Tuesday, July 17, 2018
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Cairo: Bold attack on Zionist embassy


Israeli embassyBy Hiyam Noir and Fadwa Nassar

The Israeli Ambassador, his staff with families, fled Egypt under escort; meanwhile thousands of young Egyptians stormed the Zionist Mission in Cairo on Friday evening. The symbol of oppression, hate and terror, the blue and white flag of the Zionist enterprise was tear down together with its toggles and ropes, meanwhile hundreds of protesters demolished a concrete security - wall outside the building. Dozens of protesters broke into the office, an archive of public records in the embassy, and dumped the documents off the balcony to the crowd below; today these documents should be of a great concern for chanceries globally.

The Arab Muslim world has blessed the Egyptian people’s bold and resolute actions and sees the sign of dignity returning. In particular in the after math of the Israelis killing of several Egyptian soldiers, following the courageous operation of Um Rashrash (Eilat), in occupied Palestine a few weeks ago.

In Egypt, these events have resumed into a normal course, followed by the Egyptian people’s revolution which in late February overthrew the "Pharaoh" (Hosni Mubarak), a marionette whose behavior was determined by the will of Western collaborators with the Zionists. Throughout his long rein he held the Egyptian people under a choke-hold, which plunged Egypt into an untenable submission of Western hegemony, in particular that of the Zionist stakeholders in United States, who's mission in life is to secure the growth in the Arab region of the Zionist entity.

In the obligations to the US, the Mubarak’s government for decades practically seized Egyptians protests before they were set in motion. The demands from the US were performed and then handed over from Egypt to the Zionists, as was the choke-hold that was practiced by Mohammed Reza Shah Pahlavi against his people, delivered to the United States until his overthrow by the Iranian revolution on February 11, 1979.

The Egyptian dominance of the political, economic and even military power was stifled, its museums and archaeological treasures were looted, most important, the country Egypt was humiliated and its peoples pride wounded.

The Camp David agreements blessed by the United States, and the - so - called international community, strategically placed Egypt under dictatorship of the Zionist enterprise – the great Egypt which had been the pride of Arab-Muslim nations at the time of Nasser, and long before, in the world at the time of the popular revolution against the presence of British colonialists.

Today, this is the same Egypt, generous and popular, which yesterday stormed the Zionist  Mission, expressing the strong inclination of a Arab - Muslim nation to bring to an end the past, of a diabolic traitorous, enforced on the Egyptian people, humiliating agreements with the Zionist enemy.

It is this Egypt, popular and national, which uproar was manifested in a storm of general protests reassuring that the Egyptian revolution cannot be seized with military force by Western hegemony, or diverged from its course, or again be placed under imperial domination by those Arab and Muslim regional powers who may seek to reduce Egypt to a parliamentary pseudo-democracy.

The people, the proud and courageous Egyptians, has aforementioned a clear refusal to acknowledge the presence of Zionists on Egyptian soil. It is from here the Egyptians will turn back towards it’s idealism against the dark agendas of strangers and trespassers, and take full control of their own future destiny. The priority of the Arab revolutionary movement must remain the cause of the Palestinian people, a progress towards the opposite direction, away from the devious political maneuvers of the Zionists.

In Jordan, the Popular Committees of struggle against the Zionists has achieved understanding and praised the courage of the Egyptian peoples, calling for the same actions against the Zionist Mission in Amman. In particular there is an urgent demand to dismantle the agreement of Wadi Araba, this agreement is in it’s fully retention submitted by the Jordanian government to the Zionist entity.

As in Iran, the Egyptian peoples goal was not to overthrow the head, the Egyptian people forced a bold attack in to the middle of the heart: Thirty years ago, Iranian revolutionaries stormed the US Embassy, the source of great evil, and stripped all public document archives inflamed by venom from the “vipers” conspiracy against the Iranian people and the peoples of the region.

Today, young Egyptians revolutionaries stormed the Zionist Mission and apparently, confiscated the archive that included public record documents of the Zionist entity. Surely, this is not what Western embassies, or for that matter, that of the Eastern, had planned when they reluctantly, agreed to the collapse of Hosni Mubarak’s regime. It is not what oil-oligarchies of the Gulf expected. And not expected by “friends” of Egypt who have tried, by all means to pull the plug off the revolutionary impelling youth-movement, to establish an internal strife in the Egyptian society. No need to say it, however, it have backfired – in the right directions.

Despite much dissimilarity between the Iranian revolution, led by the Imam Khomeini thirty years ago, and the current Egyptian revolution, we can see some parallels: Throughout the course of thirty years to this very day, the Egyptian people reversed its direction into a popular many-million-people – uprising, against imperialist powers corroboration of the Zionist entity.

In both cases, the martyrs fall by hundreds, which in both cases, the state of bereavement in the nation only reinforced the fighting spirit of the people. The fall of the dictators increased the enthusiasm of the people, who could sense a new phase towards liberation of the region, in particular, the liberation of Palestine.

Now to the finale; On the very first day of liberation, the Zionist Mission in Iran is replaced by the Embassy of Palestine and, several months later, the revolutionary movement will continue to attack inside Iran, the main bastion of the counter-revolution and its sub- mission, the US Embassy, and in Egypt, one of the main strongholds may be the next - the US Embassy.

Note: Act II, of the Egyptian revolution was not fomented by Al-Jazeera or Al-Arabiya, or Qatar and/or Saudi Arabia, and stirred up by their networks on Facebook and it’s associations of the domesticated, created by foreign Missions. In Egypt, it is exclusively the Egyptian people who decided that Egypt must regain its dignity, its former strength and its prosperity.

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