Wednesday, May 22, 2019
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Secrets behind Trump’s Presidency


Last Wednesday; November 9th, many of the American major media outlets announced the occurrence of a historical event; a shockwave that had gone through the country and all over the world; a political earthquake. Donald Trump, whose presidential campaign has been plagued with charges of racism, misogyny, sexism, hatred, Islamophobic, anti-minority, and racial divide, had won the American presidency, and his Republican Party had won both the House and the Senate. Broadcasters, who had been attacking Trump for almost a year and touting for Hillary Clinton claiming her guaranteed win, seem now to be dump-founded not knowing what to say and how to explain this event.

While one half of the American voters celebrated on one side the other half went into shock and disbelief on the other side. Puzzled and confused, they tried to understand and digest how Trump could have won. Duped and misguided by the flip-flopping Hillary and her empty promises, and by the policies the Democratic Party had followed since Bill Clinton was a president (some called this Clintonization of the party) many democrats have been trying to absorb and rationalize this political earthquake with more delusional perceptions.

They blamed Hillary’s email scandal, the last minute disclosure of the FBI Director James Comey about the bureau’s ongoing investigation into Hillary’s misuse of emails, the scandal of Clinton Foundation receiving millions of dollars in financial donations from foreign regimes, such as Arab Gulf States, who persecute women and minorities, voting against Hillary rather than for Trump; voting for the lesser evil,  the alleged Russian hacking and interference in the electoral process, the rigged voting system and voting machines, voting suppression and deletion, among many other excuses. Few others had accepted the outcome and called for a healing process as one female radio broadcaster stated: “This tragedy has been revealed; now it needs to be healed”.

For a long time the archaic quasi-democratic voting process, and the voting machines have been criticized by Democrats as well as Republicans. Yet none had done anything to improve it because it serves their goals. Manufacturers of the voting machines have been accused of rigging their machines, wirelessly manipulating the way each vote is counted, intentionally turning off the security function of the machines, and not producing a paper or electronic trails confirming the votes that could be recounted if needed be. One would astonishingly wonder how they failed to manufacture voting computer machines as reliable as the credit card computers that keep accurate track of even the slightest credit transactions.

The American media told us that Americans have been surprised, shocked, and concerned that Trump had won the presidency. I must confess that I, too, did not expect this result of this so-called historical election, for I expected Hillary to win even for two terms not just one as I explained in a previous article (American Democracy at Its Worst). Yet following the unfolding events in the theater of presidential campaign and watching the presidential debates I was not as surprised of the outcome as the democratic voters. One could recognize that Hillary’s campaign was in jeopardy since many celebrities and politicians including Obama, Biden, Al Gore, Madeleine Albright and even Jimmy Carter came out to endorse and campaign for her. This endorsement came also from 78 Republican politicians including Colin Powell, Richard Hanna, John Negroponte, Richard Armitage and many others.

Listening to the speeches of the candidates and to their debates a keen listener could detect barely-noticed subtle code words/phrases that indicate the presence of behind the doors dealings, bargaining, concessions, and competition to gain financial and political support from the Secret World Government; the Hidden Hand, who virtually owns the USA and controls the American administration.

This Secret World Government is the elite of all elites; the 1% of the 1% elite, the shakers and the movers of the world, the destroyers and the builders of states, who controls the financial world and manipulate and cause major world events. They employ very specialized professionals, whose whole life job are to build long term schemes and plans to control whole countries and to concentrate absolute power in the hand of this small elite. To maintain control over the USA; the world’s strongest power, this elite grooms and preps certain individuals since their young age to become presidents; their puppets in the White House. The main goal of this Secret Government is to build the ultimate supremacist centralized government; the Greater Israel Project in the Middle East, to control the whole world.

One would astonishingly wonder how they failed to manufacture voting computer machines as reliable as the credit card computers that keep accurate track of even the slightest credit transactions.
The Great Israel Project is the leech that is siphoning American blood to fatten itself at the fatal expense of its host. It is gradually growing while the USA is gradually disintegrating through wars for Israel in the Middle East that includes the war against another super power; Russia, where both would eventually annihilate each other. History shows that successive American administrations have been supporting Israel, since its inception, on the expense of the hard working American people.

In their election campaign Hillary and Donald were not competing for American votes, rather for Zionist votes. Hillary was supported by Zionist Jew Hiam Saban while Donald was supported by Zionist Jew Sheldon Adelson. Both bet Hillary and Donald against each other for more concessions and support for the Israel Project.

During her 30 years political career in office Hillary Clinton had served Israel far more than any Israeli president had done. She was instrumental in gifting Israel money and weapons, sending American troops to kill and to be killed into wars for Israel neutralizing and destroying Arab countries opposing Israel, such as Egypt, Iraq, Syria, Libya and Yemen, dividing Palestinians into West Bank and Gaza Strip and starving Gaza Palestinians. Her actions include the creation of terrorist groups such as ISIS to destroy Syria for the sake of Israel as she unashamedly declared, and had armed the so-called Saudi coalition to destroy Yemen. Hillary had done a lot of damage for Israel.  She recently sent a letter to Hiam Saban promising to fight the BDS movement.  

Donald Trump was prepped, groomed and raised to power by Zionist Jewish lawyer Roy Cohn, who, with the help of Meyer Lansky, ran an organized crime syndicate in the US with close ties to the Jewish mobs in Russia and Israel.

Being the outsider; the new kid on the block, who still does not understand the political games that had been playing for long time, Trump gave more concessions and promises to his Zionist handlers. He started since 2013 when he endorsed Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu claiming that he is a big fan of Israel.

In November, during his primary candidate debate, Trump praised Israel’s apartheid wall justifying his proposal to build a similar wall on the US/Mexico border. He also criticized Obama’s policy towards Israel as “a disgrace” despite the fact that Obama’s administration is gifting $38 Billion of American tax money to Israel.

In his March 21st speech to AIPAC, written by his Jewish son-in-law, Jared Kushner, Trump stated that his number one priority as a President is to dismantle “the disastrous deal with Iran”. He blamed Obama’s administration for giving Iran $150 billion in cash while receiving nothing in return, neglecting to mention the fact that this money originally belongs to Iran illegally held by America. He accused Iran of supporting a terror network in Lebanon, in Iraq, in Syria and in Yemen, when the truth is that American policies had created these terrorist groups.

In the same speech Trump denied Palestinian right for self-defense and their freedom fight against Israeli military occupation accusing Palestinians of having a culture of hatred and developing a “Palestinian ISIS”. Moreover he promised to “move the American embassy to the eternal capital of the Jewish people – Jerusalem”, demanded that Palestinian “stop the terror being committed on a daily basis against Israel” and accepts “that Israel is a Jewish State and it will forever exist as a Jewish State”.  He also promised to veto any UN resolution against Israel.

Trump also had taken a pro-Israeli stance endorsing and legitimizing Israel’s illegal colonization (settlement) building in the occupied Palestinian West Bank and encouraged Israel to continue building when he stated “I think Israel really have to keep going. They have to keep moving forward.”

On September 25th Trump pledged to recognize Jerusalem as Israel’s “undivided” capital if elected president, claiming that “Jerusalem has been the eternal capital of the Jewish people for over 3,000 years”

With legalizing Israel’s colonization and recognizing Jerusalem as the eternal capital of Israel Trump had topped any offer Hillary could have given to the Zionists. Besides, Hillary’s tarnished political reputation and the fact that Republicans control the House and the Senate would make it difficult for Hillary to pass any foreign policy benefiting Israel. Hillary had outlived her usefulness to the Zionists and it is time for new blood; time for Trump to become a president. Voting was tampered with and Trump won presidency.

Watching the election process, the media coverage, the presidential debates and what many Americans, educated or not, think and believe about the election and the candidates I could not help but laugh all the way through.  Sadly, the real laugh is on us, the American people.

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