Tuesday, October 23, 2018
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Class War - The Cat's Out of the Bag

Class WarYes, it’s Class War.

The obese, brain-dead, middle-aged, middle-class, who are still stuck in front of the TV getting their daily dose of disinformation from the criminally-tainted Murdoch-dominated corporate media, still believing the fairy tale of retiring with a paid-up mortgage and a comfortable pension, may scoff at the suggestion and the affluent, consumerist working class may still not see it but their children are on the streets fighting the war they forgot – the Class War.

One of the great benefits to the ruling class of a mass media that mixes news, political “analysis” and entertainment into a socially engineering blur of beguilement has been the widely-accepted illusion that there is no Class War; that western societies are a seamless fabric of equal opportunity, of only six degrees of separation and a continuous spectrum of wealth that depends entirely on work ethic, ability and good fortune. Perhaps the most absurd of its cultivated illusions is that “democracy” is a political leveller that gives everyone a fair say in the social order. But in Australia, the once-lauded myth of a “classless society” is nowadays referred to by the media (in the context of UK riots coverage) as a “less evident class stratification than we see in the UK” and in the UK a great swathe of society who have youth, perception and naive intelligence have realised they have no stake in society, no hope and nothing to lose.

David Cameron’s morally infantile outburst in response to the UK riots entirely reeks of snobbery. The arrogance with which he has berated “certain pockets of society” as “broken” and “sick” is a brazen insult to the vast majority of those who have participated and, more dangerously, all those who empathise with them. Only David Cameron, his self-infatuated social class and their clinging sycophants and apologists could possibly fail to see it as an angry expression of rage and frustration against a grossly unequal and immoral social construction. This is a social order utterly obscene in it’s hierarchy of privilege, inequality and dishonesty about a social contract that entirely and with outrageous contempt, ignores the majority view. For every person on the streets, young, old, black, white, affluent or poor – and certainly they were not exclusively the ill-kempt children of delinquent parents, as Cameron would have the world believe – there were fifty at home watching the riots on TV who felt empathy with their anger and five hundred more who, like those who enjoy the vestigial benefits of working class solidarity yet still find reasons not to join a union, watched with an uncomfortable sense of shame.

For all of these sofa revolutionaries the current class war rhetoric of Cameron and his ilk should sound like a trumpet blast that lets the cat out of the bag and removes the gloves. This is no inadvertent slip of revelation; Cameron’s ongoing tirade asserts a self-assured, authoritarian belligerence that must surely be comparable to Charles I.

The truth is that the Western Aristocracies have known for a long time that this kind of social eruption was the inevitable outcome of the activities they have engaged in (violent resource wars, plunder of pension funds, tax evasion and avoidance and other forms of extreme wealth concentration). They have been preparing for this for a long time; disarming the communities, dismantling the protections of rights in the legal system, militarising the police forces and filling their ranks with violent, corrupt thugs, equipping and preparing the military for social disorder, technologizing the systems of surveillance and social control and so on. What Cameron reveals is that they now feel primed and ready and they are up for a fight.

How thoroughly obscene it is that Britain’s ruling class, having committed a decade-long trail of violent crimes of destruction and theft on a vast scale abroad and all the while corrupting every social institution, plundering every social resource and desecrating every principle of social integrity at home in the service of insatiable, wanton greed these Eton educated, polished criminals in suits should denigrate the moral integrity of a deprived  and disadvantaged class who daily experience a world of psychological despair that their “betters” could never comprehend.

How thoroughly cynical and outrageous it is that this provocation to a confrontation they have long been stealthily preparing for should be an attempt to berate a class for its material deprivation and alleged moral inferiority.

How thoroughly repugnant are these psychopaths, these arrogant, authoritarian snobs who maintain the estates of western aristocracy!

And psychopaths they are, no less, for they have inflicted pain, suffering, injury and death on an incomprehensible scale, at home and abroad, without empathy, compassion or remorse.

We are conditioned to believe that revolution is not an option because revolution inevitably leads to the ascendancy of worse tyrants after a period of great cost in violent death and destruction. But not all revolution requires violence on the part of those who want change, though it will inevitably come from those who will not relinquish wealth and power. Believing that we can “democratically” change things is a fantasy we need to grow up and leave behind. What is needed is a globally coordinated effort to combine and assert the forces of public will and law. There are enough educated, intelligent, professional people in the world who see through the shabby veil of mainstream media gossip that cloaks the filthy corruption of this state of world affairs and they surely understand the peril we are in. Surely the time is ripe for a coherent, intelligent push to lead the now-overwhelming force of global public opinion.

In the first instance a global mass movement is urgently needed to evict Ban Ki Moon as General Secretary of the UN and replace him with someone who has vision, courage, conviction and a sense of justice, someone who is not solely guided by the notion that endless appeasement of the United States is the only responsible consideration in all things.

We also urgently need a global movement to expose the ICC for the US dominated fraud that it is and get a real court which will immediately drag Bush, Blair, Obama, Cameron and all the other petty little sycophants who have aided and abetted their crimes through due process and into prison where they belong. The current formulation of the ICC is itself a criminal fraud (See The Criminal Fraud of the ICC).

We need a global movement to create a court to prosecute and punish those responsible for the global corporate fraud in the media, the manipulation of governments and the global economy and the crimes committed against humanity in environmental destruction.

This latter, a global, public legal push is the healthy, legal revolution. The true global RIOT of wanton punishment of criminals and opportunistic restoration of property to the people and other living things it belongs to. It is the class war to end class war and it must be led by intellectuals and intelligent people of all professions, particularly law. It must access existing movements for change, provide coherent, rational guidance with sound policy and it must inform and bring with it the weight of mass public opinion.

The time is come. It's NOW.

If not, we are all just loitering on the decks bemoaning our fate as the Titanic sinks.

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