Saturday, April 20, 2019
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Western Propaganda Paid for in Syrian Blood

The Dirty War on Syria

In his important book, titled “The Dirty War on Syria” Tim Anderson discusses how US naked aggression on a nonbelligerent country relies on “a level of mass disinformation not seen in living memory.”

There’s nothing civil about war in Syria, raped by US imperialism, wanting pro-Western puppet governance replacing its sovereign independence.

Media scoundrels are complicit in what’s going on, supporting US-sponsored mass slaughter and destruction instead of denouncing it.

Writer, photographer, peace activist Vanessa Beeley interviewed Assad political and media advisor Bouthiana Shaaban in Damascus.

Below are some highlights, the full interview posted on the 21st Century Wire web site.

Straightaway Shaaban said “we are paying for (Western anti-Syrian) propaganda with our blood” - over half a million killed, mostly civilians, multiples more wounded, many maimed for life, and half the population internally or externally displaced because America wants another imperial trophy, no matter the cost in Syrian blood and misery.

She blasted how media scoundrels distort reality, saying “(t)hey came here with accusatory questions, they didn’t come here to know what is going on. They came here to ask me why are you working with a man who is ‘killing his own people.’ “

“What an ugly start for an interview. I said there is no point, they come here to gain credibility but only to re-confirm their own story rather than to find out what is really going on. I didn’t want to be used to ‘re-confirm’ their own story or to give them credibility.”

Key points Shaaban made were as follows:

“We are going through a third world war, without naming it…”

Western countries “promote their own way of life, their own ideology…at the expense of” countless millions of others.

“The way the system is working in the west has (no) ‘democracy’ for us…(no) ‘human rights’ for us,” no respect for the culture, history and rights of other people.

“So, leave us alone - that is really our message and unfortunately the calculus of politics in the west has no consideration whatsoever for the way people feel or for their aspirations.”

“The problem with the western system is that they think they are superior, and they think that they want to ‘civilize’ us, and they want us to come up to their ‘standards,’ and I hate when I hear Obama or any US official talking about American exceptionalism” - humanity’s scourge by how it operates.

“We are fighting a war on the ground but it is also a clash of values.“ Peace and stability aren’t possible without “co-operation between east and west…”

“I feel that the western support for Israel against the Palestinian people and the destruction of a whole people and their identity by Israel shows that what the west cares about is for Israel to be the powerful state in the region for the next fifty or a hundred years. In order for Israel to be the prevailing force in the Middle East it is necessary to destroy Arabic culture.”

“…I can see a union of evil between the Gulf States and Israel and western systems.”

“What is the significance of President Assad? He is credible, people believe in him, Arab people believe in him.” 

“They do not want anybody like that to have influence. I feel there is a huge plan against all of us.”

America’s rape of Syria is one of history’s great crimes, mass slaughter and destruction its strategy, the same one used against all nations it targets for regime change.

Humanity’s fate depends on stopping this scourge before it annihilates us all.

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