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Indo-US nuclear deal

Indo-US nuclear Do you remember the Indian gentlemen coming up on India’s celebrity and trivia obsessed corporate TV channels or news outlets like Indian Express touting and promoting Indo-US nuclear energy treaty, cheer led by Washington Consensus pensioners and diplomats who have served in US. Some said Indian laws will overcome US laws. Is there anything more stupid?

Bush was the only president keen to help India, they said. Does anyone help in strategic matters but for a price? Heavy one in this case. India became a nuclear weapon state in 1974 and was progressing fast economically. All it needed was resilience and patience.

Persuading and bribing Indians to sign the unequal treaty remains George Bush’s perhaps only positive legacy of 8 years. Thanks to Indian suckers.
George Bush nose led by Neo-cons blundered US into Iraqi quagmire and an unwinnable war in Afghanistan. US led West, Saudi Arabia and other Muslim states financed and trained militants, Jihadist and terrorists which are responsible for attacks in Kashmir and India and 26/11. US knew all about the 2611 since George Headley, US spy had organized it .It was unveiled by Wikileaks .Not a whimper or protest from Indians .When I pointed this out to an Indian diplomat cheerleader a few days ago, he said why should US tell us everything .On whose side is he? Some friends in Washington we have!
Brahma Chellany and Sidhharath Vardarajan were among the few who rightly opposed the treaty .It was and remains an unequal treaty. US loving leadership and media hailed voting against Iran in IAEA in Vienna. Even Pakistan had abstained. We grievously harmed our relations with Iran and our standing in the comity of nations as an independent sovereign nation went down .We became a US poodle.
Washington, our so called strategic ally has still to pronounce on our UNSC membership .Not that it should matter .Without India UNSC is meaningless .It is not 1945 .But India’s US proxies will show when it comes as a US benediction .God save India from these NNRIs and RNIs.
In any case when the question of membership is considered UN General Assembly has to vote too .it would be difficult task for a US poodle.
Non-Aligned Movement supports Iran against USA
In a strong statement, representatives of the Non-Aligned Movement (NAM) at the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) recently supported Iran's position on the contentious issue of IAEA inspectors and have also expressed concern that the most recent IAEA report on Iran has "departed from standard verification language".

"NAM notes with concern, the possible implications of the continued departure from standard verification language in the summary of the report of the director general [Yukio Amano]," the statement said. The statement was read during the IAEA board of governors meeting on behalf of over 100 NAM member states. Outgoing director general the Egyptian El Bardai had successfully withstood US pressure.
Thus what is India’s standing in the world?
Indian government and media says that Indian PM’s voice is heard in world councils .This is western media praise to get more concessions and gains from the Indian Govt .God knows what all this govt will surrender when Uncle Tom visits India in November .US media is already asking for return favors for the unequal treaty. Some Gall. But Indians simply do not have cojones.
Remember how US media i.e. NYT and WP praised Gorbachev as a popular leader and democrat and drunk and drugged Yeltsin as a reformer .Gorbachev got about 5% votes when he stood for elections for the president of the Russian Federation .During  Yeltsin’s regime $400 billion to a trillion of Russian wealth was transferred to the West .
Here is a revealing piece about the liability bill. There was the media and parliament glare on the lenient sentence passed on accused Union Carbide /Dow Chemicals (many political leaders are their lawyers –no conflict of interest!) after 25 years on Bhopal Gas catastrophe and feckless Indian governments’ follow up action against US and Indian multinationals .Still there was tremendous pressure from the usual sold out Indian suspects to pass the bill with little liability on foreign suppliers. What even the Wall Street Journal says should shame these Indians. And Indians in high positions should be made accountable.

I have my doubts with more truth coming out about Commonwealth Games, corruption even among many Chief Justices of the Supreme Court as declared by former Law Minister Shanti Bhusan. When the retiring Chief Vigilance Commissioner Pratyush Sinha said that one-third of Indians are "utterly corrupt" and half are "borderline", due to materialistic mindset. Only 20 percent of Indians were honest, regardless of temptations. The Law Minister of Moily tapes fame said 'failed' bureaucrats become saints after retirement and termed such remarks as "travesty of truth", and that "no one has the right to discredit our nation". Quite obviously the Minister is out of touch with reality or pretending not to know it, ask any school child .When President Kalam after being elected went to a school in Ahmedabad asked about politicians as role model, the whole class tittered and laughed.
Is there much hope for India!
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Wall Street Journal 13 Sept 2010. By HENRY SOKOLSKI

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