Saturday, April 20, 2019
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One Word Would Change the World

drone“How long a time lies in one little word!”- Shakespeare, Richard II

How like King Richard stands the fate of President Obama, who now, with each thought, passes another minute toward his inevitable end in power. Like the King as the play begins, the President confronted a royal dispute that threatened his empire, a dispute between a vassal state and its powerful minions and justice as determined by his position as head of state.

The people of the world anticipated a strong leader, willing and capable of confronting the forces of evil that could destroy his empire only to watch in dismay as he accepted humiliation at the hands of his adversaries who mocked his weakness in seeking self-appeasement in compromise and negotiations to settle disputes and avoid the spoils of war achieved by superior power. None of the cautions proffered by his close followers favoring responsibility to justice over power altered his policies; he succumbed to encrusted political power imbedded in exclusivity of the privileged over personal belief in universal inclusivity.

Perhaps he was not temperamentally fit for the role history had encumbered him with, yet that role he must inevitably face in his last minutes as the ruler of the empire, he has after all but one “lagging winter and wanton spring” left. Perhaps with his condemnation of Israeli viciousness over its adversary and his halting of Hellfire Missiles to rain upon defenseless people, we witness the personal confrontation of the President between his mind and heart, spirit and flesh determining for him the true person he must become if he is to confront his God now and forever.

Obama has but a year to struggle to this self-knowledge and the legacy of his eight years in office. King Richard, alone in his prison cell, meditates on his fate: “I wasted time and now doth time waste me.” So it is with Barack Obama; what must he do to reconcile the Obama within with the havoc he allowed to happen, what action can possibly alter the ravenous corruption that engulfs his presidency, what word might he utter that could free him, the people of Palestine, the enslaved peoples of the world who have witnessed the devastation unable to alter the savagery of those in power, what word would force an ineluctable change to confront the dementedness resident in the Zionist mindset that shackles the people of Israel and the people of the United States?  

“How long a time does lie in one word?” Mark this, should one word force the cessation of hellfire missiles from destroying even one more UN school where the innocent have sought refuge from the devastation raining from the skies, one mother, one father could weep in joy that their child would live and grow and learn and think enough to believe that life had purpose beyond fear and victimhood; they as parents would cease to inflict upon themselves and their children and their neighbors the festering hate that corrodes the mind and soul imprisoned in the pain of continuous unknown yet inevitable invasion that erases from the mind any hope and replaces it with the finality of despair. Multiply this one mother and father by thousands and the power of one word serves as an umbrella of sanity in a world determined by the mindlessness of “exceptionalism,” a word that defies the reality of life’s meaning and purpose.

What is that word? “Abstain!” With that one word, the United States frees itself from the chains that bind it to a state that does not believe in humanity, a state that sees itself as chosen to control all peoples by wresting control of the senators and congressmen that should speak for the citizens of the US by owning them body and soul through vetting and bribery.

By abstaining from preventing Israel from being brought before the international courts, Obama would enable the community of nations throughout the world to take control of a member nation that has defied the UN Charter, the Geneva Conventions, the UN defined acts of Genocide, the specific acts noted by the UN Human Rights Council against Israel, and the Universal Declaration of Human Rights as declared to be the universal rights of all peoples. Israel’s impunity from international law exists because the United States Congress allows it to exist. By that action, we are complicit in the crimes committed by Israel and we defy the UN by our veto allowing the world to insert its understanding on a rogue state.    

America’s absorption by AIPAC into its insidious organization that treats our representatives like shackled slaves, essentially locks the President into that organization’s policies because they can prevent any action decidedly contrary to Israel’s desires. He becomes, as have others before him, a liege of the true Emperor of these United States of Israel, Bibi Netanyahu, the Bolingbroke of King Richard, the man who overthrew his King. His choice is to act or do nothing and consider his exit from the Presidency his imprisonment in time until his time comes enjoying those final years as John of Gaunt taunted Bolingbroke before his exile:

All places that the eye of heaven visits
Are to a wise man ports and happy havens.
Teach thy necessity to reason thus;
There is no virtue like necessity.
Think not the king did banish thee,
But thou the king. Woe doth the heavier sit,
Where it perceives it is but faintly borne.
Go, say I sent thee forth to purchase honor
And not the king exiled thee;

But should he act with decisiveness and join the world with his abstention, then must Israel go before the international courts, present or no, and listen to their condemnation of their heinous crimes, and choose to accept or deny their conclusions. Should they accept then justice would require either a retreat to the beginning resolution that divided the land into two parts with a third reserved for international oversight or accept the inevitability of what they in 66 years made a reality, a single state of all who live there including those with the right of return under international law. That would end the Zionist desire for a Jewish state allowing for the Jews and the Palestinians to live as one people in peace and harmony subject to the laws of a state of equals.

There should be no need for the UN to use military force on such a transfer of power to the UNSC that could seek redress for the Palestinians; the world communities can levy sanctions, boycotts and divestment from Israel as a means to bring about their determinations. The United States would have to accept that it too is complicit in the evils created by its investment in Israel under the power of AIPAC’s mafia type control of its representatives knowing it would have to right the wrongs of such complicities.

With that one word, Obama could earn his Nobel Peace Prize and glory in an achievement too long delayed, revel in the dissolution of the power of AIPAC over America, find solace in the reality that under his administration the world found the United States that acted on its true beliefs of inclusiveness of all and for all, both in the United States and in the community of nations.

And so as Obama’s play ends, he resolves to become his true self aware that his failures over the years have been the fault of his heart and flesh, the failures understandable to any individual, but that it is in the spirit and soul that principles, virtues and morality resides. That is the significance of “How long a time lies in one little word.” How remarkable that this figure of the outcast in American society should inaugurate a time of equality for all, offering to all a vision to bring harmony and peace to the world.   

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