Sunday, June 24, 2018
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Questionnaire for 2012 Candidates

2012 Candidates
1.   The US has more than 700 military bases in 130 foreign countries. Do you support the closing of all of these bases?
YES________        NO________
2.   The Black Budget finances secret operations in an unknown number of foreign countries. It was authorized during the Truman administration. Since then, because of secrecy, no informed ballot has been cast in the US.  Would you support elimination of the Black Budget?
YES________        NO________
3.   Would you support an end to the financing, manufacture, and use of Drones?
YES________        NO________
4.   The US secret prison system has received world-wide criticism. Would you support the immediate closing of Guantanamo and all other US controlled prisons on foreign soil?  Will you support the immediate release, or speedy Trials of all prisoners, including PFC Bradley Manning?
YES________       NO________
5.   The Rule of Law has been suspended by an Executive Order allowing assassination - even of USA citizens.  Will you pledge to rescind that Order?
YES________       NO________
6.   Will you support the phasing out of all nuclear power plants?
YES________       NO________
7.   Do you support Statehood for the Palestinians?
YES________       NO________
8.   Will you support reform of the tax code?  Eliminate tax on the first $88,000; a progressive tax on income above $88,000; a 98% tax on all income above $500,000, earned and unearned from investment.
YES________       NO________
9.   Do you believe that Health Care is a human right, and that a Single Payer System is the best way to achieve it?
YES________       NO________
10.  Do you believe that hunger and homelessness are national tragedies, often resulting from an unfair economic system?
YES________       NO________
11.  Does the public educational system have an obligation to teach an accurate view of US and World History?  This would include lessons about lynching, US war crimes, etc.
YES________      NO________
12.  Will you support legal protection for families and children working on farms?    Children as young as 2 years old have been filmed in farm fields because there is no system to provide safe child care,  protection from toxic chemicals, adequate housing, fair pay, education, health services, etc.
YES_______        NO________ 

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