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Realities of War Against Syria


As soon as Aleppo was liberated this month; December 2016, an aggressive fake news campaign was launched to demonize this liberation as a war crime against Syrian civilians perpetrated by Syrian, Russian and Iranian forces. All the western media networks are recruiting so-called Syrian expert, who had never been in Syria, describing Bashar Assad, who was democratically elected in 2014 and again in 2016, as a “brutal dictator” intent on slaughtering his own people.

The Judaic fake news western main media outlets would never host investigator journalists such as Canadian Eva Bartlett, who has been on the ground in Syria four times to tell the truth. Nor would they give independent investigator reporter Vanessa Beeley, who had been in Syria many times, a chance to tell her eye witness stories of real situation in Aleppo.  Beeley’s stories would shame all the media outlets and their fake Syrian experts. Here, in December 15th 2016, just returning from liberated Aleppo, she explains who are the real butchers slaughtering Syrian civilians.

The war against Syria is part of the Zionist/American “New Middle East” project intent on destroying every Arab country and dividing them into smaller weaker sectarian enclaves, especially those countries who are considered part of the resistance axis against Israeli occupation of Palestine and against Zionist hegemony in the Middle Eastern region. This is basically proxy wars for the terrorist state of Israel, as the then Secretary of State Clinton stated in her email released by Wikileaks “best way to help Israel is to use force in Syria to overthrow the government”.

This terrorist war against Syria was launched in 2011 by the US Ambassador to Syria; Robert Ford, who was the chief architect of regime change in Syria and had actively worked with terrorists to aid their overthrow of the legitimate Syrian government. Carrying a suit case full of money, Ambassador Ford paid an unauthorized visit to the leaders of Muslim Brotherhood in the Syrian city of Hama. Back in 1982 the Brotherhood staged a failed insurrection and an assassination attempt of Hafiz Assad, Bashar’s father. The insurrection was crushed in few weeks with about 200 -300 casualties, although the numbers were extremely inflated by the Brotherhood and by western media. Still carrying a grudge against Assad’s government, incited and paid by Ambassador Ford, and encouraged by what was falsely termed as the Arab Spring and the events that took place in Tunisia, Libya and Egypt, the Brotherhood went into the streets demonstrating against their government. Initially peaceful, the demonstrations turned violent due to mercenary thugs attacking both sides; the demonstrators and the Syrian police.

As part of the Middle East, Syria has always been on the war list of the Judaic Secret World Government. Syria is part of the Fertile Crescent region with rich natural resources that include oil and gas. Syrian government has always been against the Great Israel project, has never accepted or negotiated with Israel, has always supported the Palestinian just cause, and had supported and armed Hezbollah especially during the 2006 Israeli aggression war against Lebanon. Syria had always been an economically self-sufficient country with budget surplus and without any national debts to the Rothschildian usury international banks. Most importantly Syria, similar to Iraq, is considered a front line for Iran, who is the next target on the Judaic Secret World Government’s war list.

The goals of the terrorist war against Syria are the total destruction of the country, evacuating it as much as possible from its citizens, and slicing it into smaller antagonistic sectarian American-protectorate enclaves (American military bases) similar to Qatar.

Israel wanted to destroy Syria for its support to Palestinian just cause and its support to Hezbollah during the 2006 Israeli aggression war against Lebanon. Israel has been supporting the terrorist groups by providing them with weapons and treating their wounded fighters in its hospitals.
To accomplish these goals this war was financed by billions of Dollars, mainly American and European tax money. Hundreds of thousands of the most brutal savage mercenaries from all around the world, many from European countries as British, French and German media networks had often reported, have been recruited, financed, militarily trained, armed with thousands of tons of weaponry, and shipped to Syria, mainly through Turkey and also, to a lesser extent, through Jordan, Lebanon, Saudi Arabia and Iraq. A huge brainwashing propaganda campaign mainly through thousands of western media outlets; television networks, newspapers, social media outlets, and armies of politicians, political clergy; Rabbis and takfiri Muslim Sheikhs, and disillusioned political activists, were used and manipulated to justify the war against Syria.

Syria war is not a civil war as the Western propaganda wants us to believe, rather it is an invasion war spearheaded by the US administration as described by the delegation of US Peace Council Representatives headed by its president Alfred Marder last September 14th. 2016. This delegation paid a fact finding visit to Syria and discovered that Syrian war is not a civilian war where Assad is slaughtering his own people, rather it is a war against Assad and the whole Syrian population by outside terrorist-supporting countries such as Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Turkey, US and Israel.

Israel wanted to destroy Syria for its support to Palestinian just cause and its support to Hezbollah during the 2006 Israeli aggression war against Lebanon. Israel has been supporting the terrorist groups by providing them with weapons and treating their wounded fighters in its hospitals.

The US administration has been following the Secret World Government’s war plans and waging Israel’s proxy wars. Under the supervision of Vietnam War traitor Arizona Senator; John McCain, who had been working closely with the terrorist groups in cooperation with the head of ISIS Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, the US had dropped tons of weapons to the terrorist groups in Syria. The American coalition forces; US, NATO, Turkey, Israel, Saudi Arabia and Qatar, had also sent their own military officers to train, supervise and direct terrorist attacks against Syrian targets. Many of these coalition officers were captured by Syrian Special Forces during the late events in Aleppo last week.

Besides the conventional weapons the American coalition forces had also provided the terrorists with chemical weapons to use against Syrian civilians in order to implicate Assad and to justify an intensive American military interference in Syria. BBC reported in May 6th 2013 that the terrorists, not Assad, had used chemical weapons against Syrian civilians. In December 13th, 2013 the UN Mission Report had also confirmed that “opposition” rebels, not Assad, used chemical weapons against civilians and government forces in Syria. Saudi Arabia was the major chemical weapons provider to terrorist.  After the liberation of Aleppo Syrian government discovered a large lab where chemical weapons were manufactured by the terrorists, and had handed over evidence of Mustard gas attacks by the terrorists on civilians to the OPCW (Organization for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons).

Qatar and Saudi Arabia wanted to destroy Syria because Assad refused to give them royalties to run the proposed Qatari gas pipeline and the proposed Saudi oil pipeline through Syria all the way through Turkey to Europe. Such pipelines would have negatively impacted Russian and Iranian economies, which are largely dependent on selling their own oil and gas to Europe.

Turkey joined in the war for the same reason. Turkey’s Erdogan family would have gained million in royalties for allowing these energy pipelines run through Turkey. Turkey had also gained millions buying stolen Syrian oil from the terrorist organizations for half price on the market as exposed by Russia, and transporting it on Erdogan’s son-in-law; Berat Albayrak, oil tankers through Powertrans oil transportation company according to WikiLeaks. Turkey had also benefited from buying Syrian industrial equipment looted by the terrorists from heavily industrial cities of Aleppo, Idlib and Sheikh Najjar.

Initially, Syrian government was left to fight the terrorist alone by itself without the help of any other country. Yet, when thousands of mercenary terrorists descended on the country from all direction and from all over the world, neighbouring countries of Lebanon, Iraq and Iran felt also threatened of any anticipated spilled attacks, they also joined the Syrian army in the fight against the terrorists. Russia had also joined in for fear that the many Chechen terrorists, who joined ISIS might later on come back to Russia and perpetrate terrorist attacks. Russia preferred to fight these Chechen terrorist on Syrian ground rather than in Russia itself.

Since Bashar Assad was elected president in 2000 Syria gradually grew into an ideal country; a real cultural and religious melting pot, where people from different religious denominations; Sunni and Shiite Muslims, Alawites, different Christian denominations, Druze and a Jewish minority, and from different nationalities; Arabs, Kurds, Turkmen, Assyrians, Syriacs and Armenians were living in peace and harmony together. The number of mosques, churches, schools, hospitals and factories multiplied. Being part of the rich Fertile Crescent Syria became an exporter of wheat, cotton and medicine to many parts of the world.

Syria, as well as Lebanon, Iraq, Libya and the whole Middle East in general was safer and secure without any terrorism until Israel occupied Palestine and started its colonial expansion with the help of successive American administrations, who, following a foreign policy of regime change, have been waging wars of terror against the whole Arab World, destroying one Arab country after the other and turning them into the hands of terrorist organizations. American Senators are well aware of this insane policy as Senator Ted Cruz once professed.

American politicians, who furiously accuse Russia without any shred of evidence of meddling with American election, have the audacity of giving themselves the right to interfere into the affairs of other sovereign countries destroying their infrastructures and imposing regime change against the will of their own people.

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