Saturday, June 23, 2018
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Netanyahu wants a Palestinian quisling, not peace partner

fascism.By Khalid Amayreh in occupied Palestine

There is absolutely no doubt that a true, dignified peace with the Palestinians is nowhere on Benyamin Netanyahu's agenda. The clear spirit of insolence characterizing his recent speech before Congress, often described as an Israeli-occupied territory, caricatures an extremist demagogue who understands peace to mean domination and enslavement by Zionist Jews of the Palestinian people.

Netanyahu doesn't use terms such as "domination," "enslavement" or even "subjugation. "However, the misleading  rationales, pretexts, and  red herrings he  keeps invoking  to justify Israeli recalcitrance and rejection of a just peace  illustrate a depraved mindset that covets more lebensraum or "breathing  space" at the Palestinians expense.
Lebensraum represented the gist of Nazi Germany's expansionistic policies toward its neighbors especially on the eastern front.
Netanyahu has been disseminating lies which, were it not for Israel's tight domination of Congress as well as the bulk of US media, would mark the man with the indelible stamp as a pathological liar.
The list of demands he has been making shows that true peace and Israel can’t really be used in the same sentence, that the two are actually an eternal oxymoron.
Netanyahu, who only a few months ago complained to western media that Israel couldn't negotiate with a divided people, is now saying the opposite, that Israel can't live with the latest reconciliation agreement between Fatah and Hamas,.
Looking into the brutal ugliness of  his thuggish mentality, it is clear that Netanyahu  wants to see Palestinians  at each other's throats once again, which he hopes would enable him to claim anew that Israel can't have peace with  a  people who don't have peace within  themselves.!!
Netanyahu says the Palestinian leadership must choose between peace with Hamas and peace with Israel. He easily forgets that that the Islamic liberation movement would actually look like a group of boy scouts when compared with the vast majority of his coalition government's partners. It was this fact that prompted an Israeli cabinet minister to declare recently that "we are already a fascist state."
Netanyahu keeps complaining about the fact that Hamas doesn't recognize Israel. Well does Israel recognize Palestine? Does Israel recognize a putative Palestinian state on the West Bank?
Besides, why should Hamas recognize the legitimacy of a state that is based on ethnic cleansing, land theft and aggression? How would Hamas that recognizes "Israel 's legitimacy" face millions of Palestinian refugees who were uprooted from their homes and villages 63 years ago in order to make accommodations for racist invaders from Eastern Europe claiming mendaciously a religious affinity with the homeland of the Palestinian people.
Indeed, such recognition by Hamas would spell the end of the movement in the eyes of the Palestinian people, Arabs and Muslims.
Netanyahu insists that Israel can't and will not return to the 1967 borders which he describes as indefensible. However, it is amply clear that what he has really in mind is the fate of hundreds of Jewish colonies inhabited by hundreds of thousands of Jewish fanatics who are inculcated with the false messianic doctrine that the Almighty created the entire universe for the sake of the Jew and that the very existence of non-Jews is inessential and that their lives have therefore no sanctity.
It is really shameful and shocking that western intellectual circles and media don't pay sufficient attention to this conspicuous Nazi dimension of the Jewish settler movement while readily indulging in demonizing Islamist freedom fighters fighting for freedom from Israeli occupation that differs little in substance from the Nazi occupation of Europe.
Netanyahu also wants the Palestinians to recognize Israel as a Jewish state, which implies that Israel would have the right in the future to expel its non-Jewish citizens. Unfortunately, there are western officials, including the President of the United States, who are willing to accept this orgy of insolence which goes beyond the pale of anything moral, anything human, anything decent.
Indeed, one might wonder how Zionist Jews in  the North America and Europe would react if the US declared itself a Protestant state or  a Christian state whereby non-Christians would have to submit to the will of the Christian majority?
One would expect many Zionist Jews to leave no stone unturned in protest against the "Nazification" of America and how anti-Semitism is rearing its ugly head again.
Israel, whose leaders are among the world's most professional liars when the Hebrew Bible commands people not to lie, claim that Israel is both Jewish and Democratic?  However, everyone knows that Israel can't be both Talmudic and democratic.
There is no doubt that Israel is seeking true Palestinian quislings, not true Palestinian peace partners because no dignified Palestinian would accept these insolent dictates coming from one of the most mendacious persons under the sun.
And if such a Palestinian did, he probably would be shot and killed like a stray dog in the streets of the West Bank.
The nearly pornographic indulgence by Netanyahu in lying and misrepresenting the truth about the Palestinian plight underscores the insecure position and fragile foundation upon which the entire Zionist argument is based.
It also gives the auspicious promise that this virulent diabolic entity won’t last very long because that which is based on falsehood won't endure.

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