Saturday, April 20, 2019
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Stanley Sporkin: BP's Ombudsman Fixer

Stanley SporkinSome call him Stanley the Fixer, Catherine Austin Fitts for one, a former high level government and Wall Street insider, now editor of and running Solari, Inc., an ethical online investment firm specializing in preserving family wealth. Besides on her own firm and a wealth of information on important topics, her site provides extensive coverage of Sporkin, including unanswered questions about him.

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What I would have liked to have heard President Obama say about the oil spill

Obama, Oval OfficeMy initial assessment of Barack Obama’s address from the Oval Office was judged by many of my liberal-progressive friends to be too harsh. Not having heard the whole speech, I was willing to admit that there might have been points I had missed that might modify my initial reaction. I especially wanted to read the ending of the speech. My nausea had caused me to switch off before its conclusion. I regret to say that a more careful review of the transcript of the speech has caused me to change little in my initial evaluation.

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Another Glimpse into ‘Jewish Humour’

Jewish HumourAs the rest of the world is becoming aware of Israel being an outlaw terrorist state, the Hasbara jokers in Tel Aviv are determined to save their doomed State by the means of ‘Jewish humour’.

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Politics as Usual Exponential Factor Four

Glenn BeckIn an age of relentless change, it’s heartening to be able to count on a few simple things. Glenn Beck and Keith Olbermann ranting and raving one pulse short of an aneurism. Water flowing downhill. Congress holding hearings whose only point is to express the indignant depths of their public outrage even though our chances of learning anything is less likely than the North Korean Minister of Medicine going on Oprah to talk about Kim Jong Il’s spider phobia. Its all good.

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Ottawa RBC firebombing

University of OttawaTerrorism seeded by the University of Ottawa?

By quoting me out of context and inappropriately (using my off-the-record critique of a leading question) the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation (CBC) has insinuated in at least two of its reports that the Ottawa RBC firebombing was seeded in a “political activism” course that I gave and opened to free community participation in 2006 at the University of Ottawa. LINK.

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