Friday, September 21, 2018
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The War of Terror and the Death of Dr Evil

bin Laden deadIntroduction

The alleged death of Bin Laden is a fraud and only the brain-dead, flag-waving Superman fans fail to realise it. With so much to prove in the balance and so little credibility in the eyes of the world only an imbecile would bury the only solid evidence at sea in an act of polite deference to the enemy’s traditions so out-of-character with present-day America that no thinking person would believe it.

For the interested observer of the unfolding human tragedy these dumbed down worshippers of celebrity lights, royal weddings, cup finals and election outcomes represent the true believers of Santa Claus and the cannonball and chain that our western “democracies” must drag about behind them in the frail quest for “freedom”.

But for those of us for whose minds crave a freedom and an exercise of reason that is something more than that which suffices to grovel their way into a safe niche from which to pay the mortgage, run the car and educate the kids while trying not to notice the relentless demise of the planet around us, clinging to the hope of the next new technology that will save us from destruction or our desperate boredom, this latest manoeuvre of the New World Order exposes more truths and poses more questions.

Exposed Truth

Pakistan is next on the hit-list (although perhaps you already guessed).

With Iraq and Afghanistan stitched up in body-bags the empire is emboldened to move on. Even Obama’s performance as the champion of change has sufficiently pleased the people who own western capitalism that they have (so it appears) decided to sprinkle some stardust on his presidency by spinning the “Death of Dr Evil” to his benefit. Staging the event in Pakistan would not have been at all surprising and would surely have sufficed to convince the dribbling spectators munching on their burgers.

Striking into the heartlands of the Pakistani military and intelligence however, exposes a decisive intent – their leadership must now (in the mind-set of the empire’s planners) be “either with us or against us”. The crisis over Raymond Davis, which probably stymied all CIA covert operations in Pakistan, appears to have precipitated a decision to disregard the tentacles of the hydra, a pattern of the past decade that brings to mind the tragedy of Macbeth and we can only wonder what it will all look like when “Birnam Wood be come to Dunsinane”.

The clamour of media prostitutes (those inept amateurs who replaced the dedicated professionals who took their jobs seriously – and lost them, long ago) to please and hopefully catch the eye of their corporate masters as they spin the “Death of Dr Evil” drama has been high opera. Anyone and everyone with relevant CIA or military credentials capable of spinning a good yarn to the microphone has been interviewed with devout and unquestioning reverence for their authoritative expertise. All manner of experts have speculated, second-guessed, hypothesised, asserted and embellished and the legendary tale has evolved, morphed, revised and taken shape before our eyes – no questions asked. So it seems a reasonable assumption that we will not be returning any time soon to the question that began to be asked in the immediate aftermath of 9-11 – “Why do they hate us?”.

We can blame it all on a corrupt media, a degraded consumer society and a failed education system but the fact remains that a predominant number of some 300 million Americans are not sufficiently interested to concern themselves with the fact that to this day the FBI has no substantial evidence to connect Bin Laden with 9-11, that a gaggle of Saudi elites including Bin Laden relatives were quickly whisked out of the US immediately after the event, that the Taliban offered to give up Bin Laden, first to a third party if evidence could be provided and later, directly to the US – but the offer was rejected – and that getting Bin Laden was long ago declared to be of no interest.

Nor have they seriously questioned why the wealthy, elite and privileged son of a Saudi king would want to kill civilians in the US. Those who dismiss it on the basis of religious fanaticism neglect to consider that Bush W asserted that god told him to attack Iraq.

More shockingly, amid the high drama on all colours of the political spectrum over the death of Dr Evil the placid nonchalance of some 300 million rational, sentient, human Americans indicates a complete lack of empathy, compassion or remorse for the death, suffering, havoc and savagery delivered upon the people of Iraq and Afghanistan and still ongoing. Again, I am reminded of the tragedy of Macbeth:

I am in blood
Stepped in so far that, should I wade no more,
Returning were as tedious as go o’er.

A whole paragraph by one American (William Blum) accentuates the lack of uproar from the nation at large:

The people of Iraq no longer have a Saddam problem.
Unfortunately, they've lost just about everything else as well. Twenty years of American bombing, invasion, occupation and torture have led to the people of that unhappy land losing their homes, their schools, their electricity, their clean water, their environment, their neighbourhoods, their archaeology, their jobs, their careers, their professionals, their state-run enterprises, their physical health, their mental health, their health care, their welfare state, their women's rights, their religious tolerance, their safety, their security, their children, their parents, their past, their present, their future, their lives ... more than half the population either dead, disabled, in prison, or in foreign exile ... the air, soil, water, blood and genes drenched with depleted uranium ... the most awful birth defects ... unexploded cluster bombs lie in wait for children ... a river of blood runs alongside the Euphrates and Tigris ... through a country that may never be put back together again.

The ugly spectacle of patriotic fervour and blood-lust unleashed in NYC at ground zero suggests there will be no pause for reflection soon. The “Death of Dr Evil” is a triumph of propaganda that has cast the legend at the level of a Superman comic and paved the way for a whole new series of editions.
Posed Questions

Faced as we are with this carrot, donkey and cart procession, where can we expect it to go?
Clearly, we have a cabal of psychopathic capitalists on a quest for control of the world’s energy resources, which we are consuming at an exponentially growing rate.

[Psychopath: one who can inflict pain, suffering, injury, even death without empathy, compassion or remorse.]

The process by which they are able to conduct this quest is not only cost-free, being funded to the tune of hundreds of billions annually by government defence budgets, but in fact, provides a vast revenue source to privately owned suppliers of military arms and equipment; this same cabal. It’s a process that reflects a fundamental enabler of modern capitalism in that its costs can be borne in large part or entirely by others than those who enjoy its profits.

The news and entertainment media, now simply a propaganda machine and entirely driven by the interests of this psychopathic cabal, controls the minds of the masses that pull this cart.

The American masses, in their flag-waving patriotic fervour seem unlikely to ever understand that their dominant elites have moved their capital to the newly emerging Asian economies and are sucking the life out of the once monumental, soon to be mythical, American affluence by the wholesale transfer of public debt into private profit, which will place the US in the same condition as many third world countries and former colonies of old-world empires – utterly impoverished and disempowered politically and economically by overwhelming debt. Much the same is happening in Britain, Europe and Australia (a mining boom in Australia has deferred, not avoided the impending crisis).

Asian capitalism is being kick-started by marketing goods into the debt-funded consumption of these countries. The people who own western capitalism apparently anticipate that by the time the debt of these countries is no longer sustainable capitalism in the Asian economies will be sustained by their own markets; some 3 billion people.

A New World Order is indeed shaping up, but the working and once affluent middle and upper classes of the western world have a grim future in it.

The plan of the New World Order is becoming evident, but is the plan sustainable?

The move of capitalism to the Asian world is a bit like selling off the old farm, where the land is over-worked and spent, and buying into new property where the land is fresh and fertile. But the transition is more like an engine upgrade, or perhaps a heart transplant; it has to be achieved without missing too many beats and after it’s achieved the rate of throughput needs to be the same or greater. The production of a million cars a week in China at a time when the world is beginning to talk about “peak oil” after a mere hundred years of exponential growth in oil consumption should spell it out to anyone capable of doing better than plodding after the capitalist carrot. Disaster is looming on the supply side. Still worse, as a rapid expansion in materialistic consumer expectations, energetically encouraged by capitalist greed, spreads like an epidemic across this new frontier the energy and resource consumption that has raged in the western world and is already threatening the very life of the planet, will have taken its toll before these new converts have any moment to re-consider. Disaster is looming on the demand side.

Is it time to mourn the loss of a squandered opportunity?

For over 60 years the western capitalist world has enjoyed the upper hand, militarily, politically and economically. We have become so complaisant in our materialistic, consumerist self-indulgence that we have not only forgotten entirely the nature of class relations – the class war that we have foolishly imagined no longer exists – but we have also ceased entirely to contemplate the reality of the human condition in both practical terms and philosophically. We stopped thinking altogether.

There was a time when the masses of the western world could have asserted real control over the elitist and now psychopathic forces that drive insatiable capitalism, reigned in our own materialist obsessions and begun to shape our way of living to a better way in the world; for the human species to become inconspicuous in the natural environment that we depend upon.

There was a time to make our cities, our consumption, waste and resource utilisation more efficient. There was opportunity to apply intelligent systems to enrich and enhance the living biosphere rather than degrade it. There was opportunity to better understand ourselves, our societies and our needs and to find ways to seek fulfilment as collectives and as individuals in more meaningful, creative and less harmful and destructive ways.

We in the western world were in a position to reach out for cooperation and mutual benefit from a position of overwhelming advantage. That time is now gone.

When the cynical pragmatists scoff at this idealism, pointing to the evil Soviet Union and the Socialist threat, the over-populated China, India and Africa that stood as perennial threats from all quarters and the worst perils of “human nature” they ignore the fundamental, shared human interest in peace and cooperation, they dismiss and deny all confidence in our inventiveness, imagination, vision and collective capacity to work cooperatively to overcome our problems and improve our world. They are the pessimists who can see no further than capitalist consumption and accumulation.

In Conclusion

I note that the UK Stop The War movement – still relentless in the same old inept, tired and proven-inadequate methods – have now premised their strategy to stop the war on yesterday’s “Death of Dr Evil”; a feeble submission to the propaganda of the psychopaths who sponsor the resource wars that all depend entirely on the existence of this bogeyman and his soon-to-be –announced successor.

This legendary “Dr Evil” has been elevated to almost mythological status, among the flag-waving patriots, the frightened chickens that fear that the sky may fall, the sycophants to capital and power, the “progressive” left and no doubt also most of the Islamic world. The stage is now set, not for a return to reason but for the final act of the human tragedy and they may afterwards say of it, as in the summation of Horatio over Hamlet’s demise:

How these things came about. So shall you hear
Of carnal, bloody, and unnatural acts,
Of accidental judgements, casual slaughters,
Of deaths put on by cunning and forced cause,
And, in this upshot, purposes mistook
Fall’n on th’ inventors’ heads.
All this can I Truly deliver.

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