Friday, June 22, 2018
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Which is more evil, al-Qaeda or Israel?

al-Qaeda or IsraelBy Khalid Amayreh in occupied Jerusalem

This is more than a legitimate question because it is unfair and immoral to keep silent about the indisputably greater evil, e.g. Israel, while demonizing the supposedly lesser evil just because this evil "works against our freedoms and interests."

In fact, the U.S. and much of the western world not only keep silent about Israel's often pornographic terror which has been going on unabated  ever since the misbegotten birth of that  evil state, but are actually abetting, justifying, defending and even glamorizing it.
Does anyone remember how many times the United States used its veto power to shield Israeli criminality and terror at the U.N. Security Council?
This writer, along with hundreds of millions of Muslims around the world, has never harbored any admiration for al-Qaeda, although one might occasionally understand the ostensibly legitimate grievances generating frustration within some militant Islamist circles.
Al-Qaeda, after all, brought more harm to the image of Islam than did well. The deliberate killing of innocent people, Muslim or non-Muslim is never an Islamic character. The Almighty sent the Prophet of Islam as a mercy to mankind not to sow death and terror.
None the less, there is always a huge gray zone separating the light zone, where truth is conspicuous and clear, and the dark zone, where evil is conspicuous and clear.
You  just can't preach morality when the other side, such as the United States and Israel, adopt policies and carry out actions causing  the spread of pornographic oppression, including mass murder, against entire nations, such as in Occupied Palestine and Lebanon.
One can't annihilate a given man's entire family, as Israel often does in the West Bank,  Gaza Strip and elsewhere using America's latest technology of death, and then preach to that distraught and devastated man "thou shall not murder" or "to err is human, to forgive divine."! That would be beyond chutzpah.
I do understand the feelings that made thousands of Americans stay up late at night to celebrate the "liquidation" of Bin Laden, although many of us had thought that these primitive feelings were the exclusive character of some Third World countries. (All monotheistic religions discourage celebrating or gloating over the death of one's enemies since death is the ultimate fate of all mortals).
However, by the same token, we expect these gleeful and other Americans to try to imagine  the extent of frustration, indignation and bitterness engulfing Palestinians, Lebanese, Iraqis and other Muslims as a result of decades of American-financed and often American-executed oppression that claimed millions of  innocent victims, including hundreds of thousands of children.
I want to ask in all honesty: Would Jesus, whose way most Americans claim to follow, approve of such genocide? Would Jesus given consent to the slow-motion extermination of a million Iraqi children just to punish one man, even if that man happened to be a tyrant?
Yes, bin Laden caused the death or plotted the killing of a few thousand Americans on 9/11, a terrorist act by every imaginable standard. However, are we here talking about evil versus good? Or light versus darkness? Or angels versus devils?
We must be honest; this was not a showdown between good and evil. In fact, if one is to be faithful to one's conscience and rectitude, one must acknowledge the fact that the U.S. has always represented the greater evil whenever compared to bin Laden as one can always multiply the number of bin-Laden's victims a hundred or even a thousand times in order to have a general idea about the magnitude of America's criminality and terror against Muslims and other peoples of the world.
Now back to the "wonderful" entity called Israel. Well, I don't know what I know about Israel from reading and watching the media. I don't live in Iran or in any other country that may arguably harbor "anti-Semitic" tendencies.  And I don't deny the fact that many, many Jews were killed by the Nazis in the course of the Second World War.
Having said that, however, I believe that all the rationales of political correctness in the world must not prevent me from proclaiming the facts about this manifestly evil entity which can be said, more or less, to be a carbon copy of Nazi Germany.
Israel is based on land theft, ethnic cleansing and racism. Terror is Israel's modus operandi, racism is its soul and brutal fascism is its face. Israel represents the brutal ugliness of oppression.
There are other states and other regimes that indulge in murder and terror, even against their own people.
However, Israel's terror is structural and institutional and is aimed primarily at obliterating an ethno-religious group for the benefit of another ethno-religious group. This was the Nazis' way of achieving national fulfillment just as Zionist leaders are enacting and promulgating laws restricting the rights of non-Jewish citizens and narrowing their horizons, all for the purpose of pushing them to leave and emigrate.
Zionist Jews and their supporters get uncontrollably mad whenever legitimate comparisons are made between Israel and Nazi Germany. They argue ad nauseam that Israel has not killed even a fraction of the proverbial six million victims of the Third Reich as if anything less than a full-fledged holocaust were permissible and acceptable.
Well, but Israel, which is now celebrating 63 years of land theft, oppression and  ethnic cleansing,  has stolen Palestine from its legitimate and lawful proprietors, destroyed their homes and towns, and expelled them all over the world.
True, murder, especially mass murder, represents the ultimate form of evil. And Israel never refrained form murdering innocent people in the tens of thousands. For example, the United Nations recently issued a report which documented the death of 1300 Palestinian children at the hands of Israeli soldiers since 2000.
In proportion to the Palestinian population, this is like murdering 80,000 American children in addition to having hundreds of thousands of other children and civilians injured and maimed and rendered disabled for the rest of their lives.
Murdering innocent people in order to deter the Palestinian people from demanding freedom is Israel's premier method of terror. Other forms of terror include home demolitions, open-ended detention of civic leaders, even elected people, giving Judeo-Nazi settlers, the Zionist equivalent of the Nazi group,  Hitler youth, a carte blanch to terrorize Palestinian villagers and vandalize their property and applying all sorts of draconian measures to scuttle the Palestinian economy and force Palestinians to flee their country.
However, instead of incurring the condemnation it deserves from the United States and the countries of Western Europe, Israel consistently received encouragement and cheering and active support.
And when the helpless Palestinians try to voice their grievances by seeking redress at the U.N., the dens of injustice and inequity at the White house and State Department instruct American ambassadors at the UN  to automatically veto any draft resolution that would denounce Israel and give Palestinians a glimmer of hope for justice.
In short, America effectively transformed our world into a real jungle, which made the appearance of al-Qaeda and bin-Laden inevitable. The continuation of this moral imbalance ensures the survival of groups such as al-Qaeda.
Well, this is perhaps America's ultimate goal, namely to create and maintain an enemy, a mantra whose invocation justifies American bellicosity. After all, Capitalism can't survive without war.
There is no doubt that in any court of justice that is worthy of the name, bin Laden would have an indisputably stronger case against the United States than the other way around.
It is not only because America's terror victims exceed by far bin-Laden's. It is also because America's perceived grievances, however highlighted, against bin-Laden pale into insignificance in comparison to bin-Laden's genuine grievances again America. 

As to God's court, the same thing can be said, for while Ben Laden is likely to be held accountable for the people he is responsible for killing, America's terrorist leaders will be held accountable for millions of their victims who include numerous nationalities and faiths-from the tribes of the Seminole, Cherokees and Navahos to the poor Palestinian villagers whose lives are cut short because of America's "iron-clad commitment to Israel."

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