Thursday, April 25, 2019
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A Perfect World - Response to Avnery


I read Avnery consistently but I am troubled by his latest article Napoleon’s Dictum.

And his treatment of the issue of the current issue of Libya, the latest quarry of the pack of hunting jackals.


I often find, on reading Avnery, a sense of the paradoxical. He seems endlessly knowledgeable and his reasoning very astute - and then suddenly he speaks as if he entirely lacks an understanding of the reality.

I was appalled by his remark that:

THERE IS no way to get rid of this “eccentric” tyrant but by sheer military force. This seems to be obvious by now.

Has he absorbed all the western denigration of Qaddafi with the naive simplicity of a child?

Much in the manner of Chomsky he speaks condescendingly of the “Many well-meaning and experienced leftists around the world” and dismisses the vast body of their rightly disparaging critique as if they ”condemn everything the US and/or NATO do, whatever it is”. A quite absurd and misleading statement, even if it were not a sweeping generalisation.

He makes excuse for the very telling distinction between the “Libyan intervention” and the non-intervention in Bahrain or Yemen on the basis that it would be:

like demanding a murderer go unpunished because other murderers are still free

Does he think this distinction is fundamentally different from that between the needs for “liberation” in East Timor and Iraq?

He also speaks dismissively as mere “assertion” that

Others assert that some of the coalition partners are themselves not much better than Qaddafi.

as if Qaddafi maintained over 700 bases around the world keeping a military boot on the neck of any potential threat to “Libyan interests”, had been responsible for the destruction of a nation the size of Iraq and the deaths of a million of its people, displacement of 4 million more and the dreadful impoverishment of the rest, had murdered thousands of civilians in Afghanistan (ongoing), had brought about the torture and disappearance of tens of thousands of Chileans, intervened to the destruction of over 30 democracies in the past 50 years etc. etc.

No - compared to the coalition of the killing Qaddafi is “Mother Theresa”.

But according to Avnery, with his prayer book of western propaganda Qaddafi has

provoked the world and stands in the way of the Arab awakening.

With the cynicism of Machiavelian calculus he reasons:

The agreed aim of “protecting Libyan civilians” is wearing thin – it was a polite lie from the beginning.

and moves on with stunningly absurdity to say that:

The real aim is – and cannot be otherwise – the removal of the murderous tyrant, whose very existence in power is a continuous deadly menace to his people. But that was not spelled out in coalitionese.

Has Avnery really not yet made the connection between Iraq and Libya? Can he really not see the common factor?

My own mind finds a paradox in this kind of statement coming from a clever and knowledgeable man purportedly committed to the better human values such as objective truth, justice, the common good and moral righteousness.

If anything, Avnery's comments about the Libyan “rebels”;

It is clear by now that the “rebels” have no real military force. They are not a unified political movement and they have no unified political - let alone military - command. They will not conquer Tripoli by themselves, perhaps not even if the coalition supplies them with arms.

confirms the general left-wing suspicions that they are not even able to muster the support of the general population in the east of Libya where they are at strength and that in fact they represent a minority motivated by greed and the seductive notion that they can take for themselves the oil wealth of Libya - no glorious ideals of democracy and freedom here.

Avnery's contention that

there is no hidden, sinister force lurking in the wings, waiting to replace Qaddafi with another repressive regime

tempts me to the word “stupid” - but I would never use that word in response to Avnery.

To even use words in reference to The Arab League to suggest that “it represents the Arab World” in any semblance at all is ridiculous. It represents the interests of puppet dictators sustained by the US to repress Arabs and steal their resources and wealth.

Avnery rightly points out, in reference to the fundamental Arab issue of the plight of the Palestinians that

Arab leaders who have betrayed this trust are paying the price now.

But he fails to note that of all the Arab leaders it is Qaddafi who alone could lay any claim to genuine and sustained “Solidarity with the Palestinian people”.

If I could speak with Avnery I would, without any presumption to preach to the wise, for I'm sure that he is much more knowledgeable than I, I would explain a few realities about the fundamental principles that underpin all of what is happening in the Middle East and from which flow everything else.

The world is currently dominated by Capitalism.

Capitalism is owned by a quite small number of people and through it they control the minds and lives of a great many others.

Their dominance of Capitalism and the world depends on their ownership and control of the resources that Capitalism needs - principally energy resources and specifically OIL.

To achieve this they maintain control of the US as a place from which to breed, disperse and equip the armies they need to dominate the countries that are “blessed” with these resources.

Israel and its pathetic obsession with Judaism and the establishment of an expansionist “Jews only” state is merely enjoying a high point, which allows it the luxury of perverse and total persecution of its enemies because it is strategically important for the time being. The true basis of the future of Israel will depend upon its sentimental value to those Jews who enjoy status as members of that elite club of people who own western capitalism.

Sadly for the future of humanity, neither the members of that club nor the rest of humanity, even many of those moral and intelligent humans that contribute to it have realised that these people have a common, collective mental illness; they are psychopathic criminals whose sanity has been destroyed by the worms of greed and power that have eaten away at them for generations, reducing them to nothing more than their perverse obsessions.

Without respect for the great things that humanity has achieved and an understanding of the true source and engine of this creativity, lacking imagination and vision they have only destructive power and in the height of what they achieve with that power, if it is achieved at all, they can exist only in a sterile and static state, waiting until such time as the creative power of humanity that they must suppress rises up like weeds through the concrete to destroy them or until that eternal darkness of oblivion consumes the human experiment - a prospect that currently seems very real.

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