Monday, August 03, 2015
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US & Australia Opposition to Palestinian Freedom

UNSCAustralia and the US, the world’s 2 strongest supporters of Israel, voted no to a UN Security Council motion for Palestinian freedom and statehood that failed because a further 5 pro-Apartheid Israel countries abstained from voting. The civilized world in 2015 faces worsening threats from nuclear weapons, poverty and climate change, and must impose comprehensive Boycotts, Divestment and Sanctions (BDS) on Israel and its supporters – if it cannot secure freedom for 4.3 million Occupied Palestinians after 48 years what hope is there that it can achieve action on existential threats to the 7 billion people of Humanity as a whole?



Holidays- Theirs & Ours

HolidaysHolidays, in general, reflect the cultural aspects of different groups of people. Religious holidays, in particular, provide an insight into the archetypal collective consciousness of a group of people. The archetypal collective consciousness is defined by psychologists, such as Carl Jung, as specific innate drives that affect peoples’ ideas and concepts on ethical, moral, religious and cultural levels, which in turn mold and determine their behaviors.



Predictions Based on the 2015 Federal Budget

2015 Federal BudgetPredictions

I can make high-probability predictions for 2015 and the near-beyond without the benefit of a crystal ball, tarot cards or tea leaves. The only thing that I need is a list of items from the new 2015 U.S. federal budget. Here are some of my forecasts and the budget items that make them so highly probable:



The Forgotten Futility of Torture

Futility of TortureIt has long been known that torture does not work. One can go back to the Enlightenment. In 1764 Cesare Beccaria published his groundbreaking work, On Crimes and Punishments. Beccaria had examined all the evidence available at that time and concluded that individuals under torture will tell their interrogator anything they want to hear, true or not, just to get the pain to stop. Beccaria’s book led to a temporary waning of the state-ordered torture.



Deeds, Not Claims, Say Who We Are

broken-americaDuring the past three weeks we have been living in the United States a wakeup call to reality that heralds Americans might not be quite the people we claim to be; not in the way we treat people within and beyond our borders. Torture and racial discrimination, different issues with similar amoral results, are intermittently resurfacing; creating great distress for the pharisaic promoters of Pax Americana… the self-proclaimed patriots convinced that America, given its predestined godly nature, can do no wrong.



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Israeli-Palestinian Conflict

Israeli settlements


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