Wednesday, April 16, 2014
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Israel’s Politics of Fragmentation

Politics of FragmentationBackground

If the politics of deflection exhibit the outward reach of Israel’s grand strategy of territorial expansionism and regional hegemony, the politics of fragmentation serves Israel’s inward moves designed to weaken Palestinian resistance, induce despair, and de facto surrender. In fundamental respects deflection is an unwitting enabler of fragmentation, but it is also its twin or complement.

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Is Netanyahu Israel’s ‘wolf in wolf’s clothing’?

NetanyahuNetanyahu's speech at the UN General Assembly was a political impudence. He showed the world that he has not understood the signs of times. He seemed out of place with diplomacy and still caught up in aggressive rhetoric. He threatened Iran with an attack. If no other country wants to participate in a raid, Israel will do it alone, he said. President Obama should be forewarned and made clear that the U. S. would not help Israel in a war of aggression. The U. S. should not accept any longer to be jerked around by a politically deranged leader of a tiny country.

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Zionism versus Diplomacy and Peace

Hassan RouhaniModerate Iran

Iran’s new and more moderate President Hassan Rouhani came to the United Nations at the end of September. Amidst numerous interviews and diplomatic discussions, his message was clear:  no, Iran will not give up its legal right to enrich uranium and no, Iran will not develop nuclear weapons. According to Rouhani, Iran is willing to prove this second point by “ensuring full transparency [of its nuclear program] under international law.” In exchange for doing so, Iran will demand “a total lifting” of international sanctions.

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Will Iran Become Obama’s Symbolic Last Stand?

obama-rouhaniSo, midnight tonight, September 30, the wheels of federal governance in the US are coming to a screeching halt; it may seem holocaustic to some among us but fear not, a solution will be reached by art or design… the US government is simply too big to be allowed to fail, just like those magnificent, controlling Wall Street banks. And so the story goes, money will be spent at whatever rate is deemed necessary by “our leaders,” and borrowed or printed at the same rate. Isn’t that supposed to be what a balanced-budget is all about… the mastery in running the magical printing press?

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The Violence of Psalm 21

Psalm 21,Old TestamentPsalm 21 and the Human Predicament

There is some difficulty in reconciling humanistic ethics with biblical scripture that has disturbed me recently. If a religious text nurtures morally unacceptable impulses that are acted upon either consciously or sub-consciously in political domains, how can these adverse influences be repudiated without purporting to claim a hegemonic status for a secular reader? Even a religiously oriented person such as myself, who rejects deference to whatever is contained in the most holy of books if it conflicts with conscience, is troubled by this tension between what we believe to be right and what can be found in the holiest of books. In the West, where the specific religious roots of political authority are rarely acknowledged directly, the problem persists, especially in claims by the state to deal with its enemies at home and abroad.

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