Wednesday, April 24, 2019
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Will Pakistan Implode?

musharrafIn early 1990s, at his new year reception in Ankara after exchange of warm greetings, the Turkish Prime Minister said to me, ”Ambassador, let us now try to normalize relations between our two friendly states, India and Pakistan”. Instinctively I responded, ”Excellency, Pakistan is not a state but an anti-India profession”. Before completing my sentence I regretted my rather undiplomatic indiscretion, but the Turkish leader said nothing then or ever referred to it during my many meetings alone or with Indian delegations, during my stay when our relations warmed up further.

Since long Pakistan has been a failing state, having failed to even create a territory based identity. It has been a plaything first of Britain, then of USA and China too. Saudi Arabia with its petrodollars disseminates obscurantist Wahabi ideology around the world, which keeps Muslims backwards and ignorant .It has led to fatal attacks not only on Ahmedias and Kadianis, even mainline Shias and Mohajirs in Pakistan. So Tehran retaliates by supporting Shias in Pakistan. Unless the Washington -Saud Dynasty-Wahabi Axis is undone, Muslims will remain divided and backward, which suits the three member’s .US provides guarantee to Saudi Dynasty, which allows a free run to Wahabis in and outside Saudi Arabia, while Washington exploits Arab oil resources for its benefit.
In my many articles I have given background based on British archives  that London created a weak Pakistan as an ally south of the then Soviet Russian underbelly to safe guard western oilfields in the Middle East ,which is still the prize the West is fighting for in Iraq, Iran ,Saudi Arabia and elsewhere in the Gulf , the Caspian Basin and central Asia, since Indian leaders Mahatma Gandhi and Nehru were rightly unlikely to join subservient Western alliances .USA has still not given up India with pensioners of the Washington Consensus outfits key decision makers in New Delhi. Washington would like to use India against China as it used Iraq against Iran .You can see former Indian diplomats to USA, US poodles and trumpeters, bribed by scholarships , well paid seminars etc clogging India’s info-challenged corporate media and celebrity and trivia obsessed TV channels .Fortunately we have in experienced diplomat Shankar Menon an able national security adviser unlike the last Intelligence Bureau policeman who could not think beyond Pakistan and guided by handlers in Washington , London and Tel Aviv.
Unfortunately for US, London , after losing premier position as the major world power following the WWII has hung on to Washington for reflected power and glory and crumbs of loot .The unfortunate part has been misguiding Washington ‘s policies .The encouragement and joining by congenital liar Tony Blair , now disgraced British Prime Minister , who egged on a strategically blank slate US President George Bush and joined him in the illegal 2003 invasion of Iraq , which has killed over 1.3 million Iraqis .But the US is now caught in a quagmire. The Congress Committee Chairman decorated Marine Murtha stated 4 years ago that US armed forces have broken down in the killing fields of Iraq .Iraq lies destroyed and divided .The fawning corporate medias in US and India make no mention of this genocide and crimes by US led invasion and brutal occupation.
Worse has been British scheming in Afghanistan, which the British think is their specialty since the days of Raj in Hindustan, Pakistan and central Asia with India a victim of collateral damage.Timid Indians donot even protest .Not even a whimper when it is clear that Washington knew in advance about 2611 rape of Mumbai , in which its spy George Headley was a key participant .Who needs enemies with friends like Washington  But the chickens are coming home to roost but I doubt if India is prepared for the outflow of lava of violence and mayhem from Pakistan. In history Delhi woke up only when invaders reached Panipat .The so called martial races used as cannon fodder by the colonial British between Peshawar and Panipat never fought except under Sardar Ranjit Singh .After King Porus, the area became porous for invaders .Yes looters and terrorists, which holds good even now.
Below is a piece by Ramtanu Maitra, a US based expert on strategic developments especially on Asia. This piece appeared in Economic Intelligence Review recently.
PAKISTAN IMPLODES: The Serpent Eggs Are Hatched and London’s Snakes Are Out

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