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Connecting the Middle Eastern Dots

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One may get confused, develop the wrong impressions, and could not make any sense if he tries to examine the Middle Eastern related events separately and only within one period of time whether in the Middle East itself, in European or in African countries. Each separate event seems to indicate that there are many anti-Christian, anti-Semitic Middle Eastern and specifically Islamic terrorist groups, who are spreading havoc around the world. Combining these jigsaw terrorist events together the whole picture clearly shows a global plan, conforming to the so-called conspiracy theory, to defragment the oil rich, religiously important, and globally strategic Middle Eastern region into many small, militarily weak, and economically dependent sectarian states, that could be easily controlled and manipulated.

Since 1740 the Middle East has always been the target of military occupation, and its indigenous people have been violated, massacred, manipulated and denied any opportunity for unity, freedom, and self-rule for fear of becoming as a great global political and economic power as the present day US or Russia, as it was once during the Muslim Umayyad rule in 750 when it extended from the Caucasus in Asia all the way west to cover North Africa and to reach the Iberian Peninsula in Europe covering 5.79 million square miles.

During WWI Britain; then a global power, promised to recognize a United Arab State (1915/16 Hussein-McMahon Correspondence) if they revolt against the Ottoman Empire. Yet Britain had different plans; a 1916 Sykes-Picot Agreement to divide the Middle East between Britain and France, and a 1917 Balfour Declaration promising Arab Palestine to the Zionist Organization.

When oil was discovered in the Gulf region in 1938 one year before the break of WWII the region was divided into even smaller and weaker fiefdoms, and pro-western puppet authoritarian rulers were installed. The Israeli state was created in the heart of the Arab World as the nucleus for the expansionist Greater Israel colonial project. Israel became western proxy army to fight pan-Arabian nationalism, whose roots started to flourish in Egypt, Syria and Iraq.

From 1947 to 2000 the Zionist Israeli terrorist army dominated the area, occupying all Palestine, parts of Lebanon, parts of Syria, and neutralizing Egypt and Jordan. In 2000 Hezbollah was able to forcefully evict Israeli army out of occupied Lebanese areas except Sheba’a Farms in the South. This eviction ushered the beginning of the end of Israeli superiority in the region. This was confirmed again during the 2006 Israeli war against Lebanon, when Hezbollah’s rockets inflicted heavy casualties on Israeli tanks, hit an Israeli naval vessel, and reached major Israeli cities as far as Haifa. Hezbollah has also demonstrated a strong deterrent capability in its recent swift January 28th, 2015 retaliatory attack against the Israeli Qunaitra assault.

On its southern front Israel had launched major military assaults on Gaza Strip during 2008/09, 2011 and 2014. Each attack had failed to achieve its declared military objectives. With each attack Hamas, and the other Palestinian resistance factions, demonstrated stronger resilience and improved fighting capabilities with rockets reaching the city of Tel Aviv.

The graduating loss of Israeli military superiority in the region, the shattering of the so-called most moral unbeatable Israeli army myth exposing it as the barbaric child murdering terrorist army, the global rising of the anti-Israeli movements such as the BDS, and the rising criticism and awareness of the Zionist self-serving manipulation of Zionist groups of foreign policies of different countries especially AIPAC’s manipulation of American foreign policy, there arose the need for a different more elusive approach to convince the dominantly Christian West to send their armies to fight Israel’s wars and to further divide the dominantly Muslim Middle East. Here enters what is dubbed Islamic terrorism (Islamophobia).

The Zionist controlled media was able to convince Americans that 19 suicide Muslim al-Qaeda terrorists, rather than Israeli Mossad agents, had perpetrated the attacks of 911, although one third of those so-called suicide terrorists are still alive to this day in the Middle East. Likewise Europeans were made to believe that Muslim al-Qaeda terrorists had perpetrated the 7/7 London bombing. Such false allegations had led an American and European coalition armies to attack Afghanistan, Pakistan, and to almost completely destroy Iraq. Iraq is now divided into smaller and weaker ethnic sectarian sections of Kurds, Shiites and Sunni Muslim. Let us remember here that al-Qaeda was created, financed and armed by the US as Hillary Clinton openly admitted.

ISIS concentrated its occupation of the proposed Syria-Iraq-Iran gas pipeline path. When its fighters went to occupy the oil rich Kurdish Kobani the US and its allies cited UN Resolution 2178 to justify military intervention to protect Kobani and to drive ISIS forces back into Syrian areas.
The so-called Arab Spring had been planned and executed to destroy, affect regime change, and to further divide Arab countries. Tunisia, relatively insignificant to the West, was sacrificed and set as an easy and successful example to follow by the rest of the Arab countries. Al-Qaeda fighters were exported from Afghanistan to Libya to destroy the oil rich and economically developing country, whose leader; Muammar Al-Qaddafi had gained great political power when he became the Chairperson of the African Union in 2009, and had exerted political influence in some European countries especially in France. It was reported that Qaddafi had financed Nicolas Sarkozy’s successful 2007 election campaign with 50 million Euros. Yet within a year Sarkozy called Qaddafi a “threat” to the financial security of the world when Qaddafi planned to trade oil for gold rather than with the Dollar, and was urging African countries to use his proposed Gold Dinar as the continent’s new currency.

Libya was destined to become a great country after the construction of the so-called “Great Man-made River Project”. This was a $30 billion project of constructing 4,000 kilometers long network of concrete pipes carrying free fresh water from large four ancient water aquifers to 70% of Libyan population for drinking and agricultural use that was supposed to make Libya’s desert “as green as the flag of the Libyan Jamahiriya” as Qaddafi used to say. Unfortunately, this project was bombed by NATO’s ironically so-called “humanitarian bombing” and “Responsibility to Protect” (R2P) in March 2011. Libya now is under the scorch of American flared civil wars.

It was not enough to neutralize Egypt in the Arab/Zionist conflict, but also made it an Israeli partner in the siege against Gaza Strip and in the starvation of its Palestinian population, many of whom were once Egyptian citizens. President Mubarak started the project of erecting iron barriers deep in the ground on the Egypt/Gaza border and to flood the underground tunnels that constituted life lines for Gaza residents. Food and goods as well as weapons were smuggled into Gaza Strip through these tunnels. Mubarak’s regime became so oppressive, corrupt and antiquated and met with increasing national discontent especially among the unemployed new generations. The 2011 Egyptian uprising was planned and orchestrated by the US. A secret deal between the American administration and the Muslim Brotherhood (MB) transferred Mohamed Morsi, an MB leader, from a prison cell to presidential palace. Morsi’s very chaotic and oppressive rule, and his cozying with Israeli President; Shimon Peres, calling him “Great and Good Friend” had led to another revolt replacing Morsi with the chief of the Egyptian armed forces; Abdel Fattah el-Sisi.

El-Sisi turned out to be the worst Egyptian ruler so far. He is a crypto Jew born from a Jewish mother. Among the 35 American-trained Egyptian officers, who died in the July 1999 crash of Egypt Air 990, el-Sisi was the only survivor (in Arabic) when he changed his travel plans in the last minute. Careful analysis indicate that Egypt Air 990 was shot down to kill all the Egyptians officers, some of whom carry doctorate degree in atomic science. (Thorough analysis here). El-Sisi’s was the most hostile Egyptian government against Palestinians in the Gaza Strip. Under his rule the majority of Egyptian media outlets waged a propaganda war against Hamas. In an attempt to destroy all the underground tunnels; the life lines of the Strip, El-Sisi is creating a one-kilometer wide buffer zone along the whole length of Egypt/Gaza border line, destroying in the process the whole Rafah city on the Egyptian side. The 3300 years old Rafah city, which stood tall against all foreign invader throughout its long history, is now being wiped off the map by its own Egyptian ruler; el-Sisi. To top this off, an Egyptian court had recently declared Hamas’ military wing; Al-Qassam Brigades, a terrorist organization.

Syria is the ultimate target of the Zionist Neocon’s New Middle Eastern Project/New World Order/Order out of Chaos/Spreading Democracy/Arab Spring schemes. Syria is the only remaining anti-Israel, Hamas and Hezbollah resistance supporter, Iranian/Russian ally, fast economic developing country in the region. A turning point took place after the discovery of the largest gas field in the world in the Persian Gulf at North Dome/South Pars area that is shared between Qatar and Iran. In 2009 Qatar approached Bashar al-Assad proposing the construction of a gas pipeline from Qatar through Syria on to Turkey and to the EU. Al-Assad rebuffed Qatar’s proposal and instead signed a $10 Billion joint gas pipeline agreement with Iraq and Iran. Gas fields were also discovered in Syrian Qara area near Lebanon’s border. Energy war, then, was declared against Syria.

To affect regime change in Syria and to create a more Western friendly regime, a coalition of American administration, NATO, Israel, and some Arab Gulf states created one terrorist group after the other to destroy Al-Assad’s regime. Instead of sending their own troops on the ground, the coalition decided to create a new version of Islam; a fake distorted and terrorizing version of Islam, based on the Suadi’s Wahabi ideology to have Muslims attack each other, and to discredit Islam to get Westerners hate Muslims and to condone Western intervention in the Middle East.

ISIS or ISIL or IS is the best armed and trained and most financed terrorist group in the world. ISIS is the Black Waters mercenaries of the Middle East. With American planes dropping the latest sophisticated weapons to ISIS, and its fighters being trained by US, UK and Israeli Special Forces in Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Turkey and Jordan the war against Syria would last many years. These government claim that they only train the so-called moderate Syrian opposition. As soon as they finish training these moderate fighters defect to join ISIS. American as well as Gulf States money (here, here & here) is poured generously into ISIS pockets.

ISIS concentrated its occupation of the proposed Syria-Iraq-Iran gas pipeline path. When its fighters went to occupy the oil rich Kurdish Kobani the US and its allies cited UN Resolution 2178 to justify military intervention to protect Kobani and to drive ISIS forces back into Syrian areas. The resolution was also used to enlist local Arab armies, despite the refusal and objection of local citizens, into the fight to contain ISIS within Syrian areas only.

A Jordanian fighter plane was downed and its young pilot; Mo’ath al-Kasasbeh, was taken prisoner. ISIS broadcasted a video showing the execution of the pilot by burning him alive. This crime was manipulated to turn Jordanian public opinion from blaming the king for unjustifiably involving them into somebody else’s war to supporting even sending ground troops to avenge their young pilot. Obama will give Jordan $1 billion in loan guarantees as a reward.

Heads of states condemned this crime and urged foot troops to be deployed to fight ISIS. Yet none of them dared to visit Jordan and walk into the streets of Amman in solidarity as they did in Paris protesting Charlie Hebdo attack. Arab lives seem less important than western lives. 

Also western leaders have committed, and still committing, more heinous burning war crimes than ISIS’s. The American administrations had nuke burned Hiroshima and Nagasaki, fire-bombed German cities; 300,000-400.000 burned victims in Dresden alone, dropped napalm bombs on Vietnam, used DU, Napalm like “mark 77”, and white phosphorous bombs in Iraq especially in Fallujah, and still sending drones to burn bomb Afghanistan, Pakistan, Yemen, and Libya. The American allies are partners in these crimes.

The worst criminals in this regard (burning people alive) is Israel. Israel used napalm bombs against its Arab neighbors during the 1967 war. I was a firsthand witness of such bombing. Israel had also intensely used white phosphorous bombs in all its aggressions against Lebanon and against Gaza Strip (here, here & here). Learning from their criminal government Israeli mob kidnapped, tortured and burned alive 17 years old Palestinian Mohamed Abu Khdeir.

Yet such western crimes are sanctioned, justified or at least ignored by western public because they have been brainwashed by the Zionist controlled media that is spreading Islamophobia all over western countries especially in Europe. Studies and recent polls indicate that discrimination and violence against Muslims exploded to 70% in France and about 57% of Germans exhibit Islamophobic feelings.

This jigsaw compilation is just a small part of the bigger picture painting the existence of the 0.01% of the wealthiest and most powerful group of people; an elite of all elites, who consider themselves the real gifted “Chosen People” and the real “Light onto the Earth” who have the right, the power and the divine obligation to dominate, re-organize and civilize this world even through global wars and the cost of millions of human lives.

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