Sunday, April 20, 2014
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Jewish Greatest Genocidal Criminals -Part I

crosshairsSince the beginning of human history we have witnessed so many genocidal murderers; kings, presidents, military leaders and political clergy, who called for, advocated and perpetrated genocidal crimes against whole nations. A thorough study of those criminals shows clearly that the worst genocidal murderers throughout history were mostly Jews.

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Is Iran the Real Problem?

iranian-americansSetting Up Iran

The investigative reporter and author Gareth Porter has recently published a book entitled A Manufactured Crisis: The Untold Story of the Iran Nuclear Scare. An impressively written and researched work, it is also frightening in its implications. For if Porter’s allegations are accurate, it is not Iran that the American people should fear - it is their own politicians, bureaucrats and an “ally” named Israel.

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Good Night, Pete Seeger

Pete SeegerDoesn’t everyone have at least a song with special significance… a telltale from some event or happening in the past?  The song “Goodnight, Irene” has that significance for me; more specifically the version sang by The Weavers in the 50’s, my unannounced introduction to Pete Seeger, the folk singer, as a Weaver.  It would be a decade later, however, that I would learn about this later-to-be iconic singer-songwriter and, more importantly for me, his sociopolitical activist persona.

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America in Denial

US PovertyWidth and Breadth of Today’s Poverty

Last week I read Daniel Weeks’ article, “Poverty vs. Democracy in America,” which appears in The Atlantic’s January 2014 issue.  As much as I respect Weeks’ advocacy for trying to clean American politics with the clear baptismal waters of democracy, and the many valid points he brings forth in this article, I feel very strongly that we, Americans, are time and again totally missing the point.  Mr. Weeks included!

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US Senate vs. Iran

Menendez-Kirk Iranian Sanctions BillIran is not yet off the hook

Neoconservative extremists, Zionist lobbyists from the American Israeli Public Affairs Committee (AIPAC) and their willing executioners on Capitol Hill driven by the right-wing Israeli government are trying everything to sabotage the agreement between Iran and the five UN Security Council members plus their German annex. This unholy alliance tries to drag the Obama administration into another Middle Eastern war. These lobbyists have raised the stakes so high that Iran’s only alternative to war would be unconditional surrender. After the Iranian government has agreed to normalize its relations with the West, these US extremists demand not only a continuation but a tightening of the sanctions screw.

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