Saturday, April 20, 2019
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NATO Summit and Increasing Tensions

karzai-nato"You may not be interested in war but war is interested in you."  Leon Trotsky

Whether we like or not India must remain aware of what is happening or might happen in our neighborhood i.e. South West Asia i.e. Afghanistan, Iran etc.

North Atlantic according to Washington definition now covers the entire world. US led Nato warlords aka military-industry complex in axis with energy and financial interests now consider the rest of the world its enemy without saying so.

In any case with defense spending of US alone $700 billion USD, as much as the rest of the world put together plus huge sums being spent by other 26 Nato members, the sums are colossal. Quite obviously the intentions are far from defensive but to continue to dominate and threaten the rest of the world.

Never mind US is fast declining needing another infusion 0f $600 billion to add to 2 trillion added on computer screens two years ago, with nothing to back these massive sums EU finances are in turmoil with Ireland needing a bailout. Something has to give in sooner or later.

Then there are reports and statements that US is building bases in Iraq and Afghanistan, in the north. First time since 2001 heavy tanks are being used by US marines in Afghanistan. Is it whistling in the dark to browbeat Tehran and Taliban. It is unlikely to succeed.

Again all options remain on the US /Israeli table including bombing Iran, which most analysts feel will trigger WWIII and a demi Armageddon.

As for India we have a history of waking up only after the invaders have reached Panipat in medieval times and now days our inability to inflict damage after the attacks on Parliament in 2000 and 2611 public rape of Mumbai after 10 (!) Pak commandos landed at Mumbai beach with FBI’s complicity.

In 1960s US Amb John Gailbraith had described India as a functioning anarchy. Since long India has morphed into a dysfunctional state with no comprehension or respect for rule of law. “I have done no wrong" say politicians, since what they are OK in their book. ”Law will take its own course“ In India it takes a course decided by the politicians.
Then we have a dopey looking slow witted External affairs Minister Remember his performance in Pakistan with Qureishi. What leadership can he provide!
NATO leaders agree to new missile shield

According to media reports NATO leaders meeting in Portugal have agreed to a new missile defense shield to cover the whole of Europe as well as the US.

The ambitious project would see US anti-missile interceptors strategically placed across Europe to protect every country on the continent. It would include bases in Romania, Poland and possibly Turkey and would be linked to existing European defenses.

The system would stop incoming missiles and rockets from an enemy state. (Syria, Iran. Lebanon, north Korea or ---Russia, China !!)

It is estimated the expanded anti-missile defense would cost more than $250 billion over the next 10 years. According to info available tens of billions spent on this Star Wars  technology remains unproved .Do they expect Iran etc to cave in as did Gorbachev to Reagan’s Star War threats.

Russia has previously opposed such plans.

Below is a very superb article by Brazilian journalist Pepe Escobar full of black humor and wit on Nato policies and plans At the end is an article by Russian foreign minister Lavrov outlining firmly Moscow views.

We in India and our media are sunk in covering and exposing the bottomless pit of corruption and venality by the political elite across the board.

Plus ce change plus ce la meme chose. This French proverb means the more it changes the more it remains the same. In India it only becomes worse.

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