Saturday, July 21, 2018
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Water-buffalo falls in love of buffalo

‘De Mikhy Yar Sanda Yee’

First, I try to translate in verbatim and then try to translate the great sense this Pashto maxim is having. It means that “water-buffalo (viz in urdu: Bhaince, in Pashto: Mikha) will have to fall in love of buffalo” (viz Bhainca, in urdu & Sanda, in Pashto).

Here the water-buffalo implies a wealthy, prominent and a celebrity lady, whereas buffalo connotes a wealthy, bigwig and celebrity guy. So this maxim emphasizes that a wealthy, bigwig and celebrity lady shall have to select & fell in love of a wealthy, bigwig and celebrity chap as a life partner. Howsoever entitled a tiger might be but a Water-Buffalo shall put her hands on a Buffalo instead.

I fell in some thinking! Queen Cleopatra first fell in love of Julius Caesar the mighty Roman Emperor without seeing him before and got access to him by rolling herself up in a carpet and the same was brought about to be presented as a gift to the Caesar.

So the same was done by her attendant and the carpet gift was placed in his feet. When the Emperor Caesar opened the carpet gift she comes out and instantly the Julius Caesar was at her feet. After his untimely death her love never failed to strike this time too and she invoked the heart of successor Roman Emperor, Mark Anthony. Then Jemima goldsmith came to my mind, who despite of being a Jew fell in love of a Pakistani Muslim; Imran Khan despite his addiction to JI’s Qazis. Similarly top class model, Noor first hit a bigwig Indian Hindu.

And after divorcing him, in the second round too she was capable to make a second strike. Thus this time too she hit a bigwig; a Balochi Farooq Mangle. And I was very much despaired & perturbed on mirage of Sumera Malim with Sardar Rind. “Rind ky rind rahy - hath sy jannat na gai” I appreciate the nerve of the former famous dancer, Mussarat Shaheen who had dared to contest election against the super heavyweight political champ; Maulana Fazlurehman sahib.

She was defeated but that was not surprising. What was surprising for me that she was beaten with the help of hired gangsters during the election campaign? But I know that a jackal also become tiger when the rival is a chicken! I was very upset on this incidence. Anyhow after winding up her party; ‘Masawat Party’ she decided to join none but the part of that super Maulana Fazlurehman sahib. This time I was more upset than before, on account of the rule: ‘De Mikhy Yar Sanda Yee’ (water-buffalo will have to fall in love of buffalo). This is apropos about the hard and fast rule of the maxim, while I heard the good news of ‘their’ Sania Mirza betrothal to our ‘Shuab Malik’.

I am in the position to prove the antiquity and integrity of the aforementioned Pashto maxim. But then this letter shall become an article and all the editors of Pakistani English dailies have taken oath that they will publish any rubbish but my article. So I finish here with a Pashto couplets: “Sok da yau goot pa tama tama marha shee - Da cha biekhtyara pa wakhko rashee”. Namely: some die in hope of a drop of liquor while some are taking bath with.


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