Tuesday, March 26, 2019
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The Internet Suitcase


google-eyeSubversive efforts to entangle W.W.W in US foreign politics

In a broad subversive effort to destabilize the Muslim world, the US State Department is taking large quick steps to frame it's support of a world wide Cyb security system, as it claim, to promote free speech and Human Rights in the Middle East and far East countries.

However the project is not sprung from good intentions of the US State Department, to promote democracy, in countries whom according to the American perception of an ideal archetype, look like they have not changed much through the centuries. By contrast, the US planes are to circumvent and conquer the Muslim world, a deceive maneuver to guard Geo-political interests of US and to the safe-sake protect the Zionist enterprise, "Israel".

The US State Department are furnishing money to 'shadow Internet systems for dissidents' abroad and has said, that the project have and will continue, to rely on the cooperation with and innovations of independent Internet work/er's and also developers of telecommunications.

One example, is the network of shadow cellphone systems that have been built by private companies in Afghanistan, where the cellphone spy - towers are spreed across the countries remote areas.

Another example is the shadow project involving the Internet suitcase, where an Austrian Israeli Cyb security expert, Aaron Kaplan is an associate. He say that - “ the cool thing of the suitcase project and the shadow cellphone systems are, (in political context), the system can not easily be controlled by it's users. Aaron Kaplan have built up functioning "mesh" network in Vienna. And according  to Kaplan,  related systems have also successfully been operating  in Venezuela, Indonesia and elsewhere.

A third example, is  how to entangle Internet workers,  in the meshes of . . . the US foreign politics. A son of a Libyan dissident whom , grow up in United States and whom never set his foot in Libya before the “uprising”, Malik Ibrahim Sahad, said in Face book chat room, with a Times reporter that; he is using a commercial satellite connection in Benghazi in his efforts to support the rebels of Libya.

The Internet suitcase project will rely on a version of “mesh" network technology, which without  a centralized hub, can transform cellphones and personal computers  to create an invisible wireless web. In other words, a voice, picture or e-mail message could hop directly between the modified wireless devices — each one acting as a mini cell “tower” and phone — and bypass the official network.

To increase the area of coverage, the Internet suitcase would include small wireless antennas, a laptop to administer the system, thumb drives and CDs to spread the software to more devices and encrypt the communications and other components like Ethernet cables.

According to the illustration of diagrams, by the end of 2011 the US State Department will have spent  some $ 70 million on circumventing efforts (broad subversive efforts) and related technologies. The US will possess a worldwide power network, with ability to collect data, to silence protests and "unfriendly" political movements. The US State Department said that the project will also rely on the cooperation and innovations of independent Internet work and of independent developers of telecommunications.



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