Tuesday, April 24, 2018
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Israel's culture of lying

apartheid-israelBy Khalid Amayreh

Israeli and Zionist leaders, irrespective of their party affiliation, are proven liars. The former Israeli Prime Minister, Golda Meir, for example, denied the very existence of the Palestinian people, saying "What Palestinians?"

In fact, lying has always been one of three pillars upon which Zionism, which many well –meaning historians wouldn't hesitate calling "Jewish Nazism," is based. The other two pillars are murderous ethnic cleansing and land theft.
Lying is also a central structural component of the collective Israeli mindset, especially in matters pertaining to the systematic persecution, dispossession and repression of the Palestinians.
Lying is resorted routinely and continuously to justify, extenuate, and hide the nearly daily crimes perpetrated by the Israeli state and its various organs against mostly innocent Palestinians.
Thus lies have to be concocted to justify the murder of a school child on his way to school or on his way home from school. In this case, we would hear about "rock-throwing Palestinians." Lies are  made to justify the nearly daily pogroms  to which Palestinian farmers are subjected  to at the hands of Judo-Nazi  gangs, otherwise  known as settlers, who attack these helpless olive growers, burn down their orchards and steal their crops, often in  full view of Israeli troops. 
All these crimes are swept under the carpet with the help of magical phrases or sound-bites, such as claiming that Palestinian farmers and Jewish settlers had a "clash over disputed territory." Thus, suddenly and at the spur of the moment, olive groves owned by Palestinians, generation after generation since time immemorial  become "disputed" on no other account than some recently-arriving  immigrant thugs, armed with guns, hatred and racism and encouraged by a pornographically criminal state, claiming  that their ancestors had owned the land some 3000 years ago?
Well, would any of the readers give up his home or farm  or arbor or orchard if  someone came to you, claiming that the land had belonged to his ancestors several thousands years ago?
In my  many years of  work as a journalist, I discovered that mendacity was as vital for the mental health of an average Israeli official as  was oxygen for his or her physical survival. They lie about every conceivable thing, and when a given lie doesn't work, they will resort to making a bigger lie.
A few years ago, some of my Jewish friends blamed me for writing an article entitled "Couldn't Zionism Lie about the Holocaust." They argued that the Holocaust was a sacrosanct subject and that there should be no question as to the horrible crimes committed by the Nazi beast against European Jewry. I actually never wanted to switch the subject from Zionism to Nazism or more correctly from Zio-Nazism to German Nazism.
Nor was I ever enthusiastic about belittling the plight of Jews during the Second World War. None the less, I had to speak up, if only to show Jews, especially Zionist Jews, that they should display some respect for their victims as they themselves expect their former victimizers to display some respect to their victims, Jews and non-Jews alike.
I argued that if Zionist Jews could lie rather obscenely about things taking place  before our eyes, such the collective murder of Palestinians and destruction of their homes, e.g. the blitz in Gaza nearly two years ago, what would prevent them  from lying about things that took place six or seven decades ago?  
Again, I am not denying that there were Auschwitz, Treblinka, Mauthhausen, Bergen Belsen, Dachau and other concentration camps. I only doubt the Zionist narrative. In the final analysis, liars can't be trusted and their narratives can't and shouldn't be taken for granted.  Meticulous efforts ought to be made to ascertain the truth in this case.
I am not a historian but like many non-historians, I suspect I have the capacity to make a distinction between a genuine and disingenuous historian.
Take for example some Jewish "historians" who keep invoking the so-called "Falling –man" metaphor, which caricatures the invasion of  Palestine by European Ashkenazi Jews as a man falling for his life from a burning building right on top of an  innocent   bystander down the street.
Some of these so-called historians have argued that had the "bystander," e.g. The Palestinian not tried to repulse the "falling man," e.g. The Zionists, the latter might have behaved differently toward the bystander.
The truth of the matter, however, is that the falling man came to Palestine, not as a refugee who wanted to live and let live. He rather came to Palestine to dispossess the country, build a Jewish commonwealth and kill or expel the natives. The falling man's advent was part and parcel of a master plan of occupation, dispossession and ethnic cleansing. Humanity and noble humanitarian values were never part of the Zionist philosophy, a philosophy that was based on Jewish supremacy just as Nazism was based on Aryan supremacy.
Now, let us be affronted by one Zionist late-comer, who is no other than Benyamin Netanyahu, one of the greatest liars produced by Zionism.
Netanyahu has been quoted   as saying that "Israel can't allow Iran to be in the West Bank." Well, if Iran is the problem, then  how about giving the West Bank to Jordan, a country that is more than friendly to Israel? Or putting it under UN or US administration?
It is  of course obviously that Israel is using Iran as bogey or red herring to keep its Nazi-like occupation of millions of Palestinians who are denied most basic human rights and civil  liberties on the ground that they don't belong to the "holy tribe."
For those who don't remember, this is the same mendacious propagandistic lie  that Zionist leaders used during the Soviet era when  Israeli leaders argued that they wouldn't allow for the creation of a Soviet base or satellite state a few kilometers from Tel  Aviv by pulling  out of the West Bank and enabling the Palestinians to establish an independent Palestinian state.
Netanyahu went on dispersing his lies right and left, saying that Gaza was becoming an Iranian base.
Well, since when was the demand for ending the Nazi-like Israeli occupation and the throttling siege on Gaza, tantamount to creating an Iranian base in Gaza?
The truth of the matter is that Hamas, a popular Islamic movement, won the American-approved and Israeli-okayed elections that took place in the occupied territories in 2006. Israel and the Bush administration as well as many US puppet regimes in the Arab world didn't like the outcome of the elections. This is the crux of the matter. Hence, the talk about "Iranian base" and "Iranian influence" is just hogwash and nonsense.
There is no doubt that the Americans and Europeans know deep in their hearts that Israel is both murderer and liar. However, these big powers lack the moral courage to say "NO" in the face of the Jewish Third Reich which holds the governments of these countries by the throat.
Perhaps when Washington, Ottawa, London, Paris and Rome are freed from the Jewish grip, international politics would restore some honesty, some honor and some respectability.
Perhaps then and only then one would be able to hope for some Justice in Palestine.

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