Saturday, February 25, 2017
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Conquest and Tyranny versus Peace and Justice

settlersPaine wrote these words in 1791 in defense of the French Revolution, 300 years ago. How ironic that the French should rise again in a valiant attempt to reassert the “indefeasible hereditary Rights of Man” applied now to peace and justice in the mid-East, most particularly for the people of Palestine but reflective of the interests of all nations both in progress and in promise of a new era for the human race.



Two 'Presumptive' Presidential Candidates: Bigots All Around

Donald Trump, Hillary ClintonTo find bigots in political office in the United States is not historically unusual. In fact, up until the 1960s and the Civil Rights Movement, publicly recognizable bigots in office were the norm in many parts of the country. Even in the post-1960s era we find presidents such as Nixon and Reagan who could be openly bigoted. However, most recent office holders have known enough to keep their prejudices off of the public airwaves.



Bill and Hillary Clinton: Republicans’ Fifth Column in Democratic Politics

Bill and Hillary ClintonForty days left until the Democratic Party’s convention in Philadelphia, and Bernie, just like Jesus did two millennia ago, will be trying to find answers in solitude… and fight temptation from the devil of “accommodating politics.” Jesus would do it, according to the Gospels, in the wilderness without food; Bernie is likely to do it at home, in pretty Burlington (Vermont), keeping a normal diet and the company of a smart phone.



Political Constituencies in America Ready for an Overhaul

Donald TrumpIt seems such an improbability, impossibility at times, that such a diverse population in ethnicities, races, religions and ideologies be politically housed in two tents. But this United States of America for all its diversity, and at times forced accommodation, did manage early on in its history to develop an economic critical center of gravity – a large, unprecedented economic marketplace – that kept the nation un-fragmented, magically glued principally because of a single reason: an unrivaled economic prosperity that the United States maintained for its people vis-à-vis other economies in the world.



The Opportunist and the Fanatics

Donald Trump, NRAWhat do opportunists and fanatics have in common? They both chronically exaggerate - the former often to con folks into doing their bidding, and the latter most often because they have already been conned by their own grossly distorted worldview. There are plenty of both types of people in today’s America, and the uncertain political environment has brought a lot of them out of the woodwork.



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