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Why 9-11 Has Won - Too Big to Fail


I have recently written articles in MWC News arguing the case for Why 9-11 Truth Has Won, due primarily to the weight of irrefutable scientific proof of the two key elements that evidence controlled demolition of all three WTC Towers – free fall collapse and the presence of thermite, explaining the near total absence of structural resistance. Readers have shown surprising interest in these articles. However, there is much more to say on the subject, so I have plenty to satisfy the interest.

To begin with, there is the subject of inertia, not just that generated by the mass of a tall building in free-fall (as qualitatively defined by Galileo) but that of a global movement gathering around a core of irrefutable substance (see above) more dense than Depleted Uranium.

Unlike the assassination of President John Fitzgerald Kennedy, which created a sore in the American nation that has been festering unwashed for over 47 years (and continues to do so), the issue of 9-11 has had profound implications worldwide. Not that the world was not concerned about JFK, but this is personal. Not only has it led to two illegal, immoral, aggressive and shockingly violent wars that have outraged every thinking human being who has a capacity for moral reasoning and/or a sense of justice that is at very least capable of considering “if this can be done to other countries and civilians, then what about us?” but also it has created an instability in capitalism that leaves every one of its participants, other than those of a tiny elite who own the lion’s share, in apprehension about their stake in the system. To see how this fear is evident even among those who can afford the luxury of “safe investment” in precious metals one need only look at the gold price (Visit, select Charts and set the date range to 20 years, or see below). The meaning is obvious.

In Whose Name?

The never-ending story of the “War on Terror”, with the noble US as “word policeman” in the vanguard of a “broad coalition” has been sold to us as being a war in our name against those nebulous forces who hate “freedom and democracy”. The fear button is pressed every time we board a plane or a train (so much so that even the CEO of British Airways has lost patience). It’s the kind of flimsy fabrication that fools a lot of people for some of the time, but shouldn’t fool anyone at all.

The latest attempts to absolve oil companies from any responsibility for these illegal wars involve the argument that that the oil industry “wants stability” and is not served by war in oil producing countries. For an industry whose product has an extremely inelastic demand curve and in which the bigger players have vertical control of the supply all the way from the oil fields to the driveway pump and vast reserves along the supply chain this argument is very fragile. The ability of oil companies to quickly and artificially transmit crude oil prices to the pump provides ample opportunity to benefit significantly from “instability”, especially given, for example, the short time taken to restore the flow of oil from Iraq after all the “liberation”. It’s an argument that is also very naïve to the reality of the extent to which oil companies have benefit from the mass privatisation of Iraqi oil supplies or to the contest within the industry and to recognise which companies lose and which companies gain. Certainly, the oil companies have not punished Tony Blair for his role in causing all this “instability”.

But what is becoming evident here, given the near decade of “exposure” of the Bush administration lies about Iraq, lies that were obvious to anyone with a grain of wit way back in 2003, lies amounting to serious criminal fraud and with inestimable consequences, all without a storm of outrage, other than from the usual suspects of the anti-war movement, the storm that should logically follow from such an exposure, is that something is missing. The push for war crimes trials, though strong, is not the overwhelming surge of global public opinion and legal and political action that it ought to be. Not all the blame can be dumped on a corrupt media. What this implies is a broad public complicity in an international armed robbery for purposes of resource theft in the expectation of trickle-down effects to the driveway pump and other places along with a boost to the general economic outlook. The relative quietude (relative to the outrage there should be) in countries of the coalition of the killing points to a conclusion that stealing the oil we need from Muslim countries was not a crime we want punished. This is consistent with the general coalescence in the “looking forward” sentiment that wants to get over it and “move on”. So what happens if this cheap fuel and boost to the general economic outlook fails to materialise? Is there substance to the saying that there is no honour among thieves?

I still hear murmurs of agreement with Blair when he chants his mantra that “the world is better off without Saddam Hussein”; though I wonder if he also thinks the world is better off without Iraq and those million Iraqis who lost their lives. No interest is expect in anti-war protests or action for war crimes trials from people who circulate anti-Muslim propaganda (including Pope Benedict XVI), but even they can be relied upon to get as angry as the 30 Million who objected to the violence back in 2003 when economic hardship comes to the threshold as the profits fail to “trickle down” in forms other than increased fear, rights violations and police violence at demonstrations of protest over matters more compelling than war.

The Economic Growth Factor

The missing link in the pseudo-science of Economics, as David Suzuki pointed out long ago, is the disconnection of economic value from intrinsic value and the impending reality of a finite world. In the space of little more than 100 years (a mere blip in geological time, and a one sixtieth fraction of the history of human civilisation) our consumption of oil, which has seen something like exponential growth, has reached the stage where, like myopic children, the so-called experts are debating the question of peak oil (“Are we there yet?”). Our consumption and waste is poisoning the planet and steadily extinguishing all other life while the “movers and shakers” of the “free market” system that is now purportedly the de facto determinant of human vision, aspiration and planning for the future, are playing pea-and-walnut-shell games with the question of global warming, while the surging Chinese and Indian economies are unleashing the expectations of a further 2 billion people for all the obscene consumption and waste that we are addicted to in the developed world.

But these practical realities of the world among which the Economic mind-games of governments and global corporate capitalism are played, significant as they are, are presented here only by way of context. They are the rocks and stormy sea in which the little boat of human destiny charts its course, in which the struggle for the tiller is played out and in which the key and fundamental issue of 9-11 gathers momentum.

I probably will not be awarded an honorary MBA by some university for my theory, nor indeed surprise anyone with an innovative idea, but it seems to me that if governments wanted to save the banks that were too big to fail there was a safer way to go about it. These banks are physical entities; their trained staff, offices, filing cabinets, computers, networks, boardroom cocktail cabinets, buildings and other infrastructure, even their “commercial presence” does not evaporate into the air when their share price reaches zero. It’s a matter of simple common sense that governments would better serve “their shareholders” (the taxpayers) by letting these banks fail and buying them up when their share prices have collapsed. With these cheaply bought banks then in public ownership and the boards of directors gone the government would then be in a position to examine the executive management, determine the failures of policy and implementation that caused their collapse, identify the people responsible and purge them (with redundancy payouts rather than bonuses) to be replaced in a “re-conditioned” management team. Resurrected, these banks could then continue to perform their function in the economy with the profits accruing to the taxpayer or could be re-sold at profit. The net result would be that the unwary shareholders lost their money, the people responsible lost their jobs and the vital institution is restored.

It’s a plain and simple approach that is obvious to us all. So why have governments borrowed vast sums of money, in the case of the United States indebting American taxpayers for generations to come, in order to pour it into these companies, often only to see it used to pay bonuses to the people responsible for the failure, buy up smaller banks that were probably more competently managed, push more good money after bad and sometimes push money off-shore into foreign investments? Of course, the answer to this question is that it was to protect the interests of a very small minority of highly privileged people, not necessarily even their own citizens.

As the consequences of the bailouts increasingly impact the living standards of Americans (and other western countries), shrinking the middle class, pushing vast numbers into extreme poverty and radically degrading the economic security and aspirations of all Americans, the cosy alliance around the trickle-down fountain of the Regan/Friedman economic wonder is soon to become an expansion of the “Battle for Seattle”. In other places the illusory commitment to capitalism is much weaker.

This is all plain sailing under the banner of the stars and stripes; of course, there is vast accumulated wealth in the coffers of the people who own western capitalism to finance the organization and equipping of one section of society to contain the rest.

Nevertheless, the ill feeling will persist. It’s already growing rapidly and forcing a much more sober view of the social order throughout, and a broader willingness to re-examine the assumptions of American society – including the veracity of 9-11.

In the context of all this, a more sober and objective examination of 9-11 is taking place, under the radar of the mainstream media. When intelligent people stop to look, the 9-11 Truth Movement has two irrefutable facts of profound significance that point the way to a great deal more to think about, once a mind is open to see.

WikiLeaks and Other Diversions

On the face of it, Julian Assange, in almost classic Hollywood style of a manufactured image: dynamic, enigmatic, eloquent, self-assured and ethereal, has thrown open the secret places of the American empire exposing all the deceit and intrigue of it’s underbelly. With hundreds of thousands more documents yet to emerge we have potentially a whole series of episodes in the making. Even the mainstream media is “coming out”. It’s almost too good to be true.

And indeed, already, many are arguing very good cases for exactly that.

One article asks “Wiki-Leaks and plausible lies - Where have all the critical thinkers gone?- but a much more considered case is argued by Michel Chossudovsky as he raises the question "Who is behind Wikileaks?" in a December 13th 2010 article in Global Research.

He notes “the leaks are being used to justify a foreign policy agenda” and he reasons “On the surface, nothing proves that Wikileaks is a CIA covert operation. However, the issue of a CIA sponsored PsyOp must necessarily be addressed.”

His view is essentially summed up in the question “Are we not dealing with a case of ‘manufactured dissent’, whereby the process of supporting and rewarding Wikileaks for its endeavours, becomes a means of controlling and manipulating the Wikileaks project, while at the same time embedding it into the mainstream media.” Which seems to favour the view that while Assange has genuine intentions he is an unwitting dupe of the CIA and the mainstream media disinformation machine.

Anthony Lawson takes a harsher view of Assange. In his video “Sex, lies, Iran, Israel and WikiLeaks” released on the same day he condemns Assange for his statement of 19 July 2010 in which he said:

I’m constantly annoyed that people are distracted by false conspiracies such as 9-11 when all around we provide evidence of real conspiracies for war or mass financial fraud”.

However, the message that the 9-11 Truth Movement should take from all of this is a highly positive one because whatever view one takes of Assange, a genuine item (with a dissenting view about 9-11), unwitting dupe or active participant in a CIA deception, one thing is abundantly evident – institutions at the core of American government are working desperately and going to great lengths to suppress or confound the truth. They are struggling. The fundamental objective of the 9-11 Truth Movement, on the other hand, is to force the kind of genuine investigation that will establish the truth of what happened on 9-11; something even members of the 9-11 Commission concede has not been achieved. Truth matters; it’s the winning side.

There are other instances where the government and media are expending great effort simply to resist calls of the kind that seek investigation of the truth. For example, the Guardian’s effort to dismiss calls by highly credible medical professionals for further investigation into the death of David Kelly who say that his alleged suicide was not possible.

Efforts of this kind are increasingly fragile and exposed when the essential elements of the truth are already evident and irrefutably exposed, as is the case with 9-11 – the visually obvious and now substantiated fact of controlled demolition.

But diversions and distractions nevertheless abound. One prominent example is the Missing Links video.

This video provides such a breadth and depth of new information, much of which seems to come from the perspective of familiar insiders and with so much useful material that it seems more like the work of a team of provider sources rather than of one of a few researchers. However, the video quickly migrates into a theme of intense anti-Semitism referring to a “Jewish criminal network” with bitterly caustic language denigrating Jews in general. It quite deliberately sets out to undermine the critical distinction that Zionism is not Judaism and steer people who question 9-11 away from the core issue of inadequate investigation and analysis of the event and into an untenable conclusion based on racist antipathy towards Jews.

The 9-11 Truth Movement, as seen from most of the statements coming from a diversity of highly organised and determined groups, is highly motivated to keep the focus and “stay the course”, it’s a movement about discovering truth, not anti-Semitism.

Once again, while in it’s sprinkling of attractive sugar this video provides useful insights, it’s crude attempt at diversion reveals a desperately failing system of deception and disinformation at work against a growing momentum for the truth.

Exploiting Grief

Something that is always nauseating to witness is the behaviour of people who covet political or economic power in seeking to align themselves with people who have experienced loss in the name of the nation. The grief of families of the thousands of soldiers who have died in wars has always provided good political capital.

Believing that loved ones have died for country or that there is national identification with a family’s grief over a loss that occurred in nationally significant circumstances is a powerful impetus to identification with country, patriotism and reverence for all things pertaining to the national collective. People in such circumstances are easy prey for people who will cynically exploit these feelings. Professional liar George Bush Junior has been supremely active in this sphere. There is an abundance of images of him ardently seeking to portray himself as in empathy with the families of victims of 9-11, most of whom were far removed from the “haves and have mores” whom Bush told, in his sycophantic style. “You’re my base”, the people to whose massive financial and practical benefit Bush would initiate his “war on terror”, creating unmeasurable grief for thousands more of American families and elsewhere.

Nevertheless, as should be extremely encouraging to the 9-11 Truth Movement, these people are already gathering, in significant and increasing numbers, into the general momentum demanding a new investigation to uncover the truth.

The Intellectual Vanguard

When I first heard about 9-11, and then saw events unfolding, despite seeing with my own eyes, I interpreted the events “as directed”. In the weeks that followed, I have to confess, I was highly motivated to believe that a group of men, sufficiently bitter and angry towards the United States as to sacrifice their own lives in the effort, had delivered it a very hard smack in the face. As someone very engaged with the outrage of American bombs raining down on the villages of Vietnam, Laos and Cambodia, empathising with them, I make no apology for these impulses, despite having reflected with similar empathy for the poor souls who threw themselves from the burning buildings. Others are motivated to interpret the events “as directed” by other reasons, such as patriotism or job security. I know personally, people so dependent on their place in capitalism, aware of what can happen to people (even the innocuous “Dixie Babes”) who express dissenting views about this issue, that they dare not even engage their minds with the idea of “controlled demolition”, much less an “inside job”. Nevertheless, once the spell is broken, reality dawns and there is no going back.

There are many people, particularly those who have had no science education at all, who have no framework in which to critically assess the interpretation received “as directed”. What we see, however is that the 9-11 Truth Movement has a large and rapidly growing contingent of educated professionals for whom the spell has broken. For people who understand science, the visually and logically self-evident conflict of the given interpretation with an educated understanding of how things behave in the real, physical world is enough to break the spell.

However, for people who have insight to how science method works, anyone who can read the paper by Niels H. Harrit et al in The Open Chemical Physics Journal, 2009, 2, 7-31, and appreciate the logic and methods of their analysis and implications of what has been gleaned; the given interpretation of 9-11 is utterly demolished. There are many people in a variety of professions, in science itself and science-based fields such as engineering as well as professional academics who have this understanding. A good many people in these professions, who have for whatever reason come to examine the issue, assured by this understanding, have put their (valuable) reputations on the line and signed up to the 9-11 Truth Movement. They are rapidly becoming the vanguard of the movement.

The credibility the movement derives from having people of this calibre in the front lines is causing a good many other educated professionals to pause and seriously re-examine the issue. When they do, the result is inevitable. A cause driven by a process of this nature is no less inevitably bound for universal acceptance than the cause of Galileo. The cause of 9-11 is a matter of no less gravity for human destiny.

Where the intellectual vanguard leads the uneducated masses must inevitably follow; woe may betide them in the meantime, but they must inevitably follow.

The True Patriots

Many people have discussed the question akin to Shakespeare’s Hamlet of whether it’s nobler in the mind to get behind their president (like a patriotic sheep) or to take up (metaphorical?) arms against a mere shadow of a government that fails to represent its people. The late Howard Zinn quoted Mark Twain who struck out against questioning of his patriotism by declaring that he was loyal to country rather than it’s extraneous institutions and office holders, calling the latter “mere clothing” which can “wear out and become ragged”.

This view is clearly emerging at senior levels in the armed forces and secret services of the US as significant individuals, motivated perhaps by concerns other than the science, are speaking out to question the official explanation of 9-11 and support the call for a new, more rigorous investigation. Their unquestionable patriotism is clearly not clothed in the same rags as Bush and Obama.

Emerging dissent regarding the re-investigation of 9-11 in the key, patriotic, national institutions is sure to bring enormous force into the gathering momentum of the 9-11 Truth Movement’s call for a new investigation.

The Real World

There is of course, a direct connection between 9-11 and the expanding imperial empire, owned by the people who own western capitalism but masquerading as an “American” empire. What is becoming obvious is that the United States is merely the paper bag that was inflated by the popular expansion of capitalism within. The corrupt politicians who dance in the chorus of the theatres of western democracies generally step in time to the tune of economic power, giving an appearance of international harmony with this expansion. However, expanding empires are always about encroachments of power – other powers must be incorporated or overcome.

So far we have seen a lot of incorporation, such as in the imaginary “revolution” that overthrew the Soviet Union in 1989, with a tribe of former Soviet politicians retiring as millionaires to the Greek Isles while a few remained behind to be incorporated (however uneasily) into the privileged elite who own western capitalism. We have also seen a lot of still tenuous domination in South America and the Middle East. But even in Europe there are no shortage of signs of established power and wealth unwilling to coalesce in or be dominated by the new imperial empire. Tradition doesn’t eat McDonalds. All over the world there is open dissent at a very high level against the official account of 9-11, dissent that, at the very least evidences the reality that 9-11 Truth is more than a matter of interest within the US.

In the real world outside the US the tattered rags that cloak the truth of 9-11 are unravelling. As the discussion proceeds and refuses, after almost a decade, to go away, the official story becomes increasingly transparent and laughable, approaching the condition of the emperor’s new clothes. Not everyone in the middle and upper classes of the real world sees a great future for themselves and their descendants in the great new “American Empire”.

As the fallout from the capitalist meltdown impoverishes the western working classes, shrinks the middle classes and even threatens the futures of the privileged elite the key question of 9-11 will gather international political momentum. The world still has room for both self interest and moral outrage and 9-11 is a dark and growing cloud of both. A social, political, economic storm is gathering; beneath it a much darker environmental storm is also gathering. Capitalism is not too big to fail, but the forces that underpin the inertia and gathering momentum of demands for truth about 9-11 certainly are; they are the kind of forces that give rise to saplings of life growing up through the bitumen and concrete rubble of a fallen edifice.

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