grant an occupying power; Israel, the right of self-defense against occupied people; Palestinians?

Another absurd twisted justification offered by American officials, such as ex-president Bill Clinton, and Jewish owned and pro-Zionist media outlets such as The Washington Post, was that Palestinians, particularly Hamas use their own children as human shields, a stupid line created by Israeli ex-prime minister Golda Meir and had been parroted since then by Israeli and American officials. During an interview on India TV Bill Clinton stated repeatedly: “Hamas has a strategy to force Israel to kill their own civilians so that the rest of the world would condemn them”. This line was repeated by CBS anchor Bob Schieffer on his news program “Face the Nation”. Stupid remarks like this, repeated many times by Israel’s spokesperson Mark Regev, are clear attempts to dehumanize Palestinians in a vile and racist way by suggesting that they don’t love their children like other humans. Such speakers also insult the intelligence of their audience and expect them to accept this stupid argument without any criticism.

The fact is that it is a common practice of the ITF to use Palestinian children as human shields while conducting their raids against Palestinian homes. One such example is the Guardian reported testimony of three teenage brothers in the al-Attar family. Also this video is just one of thousands on the internet that proves this fact. During their onslaught against Gaza ITF had also used Palestinian children as human shields. International human rights organizations such as Amnesty International have investigated these claims and determined that Israeli soldiers use Palestinian children as human shields. It is the Israeli government who uses its Israeli citizens as human shields in the front lines when it usurps Palestinian land and sends armed squatters (settlers) to build their homes and to antagonize adjacent angry Palestinian villagers, whose land was stolen.

One other justification Israel and the Western countries, mainly USA, use to condone Palestine genocide is labeling Hamas as a terrorist organization and claiming that Israel is fighting only Hamas. One must remember that Hamas is the democratically elected leadership Palestinians chose in 2006 election that was sponsored by Bush administration. But when Hamas did not abandon armed freedom fighting against Israeli military occupation, and after the failure of the American coup attempt against it, the Bush administration labeled Hamas a terrorist organization. The fact is that all Palestinian freedom fighting groups, such as Al-Qassam Brigade, Islamic Jihad and other factions, not only Hamas were fighting the Israeli army in Gaza.

The numerous barbaric onslaughts on Gaza Strip should not distract us from the main bigger Zionist scheme for the Middle East. Gaza is just a very small part of the whole picture. In his “Complete Diaries” (Vol. II. p. 711), Theodore Herzl, the founder of Zionism, mentioned part of this scheme when he wrote that the area of the Jewish State stretches: "From the brook of Egypt to the Euphrates." This was also emphasized by Rabbi Fischmann, a member of the Jewish Agency for Palestine, who declared in his testimony to the U.N. Special Committee of Enquiry on 9 July 1947: "

The Promised Land extends from the River of Egypt up to the Euphrates; it includes parts of Syria and Lebanon." To accomplish this goal, successive terrorist Israeli governments adopted, for the last 66 years, a genocidal strategy focused primarily on Palestinians and secondary on the neighboring Arab countries. Since 2001 American neoconservative administrations joined Israel into what they called “fight against global terror” and “spreading democracy” to rebuild the “New Middle East”. To rebuild the Middle East they need to destroy it first. This is being accomplished by creating, financing, and arming terrorist groups such as Al-Qaeda, Syrian Free Army, Al-Nusra, and finally ISIS (Israeli Secret Intelligence Services).

Israel was never punished for its crimes and for all the destructions it inflicted on Palestine and its neighboring countries. It was never forced to pay reparations the way Germany is forced to pay for the so-called holocaust survivors. Israeli got used to do damage and have the rest of the world, through UNRWA, pay for rebuilding and to victim refugees. Rather than paying reparations Israel, instead, is rewarded with money, technology, weapons, and political protection by western countries; mainly by USA, UK, France.

The Palestinian struggle, both armed and peaceful, against the illegal Israeli occupation and the global colonial Zionist scheme is a legal and honorable struggle. It is not a struggle just for Palestinians; it is a struggle for all humanity. Since its inception by Jewish terrorist organizations 66 years ago, the Israeli state has been a rogue state that had violated all international laws, all humanitarian laws, and had perpetrated terrorist attacks against its foes as well as against its allies. Israeli crimes are continuation of Jewish genocidal history against non-Jewish nations starting since biblical time.

Their latest fresh-in-memory genocides include Russia Bolshevik genocide, Ukrainian Holodomor, Armenian genocide, destruction of Germany (still going on), Palestinian al-Nakba, Lebanese genocide, and with the help of American administration, the destruction of countries such as Afghanistan, Pakistan, Iraq, Tunisia, Yemen, and Libya among others. Once Israel completes the extermination of Palestinians, then YOUR TURN, THE REST OF THE WORLD, IS NEXT.

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