Tuesday, October 06, 2015
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Palestine at the International Criminal Court: Potential and Problems

Avigdor LiebermanThe International Criminal Court (ICC) was designed as a vehicle for the prosecution of the most heinous of crimes committed by individuals in positions of state authority - those military officers and politicians at the top of a national chain of command. Until recently ICC prosecutions have been limited to leaders of small and weak states.



Obama has seen 'the light'

White House conference on violent extremismAfter Six Years in Office, Obama Believes To Have Seen “the Great Light”

On his way from Jerusalem to Damascus, Saul of Tarsus (Christianity’s Saint Paul), the Jew-Roman persecutor of Jesus’ early disciples, saw a “great light” which blinded him and threw him off his horse. A light which transfigured his life, and made him perhaps the most important personage in the Apostolic Age (First Century); a fundamental figure in Old Christianity.



Connecting the Middle Eastern Dots

arab worldOne may get confused, develop the wrong impressions, and could not make any sense if he tries to examine the Middle Eastern related events separately and only within one period of time whether in the Middle East itself, in European or in African countries. Each separate event seems to indicate that there are many anti-Christian, anti-Semitic Middle Eastern and specifically Islamic terrorist groups, who are spreading havoc around the world. Combining these jigsaw terrorist events together the whole picture clearly shows a global plan, conforming to the so-called conspiracy theory, to defragment the oil rich, religiously important, and globally strategic Middle Eastern region into many small, militarily weak, and economically dependent sectarian states, that could be easily controlled and manipulated.



Why We Need the International Criminal Court

International Criminal CourtThe Need for Rules and Laws

Americans consider themselves citizens of “the Land of the Free” with a tradition of rugged individualism that still provides mythical fodder for organizations such as the Tea Party and the National Rifle Association. People associated with such organizations (and their numbers are in the millions) also exhibit a deep suspicion of government.



Phoenix Rose from the Ashes

brownrevolutionNovorossiya Will Rise from Western Sanctions

When we say Novorossiya we are not referring to that territory Russia annexed over two centuries ago from the Ottoman Empire; nor do we mean the less than one year old confederation proclaimed in East Ukraine by the Donetsk People’s Republic and Lugansk People’s Republic.



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Israeli-Palestinian Conflict

Israeli settlements


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