Tuesday, March 19, 2019
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The Wall

Mainstream Media

Mainstream Media

Western Mainstream Media has become an impenetrable wall. The thought police are everywhere and the loudspeakers on the towers are screeching their warnings. Not even the local Vicar is safe; just read the headlines “Vicar investigated over ‘9/11 Israel did it’ posting”, “Anti-Israel Anglican priest ordered offline”. He doesn’t look terribly dangerous: a calm, smiling, easy-going ‘innocuous’ sort of character, quite the image of the man you might expect to spend afternoons having tea with the local spinster. But of course, as we know, these are dangerous times; one never knows.

Let us not even mention the ‘T’ word. There is one prominent taboo, certain to inspire the wrath of the gods and terminate even the most celebrated career, regardless of merit. Policemen, entertainers, politicians, academics, architects and engineers, all have seen examples among their number, branded with the fatal epithet of ‘Truther’ and fallen like Icarus. Such an irony that Truth itself has fallen from grace.

Inside the wall we sit up straight to hear economists from the Harvard School of Economics, one of the great centres of Monetarist Economics, home of the Shock Doctrine and the birthplace of ‘Austerity’ (for the 99%) in the world’s greatest Capitalist Democracy, pontificating from the pulpit of a $15Trillion debt about events unfolding in Greece. Again, such irony that the birthplace of Democracy should be telling the ‘Troika’ what it can do with its ‘Austerity’; a lesson to us all.

To inform us about the situation in Ukraine we have NATO generals on the air, ever ready and willing to tell us all we need to know. By necessity, NATO mandates that we are involved; if one NATO state is attacked then ALL NATO States are attacked. “But Ukraine is not in NATO” returns the presenter (a real, manly challenge). No, of course not, but if Britain gets involved there is a good chance the conflict will spread to nearby NATO states and of course, we (NATO) are already preparing for that eventuality, beefing up our forces in existing bases and so on…

Bashar-al-Assad, interviewed directly, put a very simple, straightforward case: “We are attacked, we defend – with bullets and bombs (maybe as dumb as a barrel but yes, bombs) – and people flee the war zones, we attack the enemy’s positions, where most civilians have fled… What else can we do?”

Fortunately, we have a BBC presenter on hand to remind us that Assad is a fantasist who actually believes his own lies and is completely deluded. Yet still, there was irony when the presenter accused Assad as regarding civilian losses as just so much ‘Collateral damage’.

The Other Wall

No mention of Gaza at all. We may need to wait until Christmas. But still, we think of that other Wall, keeping out reality. The settlements must never be discussed.

Those colonies of raving, psychopathic fanatics filled with hate for Palestinians and Arabs in general (‘little snakes’), a hate that is absolutely essential as the final justification for all that is done to the people whose land has been stolen and insist they want it back, refusing against all odds to submit, the victim who incurs our justified and righteous wrath.

Inside the wall there is uniformity of thought – chastened by fear. No irony here, nor defamation neither.

The Invisible Wall

And then there is the invisible wall, the Anti-Defamation League. Its sentinels everywhere equating criticism of Israel with racist hatred for Jews – even from Jews.

Its tentacles ubiquitous. Legal actions, the power of influential donors, the odd word in the right ear, a message along the grapevine of power and the once-mighty fall from grace – or even the not so mighty.

Within the media wall we conform. We consume, we aspire, we avoid the taboos. For those who have the mind-set there is reality TV, the crowd therapy of being ‘Charlie’ and the distraction of learning the latest android App.

Within the invisible wall there is the phenomenon of the ‘self-hating Jew’ – the Gilad Atzmon and the Norman Finkelsteins who see and speak the truth.

And in the wider world there are those of us who are utterly ashamed of what’s being done in our name and the dishonourable way that we are being in the international community – lawless, ruthless, immoral and resistant to Truth.

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