Tuesday, April 23, 2019
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Egypt Protests, Something In Common With Wikileaks

Egyptian Muslims and ChristiansDr Fadia K. Ibraham

I have learnt from ten years of writing to opposing Egyptian media that writing during time of big events doesn't help in Historization of the event, it churns out premature speculative views and opinions that be overridden later by the huge day-to-day output of the news and analysis and the continuous revelation of secrets from behind the apparent scene.

I've practised writing about 9/11 event and war on Iraq shortly after their occurrence. Today I would wonder at reading what I've wrote that seems for now like figments of imagination. What a remarkable discrepancy between the 42-minute-Saddam's destructive weapons and the revelation of Oil-Multinational companies grabbing most of Iraqi oil contracts

The day-by-day amazing news of Egyptian protests ' like Wikileaks' are revealing to the World's people what the western media ignored deliberately for decades about the urgent need of Middle Eastern people for Justice and fair chance in the huge fortunes grabbed by their oppressors under full protection by the successive Anglo-American leadership.

The Wikileaks -style revelation from Liberty Square protests in Egypt and from the slow but continuous compromise by Mubarrak's regime is revealing ' what we all know' but we were incapable to prove it about the unfettered Western protection of the Dictators was the forfeit for their appreciable services in controlling their people to stabilize the area for the interests of one middle eastern State named the only ally of America even if stability achieved at the expense of impoverishing the people and sometimes killing them.

Parallel to Wikileas role in revealing sensitive political secrets running behind closed doors, Egypt protests revealed the powerful network of corruption infecting the government and Parliament and the four million member-Democratic and the stunning revelation came through flow of documents and clips and confession in public by some opportunists who now are trying to jump from the sinking ship of corruption to attend the Revolution of the masses.

There was another stunning revelation came out of Egypt protests, the revelation of the secret corrupt amalgamation not only political but financial ties between US politicians and Mubarrak's family.No Mubarrak

Frank Wisner, President Barack Obama's envoy to Cairo who infuriated the White House this weekend by urging Hosni Mubarak to remain President of Egypt, works for a New York and Washington law firm which works for the dictator's own Egyptian government

But the most important revelation was the true hideous face of the process of quelling the protesters. World people thought that Egyptian police would try to intimidate the protesters by beating them with batons or putting them in prison but Police shocked the whole World by using armoured vehicles in shooting the masses and running over them and killing hundreds

One would think that this Horrible Clip is from the clips captured in The Day of Baghdad Fall in 2003, but in fact this displays the huge battle between Mubarrak's police and the armless protesters in Liberty Square in 25 January.

Below is another horrible clip seen by all World people and it stirred panic and sense of insecurity amongst the viewers
It shows a car stolen from US Embassy and used by Police in running over crowds of protesters killing twenty and wounding more than fifty human.

My obligation is to spot lights on the anonymous young Egyptian girl who sparkled the Revolution. Few are acknowledged about her role in toppling the most corrupt and powerful regime in the World' The whole story of protests began when she invited all Egyptians on YouTube to join her in protest in Liberty Square in 25 January , she didn't expect that millions will take her invitation seriously and rush to follow her in massive protest

Here is below the clip of Asmaa Mahfouz the brave young girl who said to Mubarrak: No Mot Silence


Al-Jazeera and the Cyber media did it again and defeated the fake media of Murdoch the Fox likes who are still ridiculing themselves at this moment by airing lies about Islamist Brotherhood domination in the Egyptian streets, they are on their failure agenda of fuelling Islamophobia while all World media is praising the brave students and the middle class and the poor who are participating in protest

Murdoch media is still fuelling hatred between Egyptian Muslims and Christians by  focusing at individual crimes and clashes but the Christians failed their agenda when they rushed to attend the protests hand in hand in Tahrir Square.

Finaly , I only wonder at such stupidity, will fuelling Islamophobia among average people provoke America to attack Iran for the interest of Israel?

The answer is No.

Did the phobic Americans exert pressure at US government to intervene in Tunis and Egypt to stop the upcoming change?

The answer is No.

So let Fox screaming the wolf.

This is one of the old writing of Dr Fadia K. Ibraham against Mubarrak. Published in opposing Egyptian media- 2007

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