Tuesday, March 19, 2019
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Syria, the Dying Hope of Human Civilisation


There was a time when I would address the matter of fear of the dark with my children by saying “It’s not the dark you need to be afraid of…” and then adding with exaggerated drama “It’s the things that might be in it!”

Having injected the subject with a rich dose of humour I would go on to emphatically dismiss every imaginable notion of ghosts, witches, zombies and monsters as the silly nonsense that it should be. I condemn the foolishness of those parents endemic to Western Culture who use fear to bully their children or, as President Obama so eloquently described the habit when speaking of the Paris Terrorists “terrorising us into fear’.

But the real darkness to be feared by modern civilisation, the darkness of times past, when the world was dominated by irrational religious and superstitious nonsense of the kind that served so well the psychopathic megalomaniacs and fuelled the violence of Crusades and other religious wars, witch-burnings, persecutions and holocausts has been given new life in the past decade and a great windfall in yesterday’s decision by the UK government to bomb Syria as part of the Western clamour to be part of another ‘Coalition of the Killing’.

The childishly simplistic American, Manichean world view of western ‘good guys’, hated for their wonderful values, ’freedom’ and ‘democracy’ battling it out with the ‘Axis of Evil’ ‘bad guys’ makes fertile ground for peddling the wares of violent psychopaths. But it is the far more complex and more real fabric of what was Syrian society of four years ago and of Iraq two decades before that was the true hope of humanity of purging ourselves of this nonsense. This complexity was beautifully captured in the words of Finian Cunningham in an article yesterday in describing the recent massacre of the village of Kessab in Syria:

The mainly Armenian Christian village of Kessab is home to all religious sects that reside in Syria, including Alawite and Sunni Muslims. The farming community has lived peaceably together for centuries and has never been persecuted by the Syrian government of President Assad. The only previous persecution was a century ago, in 1915, when the Turk Ottoman empire carried out the Armenian genocide, when 1.5 million Armenians were exterminated.” 

The Assad government may not be the foundation of a utopia that we might approve of, but neither is it the barbaric dictatorship that it is described as in recent Western Propaganda. It certainly is not of the head-shopping, hand-chopping, violently persecuting, sword-waving dysfunctional type that we so approve of in Saudi Arabia, nor is it of the type that would pervert its legal and political system in order to sustain the deranged activities of a ‘settler’ society to violently persecute another section of society towards a goal of land theft and ethnic cleansing. Clearly, it represents a far more rich, sophisticated and harmonious society that has existed and evolved for a far longer time than the dysfunctional, vehemently unhappy gun-toting chaos of the United States under its Disneyland fantasy of ’freedom’ and ‘democracy’

But yesterday’s decision by the UK Parliament, aided and abetted by the treacherous betrayal of the party whose leader was democratically elected by a body of members, three quarters of whom are as opposed to the present round of immoral, aggressive violence as they were last, even if it does have the shamefully contrived epithet of ‘legal’ undermines the hope of a rational, global, human society befitting of the 21st Century. The speech of course has been celebrated, particularly by the BBC who have been so excited by it they have put it to air in full after several times airing choice fragments, as an inspirational piece of rhetoric, but anyone with any common sense understands that the parliamentary mind was not decided by that speech, but rather by the very same motivations that urged the British Parliament into the last round of psychotic violence.

Nevertheless, the speech was rich in the same old nonsense about how they (the alleged terrorists) pose a ‘clear and present danger’ (charmingly original phrase that), because they hate us for our values (we who have murdered hundreds of thousands of civilians in Afghanistan, Lybia and the middle east) and our ’freedom’ and ‘democracy’. Again we heard about the ‘smart bombs’ that would take extreme care to avoid civilian deaths. Indeed, a speech that roundly exposes the fake life of his father who spent many years frolicking with a ‘Stop The War Coalition’, which in all its years of existence never came close to stopping a war and eroded the fertile dissent of 2 Million down to mustering a couple of hundred supporters at a struggle. Not unlike the fake ‘activist’ lives of some undercover police officers ‘serving the community’.

The truth that all of this Parliamentary pretence is of course intended to hide is that ISIS is not the target of the bombing. Indeed, ISIS has long been a partner in the real goal of a regime change that is clearly not intended as a means to establish ’freedom’ and ‘democracy.

The real target will be the Assad government. For the Disneyland mentality of good guys and bad guys that may be a little too much to grasp. Perhaps also the notion of a rational, global, human society befitting of the 21st Century could be a bit too sophisticated. But for anyone interested, Finian Cunningham’s article, far from being a long train of opinionated assertions such as the present case, is a sound, logical, objective and factually evidenced analysis of the Kessab Massacre, which roundly exposes the truth of the Syrian ‘civil war’ for anyone who cares to know.

Finian Cunningham’s article.

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