Monday, July 16, 2018
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The Palestinian people exposed to severe agony


Palestinian peopleThe account that follows is based on the facts, that the Palestinian Authority in its present formation does not have electoral legitimacy; its political representatives are not democratically elected. The Palestinian house is in disorder, the Palestine Authority is strikingly disregardful of the consequences of its hasty composed proposition, the declaration of a Palestine Statehood to be introduced, and probably endorsed by the United Nations in the next coming week.

Throughout the five past years, since the result of latest democratic Palestinian elections held in the Palestinian Legislative Council (PLC), the notable, thus highly expected announcement, that the Hamas movement with its electoral campaign platform, Change and Reform  had won a landslide victory, the electoral result have been ignored, and actually suspended by the Fatah controlled PA in Ramallah.
These harmful actions have caused a severe fragmentation of the Palestinian society, which positioned the Palestinian people in a nonentity, with two governments, of whom none of them constitutes the body of an authorized delegate, which would represent the fully will and interest of the Palestinian people.

The Ramallah leadership carried on with its deception, exposing the Palestinian people to physical and emotional abuse, subjected to prolonged agony and an elaborate misrepresentation. The PA, backed politically and financially by Western imperial interests and - through its cooperation with the Israeli occupant, in security and economic cooperation, accepted protection to corrupt the Palestinian representative judgment.
Through-out its five years of formation until its current structure, the leaders of PA manifested themselves as being opposed to the real matters of the Palestinian people, in particular the Palestinians whose hard struggle stretched throughout generations, expelled from their homeland, shattered across borders, to live their lives in refugee camps in Lebanon, Syria in Egypt, Jordan and Saudi Arabia and the occupied Palestine.
Indeed the Ramallah leadership’s bid for Palestinian self-determination at the door-steps of United Nations is a rather risky course of action, with a potential undesirable outcome. It has no legal ground; the Palestine Authority does not have a genuine democratic representation.
PA apparatus in traitorous cooperation with an enemy has in severely repressive actions stifled all dissents.How fiendish – and how foolish. The PA leadership misused a most critical stage in time, to establish a foundation of personal allegiances, instead of building consensus, or by means of elected representatives of the Palestinian people, leading a process to the establishment of a genuine solid ground, promoting democracy and mutual understanding among different political groups, towards the formation of a Palestinian state.
The PA used brutal force to terrorize the opposition, obstructed the movement of political opponents, the right to build associations for political purposes, and quelled the establishment of political parties and the freedom of expression.
The Ramallah illegitimate government exposed the Palestinian people to a severe public controversy over the condition in which the declaration of the Palestinian Authorities proposal for statehood at the UN, have been implied; without consulting the majority of the Palestinian people the PA proposal has absolutely no mandate.
This declaration of a Palestinian state has no authority, it is not a legal instrument, it has raised fears and agony among the Palestinians, that in fact the Ramallah endeavor actually may harm the most fundamental cause -  the inalienable rights of the Palestinian people, the right to self-determination.

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