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Palestinians of 48 (1948 Nakba)


NakbaMobilizing for Land and Housing
By Hiyam Noir and Fadwa Nassar

The Palestinian people of 48, who are forced to live as second class citizens on their own land, since the establishment of the Zionist entity, have gathered in millions, in protests longer than ten days, their hard struggle against governing of the Zionist entity have lasted over six decades. Today the Palestinians who live inside the Zionist enterprise “Israel” are refusing to take part in the resent so called tent-protests which was initiated in the backwash of the Arab uprising.

The Palestinian high committee, who is following the activities of the Arab masses, are gathering together in Nasra, and Al-Jalil, with the participation of ten popular committees, which represent the Palestinian population in districts and villages, as well as student committees. These committees are conducting a vast campaign of protest, proposing Palestinian demands: of which Land and Housing is the principal concern. In its official statement, the committees warned against any “erroneous conclusions" of the Palestinian protests in progress  - underlining the difference between the protests of the “ Israeli” activities and Palestinian popular demands, to be cautious before making quick conclusions, “we would never put our feet inside “ Israeli tents” – our agenda is different.”

Under the motto “Land and Housing” the Palestinians of 48 have mobilized themselves in several villages of Al-Jalil, Al-Naqab and in the coastal cities. For example Sakhnine, in the neighborhood of Al-Jalil, this has become one of the principal auditoriums, the Palestinian public square in its battle against the policy of the Zionist entity. Social activities are held in a large tent where the local Palestinian committee have installed alternate conferences and intense debates, concerning Palestinian political life in particular and the changes of progress in the Arab world.

In Majdel-Kroum, another area of Al-Jalil, some hundred local Palestinians have raised signs and volunteers are handing out leaflets at the time of a demonstration, demanding recovery of communal land which the Zionist has seized in their village.

In the south, in Naqab, the popular committee of Ksayfé have installed a tent, inviting the Palestinian community of Naqab to take part in the Land and Housing - movement to assert the issues of land and housing in general, including the ongoing demolitions of residential homes in the not “recognized” towns and villages.

In the coastal city of Yafa, where the Palestinians are fighting against Judaization of the old working class areas, the Palestinians have organized a demonstration in the central parts of the city, demanding not only land and housing, but the right of return of refugees from the old working class, to their own properties. Following activities of prospection and construction of condominiums and luxury hotels in Ajami, Palestinian residents of Yafa have denounced the urban policy of the Zionist occupant and its authority, which are planning to transfer the aging working class of the residential area of Ajami, a project intended to be inhabited by new-rich Jews.

In the villages of Karmel, in the northern parts of Haïfa, the local committees have decided to denounce the confiscations of communal land where the occupant authorities have planned to build railroads and gas pipelines, as well as Natural Reservoirs.

The land confiscation continues without any formal notice, or public meetings. After having seized tens of thousands dunums of Palestinian land, state owed and private, during preceding decades, what there is left of Palestinian land and private owed properties in the areas which was occupied in 1948, is today a scanty 3% … Notwithstanding, the colonial Zionist entity continues its land theft and expulsion: Under threat, in a hostile manner, more and more of the public land in the villages and its boroughs is being confiscated in so-called installation projects for public utility. Regional Zionists and their local councils are seizing the land in Palestinian boroughs and villages, to build projects reserved for Jewish colonists.

And as Palestinian researchers are pointing out: the Zionist entity builds projects of public utility such as electricity, water, or public transportation solely on Palestinian lands. In for example, Al-Muthallath, a railway line including installation of high voltage power lines has been built, the Zionists carefully avoided to cause destruction of Zionist colonies, which are erected there. On the confiscated Palestinian land it has become troublesome, because of the high-voltage lines, to continue acts of sabotage and destruction of Palestinian life. The town of Kfar Kassem, which was the scenery of a massacre in October 1956, and the town of Taybé, are now surrounded by three Zionist colonies, the strategy of this Zionist policy, is aimed at dismantling the strong social and demographic cohesion of the Palestinian communities in the valley of Ara, in Al-Muthallath.

Regarding demolitions of houses, the Palestinians of 48 are since the beginning of this colonial Zionist enterprise, the true victims. For the Palestinians of 48, it is not only a question of love of their ancestral home and land, although this question is fundamental, it is today foremost a question of preventing demolition of Palestinian houses. Sometimes the demolition of entirely villages, in particular old Palestinian villages which indigenous superiority is not recognized by the colonial Zionist entity. That it is the villages of Al-Jalil, Al-Naqab and Al-Muthallath, in the coastal old Palestinian cities of  Akka, Haïfa, Yafa, Lid or Ramleh, where the Palestinians are prevented from constructing homes-houses, even on their own ancestral lands. The Palestinians of 48, are also prevented from renovating or even repairing parts of their homes- houses.

In cities like Haïfa and Akka, the Zionist authorities are preventing restoration of Palestinian homes in old aristocratic patrician Palestinian historic districts. The presumable outcome is planned by the Zionists, to accomplish a certain result, when damage to the buildings will became too extensive for restoration, it will profit the Jewish colonists. One type-example regarding the old Palestinian city of Akka : not long after the quarters of the old working class area of Akka underwent a radical subversion, its origin population was expelled.

A report/ratio of the Zionist governing  reaching  back to year 2005, indicate that the number of infringements to the law of construction among the Jewish colonists, is much higher than that of the Palestinians. Hence, the Zionist entity very rarely demolished houses built by the colonists, to the contrary, on arable lands, thus bulldozers of the Zionist interior ministry are quick to start the work of demolishing Palestinian villages and boroughs. The so called land - Investigation - services of the Zionist ministries are unceasingly concerned about so-called systematic examination of Palestinian regions, drawing up long lists of houses to be demolished: as of today more than 5000 Palestinian houses/buildings are threatened of demolition. Here, it is simply not a question to “apply to the law”, but to make the life of the Palestinians so wretched and unbearable so they have to leave their own country for a worthy life.


This short outline of the endurance of the 48 – Palestinians explain why they do not take part in the ongoing public protests of the Zionist entity. The combat of the 48- Palestinians is entirely different, to a steadily increasing extent, as the Zionist public recently expressed the exacerbation of its racism towards the Palestinians. One always returns from there, to the problems of a colonial enterprise -  confined in the environment of colonized community, where the inhabitants remain nationals of their home land but literally are not treated as equal members under the colonial system of governing.

What is the difference in status between the Jews and the Palestinians in Zionist community?

The Jewish colonists with shared ideology who came to the Middle East ( the Arabian Peninsula) from Eastern European countries, from Africa and other from Arab countries to rape and plunder, are certainly well protected and secured by law within the colonial Zionist entity. These Jews of all colors and fashions live and work in Zionist colonies, built on the top of erased Palestinian villages, these Jewish colonists take part in the war against the Palestinians and Arabs of Christian and/or Muslim religion living in the region. These Jews of other origin supply the war-machine of the Zionist colonizer - transforming their hate and disappointment emanating from their own poor social situation, towards the Palestinians who are the true victims of the colonial Zionist enterprise.

Finally, we have explained in our short outline:  The very reason why the Palestinians will not and cannot participate in the Israeli tent protests. - It is not relevant – and what can be more clearly defined - it would be beneath our inherent nobility and worth!

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